Is Denis Minin Natural?

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Is Denis Minin Natural?

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Denis Minin from Ukraine is a legendary practitioner of the so-called street workouts. Besides being a bodyweight master, he also has an aesthetic physique.

Question is, did he build his body naturally or is he on steroids?

1. Denis Minin is not a big guy

Denis Minin is 5’11”-180 cm @ 152 lbs – 69 kg. As you can see, he is not very heavy and showcases a poor leg development. Denis Minin is about 15lbs less than what a gifted natural bodybuiler can achieve. You can read nattyornot’s guideline for natural bodybuilders here.

2.Denis Minin is very lean but does not have the Photoshop look.

Minin is very lean, but unlike the obvious steroid users, he does not look composed in Photoshop. Denis basically disappears in clothes and without a pump. This is the true sign of a natural bodybuilder.

3.Denis Minin is focused on bodyweight training

The bodyweight movements performed by Denis Minin do not require heavy muscle mass. They are based on strength, skill, precision and “functional fiber”. If he was to do a testosterone cycle and gain 20lbs, his skills would not improve. Steroids may help him recover faster, but the weight gain will most certainly work against him due to the nature of his sport. Heavier people have a harder time dancing on parallel bars.

4.Denin Minin has been training for a long time.

Denis Minin is not new to the game. He’s been doing his stuff for a long time. This means that he’s had plenty of time to develop his looks and strength. He is not an overnight sensation.

Conclusion: The physical development of Denins Minin can be achieved naturally without the use of anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs (PED).

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