Don’t Let The Mainstream Bodybuilding Media in Your Head The media could cause cancer and prevent you from thinking clearly.

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A few days ago I wrote a comment on Facebook in which I stated that I still visit mainstream bodybuilding sites such as T-Nation, and A reader asked why am I going to those sites despite knowing that most of the information is backed by steroid users and therefore highly unrealistic.

I visit those sites for two main reasons:

  1. Comedy.
  2. To know the trends in the muscle world.

I can also pick up something useful here and there, especially when there is less moderation. However, I still consider the mainstream media cancer when you have not been properly immunized. Inexperienced people can easily get lost in the never-ending propaganda and disinformation.

You have to understand that the main goal of the media is not to inform you but to present a combination of facts and fiction that serves the agenda.

If the main motto of a site is: “You can’t be as big as the guys you see in our pictures naturally.”, fewer people will get hooked. Similar strategies do not work. That’s why it’s better to give people false hope.

I was on the hook too. I believed that a man can get absolutely massive naturally without any help. Just food, rest and iron, baby! I simply didn’t know the limits of the natural potential.

I remember an ironic story from one of my dentist visits.

The dentist was a relatively pretty young lady. Me? I had just started my permabulking career. I was more than ready to get huge and own the place with my new muscular alpha male physique.

“The next time I am here, she will be like ‘you are so big and muscular,'” I thought.

As you can guess, that never happened. The next time I saw her she was like “this fatso looks familiar.”

I suffered similar setbacks because I used to believe in the nonsense spread by the media. Today, I cannot fall for anything like that because I know how the game works, although I still face challenging moments from time to time.

There are two golden rules:

1.If something is too good to be true, it is certainly too good to be true.

2.People making money from their bodies are on steroids and other drugs in 95% of the cases.

Remembering this simple principle allows you to synthesize a powerful antidote against bodybuilding propaganda.

Once you have received the main vaccine, which consists of the two sentences above, you can safely visit mainstream bodybuilding websites, buy a magazine, watch a video…etc.

When you know how the main mechanism operates, you can get some value out of the mainstream content even if it’s just for simple amusement.

In general, the more time you have spent as a loser trusting the deception, the less time you need to revert back to normal. People who have been used by the cold system for a long time are usually very tired and absorb alternative ideas faster.

Sadly, there are many other traps set by the muscle web. The next in size is overthinking. Constantly searching for a miracle routine and obsessing over extremely superficial stuff like repetition tempo does not help long term progress.

Somewhat ironically, the general media shares the same properties. The majority of the information is complete nonsense, and the experts on TV are crooks in suits abusing their tight connections with the producers and promoters.

Most of the guests are not chosen because of high-level real world performance. The selection is made on the basis of potential profitability. The classic example would be the get rick quick experts that usually get a ton of air time.

“Please, let us make you rich! Buy our book How to become a millionaire!

This has to be a sick joke. Those guys couldn’t care less about our wealth. If anything, they want us poor so that we follow them until the end of times.

If you look carefully at your local TV shows, you will realize that during 90% of the time the main personages never change. There are many people who essentially grow old on TV while making big money for talking nonsense. Why do you think that is? How come the players never change? The main reason is that those guys are just following the program and have already established a trust connection with the audience.

When you are 25, 30, 35… and you are still seeing the TV “experts” from your childhood, it’s very likely to accept those individuals as an example of proven professionals who deserve attention and respect.

However, that would be wrong. Here’s what’s really happening – those people have been carefully installed in your head, and you are not judging their skills based on results but on the false perception of mastery created by the media which can make even the biggest clowns look credible.

Think for a second. Do the media benefit from your success? They don’t. They would be much happier if we remain low life bottom feeders spinning the wheel.


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