Fixing Wrist Pain During Push-ups

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The push-up is a basic exercise that can be a treated as a main lift or an accessory movement. Whatever the case, you shouldn’t feel joint discomfort when doing the exercise. One of the most common problems during push-ups is wrist pain. Below are a few adjustments that could fix the problem.

1.Use push-up handles


When you do regular push-ups on the floor, there’s a significant stretch of the wrist flexors that could result in pain. Push-up handles fix this by putting the joint in a more neutral position.

2.Do push-ups on your knuckles

Knuckle push-ups may relief some of the pain because your wrist is in a more neutral alignment compared to the regular version. However, knuckle push-ups require more wrist strength, and this alone can be an issue.

3.Stop flaring your elbows

If you flare your elbows too much to the sides when you do push-ups, the wrist and the elbow are no longer in a proper alignment. The uneven stress on the joints may cause pain. To fix the problem, make sure that the elbow is always over your wrist.

4.Don’t do too many push-ups

You may be experiencing wrist pain during push-ups because you are overtraining. If you do insane amounts of push-ups every day, your wrists are very likely to complain from the high volume. Reduce the sets and reps if necessary.

5.Doing do advanced push-ups that you are not ready for

If you switch to advanced push-up variations before your body is prepared for the challenge, there may be some joint pain during drills such as the one arm push-up. To avoid that build a solid foundation and move to the advanced drills only when you are ready.

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