5 Reasons Why Geared Powerlifting Sucks

| by Truth Seeker |

1.Too much gear

In short, geared powerlifting uses too much gear. It’s that simple. There are squat suits, bench shirts, deadlift suits, knee wraps, double knee wraps, double suits, belts, wrist wraps, squat underwear and more.

Since most powerlifters cannot lift nearly as much without the gear, many people consider geared powerlifting an ego nonsense.

fat-powerlifter (1)

2.Too much dick measuring

Powerlifting is a dick measuring contest. Therefore, the only thing that matters is the weight on the bar. Nobody is interested in style, squat depth and health. If the weight on the bar is plenty, everybody is happy.

Nobody seems to care that people are benching deadlift numbers thanks to multi-ply bench shirts. The raw record for the bench press is in the 700s whereas the record for the equipped bench press is in the 1200s. Doesn’t that seem weird to you?

When is the dick measuring going to stop? The weight on the bar is not the only thing that matters. Ever heard about style?

3.Too much stress on the joints

Powerlifting gear allows you to lift insane weights, which would otherwise break you in five different pieces, and even Dr. House won’t be able to collect and glue your body parts.

The heavy poundages are hell on the joints. Despite the “armor”, your body is still under a significant stress. Hence geared lifters usually have shorter careers. Many switch to raw powerlifting during their “master” years.

4.Too many federations

Another reason why people don’t take geared powerlifting seriously is the vast number of federations and their rules. This makes the comparison between the athletes harder.

In addition, many federations don’t even have strict rules. The lifters squat high and never pause their bench presses. Yet nobody seems to care.

5.You can’t really see what’s going on

Geared powerlifting requires 10 spotters. The spectators can barely see anything. That’s why geared powerlifting will remain relevant only among those who consider the pointless pursuitĀ of artificial numbers a respectful endeavor.

Bottom line: nobody cares about fake strength.

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One comment

  1. Camilo

    Hello there!

    Your “Truth Seeker” moniker seems to be an excellent case for your actions. Almost every single time you hit the nail on the head. There are so many lies on the fitness industry no wonder why many powerlifters, when they get older, tend to suffer from fragility syndrome because of excessive joint stress.

    Do never give up!


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