Dave Tate Is On Steroids?

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Dave Tate is a former powerlifter and bodybuilder. He is currently occupied with his business venture EliteFTS. He still showcases a tremendous muscular development and writes articles for the disinformation site T-Nation.

Did Dave Tate develop his body naturally? Let’s see.

1.Phenomenal strength at very young age.


Dave Tate at 16-17

According to the information available in the public domain, Dave Tate had a 500lbs squat, 500 deadlift and 400lbs bench press at 16-17 years of age.

These numbers are incredible for such a young age.

How did a 17-year-old get to 400lbs bench press naturally?

2.Unreal muscular development.

During one of his physical peaks, Dave Tate was 264 lbs and 8.8 % body fat at about 5’7”. Similar muscular development cannot be achieved without anabolic steroids. At that point, he was bigger than former and even modern IFBB professionals who abuse insulin, GH and steroids on a daily basis.

3.Unreal strength.

Dave is a legendary powerlifter. His best lifts are –  935lbs squat, 610 bench press and 740 deadlift. Similar levels of strength have never been achieved naturally by anyone.

Back in the day, Dave Tate used to compete against very gifted powerlifters who were using anabolic steroids. It’s highly unlikely that Dave Tate was an exception.

Dave Tate trained at WestSide barbell under the guidance of Louie Simmons who is open about his lifelong steroid usage. This was documented in the popular documentary on anabolic steroids and PED ”Bigger, Faster, Stronger”.

Conclusion: Dave Tate has been using anabolic steroids for decades.

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