Dana Linn Bailey – Natty or NOT?

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Dana Linn Bailey is an IFBB pro competing in the women’s physique division. She has gained a tremendous amount of popularity thanks to her wild personality and strong online presence.

There are hundreds of pictures on the Internet that reveal her infantile persona. Regardless of that Bailey is considered a serious motivation by her followers who admire her work ethic and physique.

Dana Linn Bailey - Natty or NOT?


There are women who believe that they can look like Bailey naturally  (without the use of anabolic steroids). Unfortunately, or not, this is not true. Women are not designed to be that lean and muscular.

The male hormone testosterone is one of the growth factors determining your muscular size and strength potential. Females produce a lot less testosterone than males. Consequently, it’s close to impossible for a woman to be as muscular and as lean as Dana Linn Bailey without anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids are drugs that increase protein within cells, especially in skeletal muscles. Steroids date back to 1930s and are widely used in medicine. The primary medical uses of these compounds are to treat delayed puberty, some types of impotence, and wasting of the body caused by HIV infection or other diseases.

The complete term for steroids is anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) because they promote the growth of skeletal muscle (anabolic effects) and the development of male sexual characteristics (androgenic effects) in both males and females.

All famous bodybuilders have used steroids. However, the side effects are more obvious among female athletes because steroids have virilizing* properties.

Despite this apocalyptic aftermath, most female bodybuilders and physique competitors still rely on steroids because without them they wouldn’t be competitive. Women can never get that lean and big without some synthetic help.

The main signs revealing Dana Linn Bailey’s steroid usage are:

  1. Dry, muscular and extremely lean physique.

    The round deltoid muscles of Dana Linn Bailey are a dead giveaway. The shoulders are known to have a higher density of androgen receptors, and that’s why steroids users have very well developed and round “delts”. At low body fat levels, similar shoulder development is impossible for a female. After all, women are attracted to large shoulders because unconsciously this kind of musculature displays masculinity and an alpha status.

  2. Changing Facial Structure

    The face of Dana Linn Bailey has changed over the years. She is developing male facial traits.

  3. Overall “Photoshop look

    When you see someone that looks like a cartoon character it becomes rather obvious what’s going on.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game?

Over the last decades, the bodybuilding standards have changed a lot. Male competitors look like pregnant women and females look like men. Of course, all of this is caused by the abuse of steroids, GH (growth hormone) and insulin. But who is to blame? The perverted “standards” or the competitors who keep following the system in exchange for their health?

{you decide}

*virilization – the biological development of sex differences


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http://www.drugabuse.gov/. What are anabolic steroids? (visited on March 9, 2014)

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  1. bip

    her voice hasn’t changed … soooo… yeah



    1. Mike

      Learn some proper grammar first before you judge others 😀 By the way, your worthless words dont get more meaningful just because you write them all in capital 😉 I bet you are Dana… Too bad youre taking steroids, i bet you were a hottie before but now you look like a guy 🙁

    2. Eric

      Dana Linn Bailey is a steroid junkie end of story you retard

  3. Mike

    Wow this bitch is so ugly she looks like a transvestite

  4. Brian

    Wao wao wao……no need to bash Dana for her hard work and dedication. Not everyone in the world thinks anyone is attractive but that’s hard work right there. She is an idol to many such as my girlfriend, regardless of what route she has taken to get there.

  5. Kaz

    Her voice hasn’t changed. Her face still looks feminime steroid use in woman makes your jaw more masculine. It also makes your clit long and makes it look like a penis. All the spandex I see her wear I would of noticed that too. So yea believe it or not perfect diet. No really job. Working out for hours a day and doing cardio. Will get you those results this is her job she does it as a 9 to 5 working out all day while the average woman is at work taking phone calls sitting. Or being a house wife taking care of her kids cleaning the house.

    1. Steve

      @Kaz… Boy are you gullible. She represents all the trash & lies that there is in fitness, but keeping telling yourself it’s all okay.

      1. T

        Retard. In order for her to be able to recover from her brutal training to be able to train as much as she does she uses steroids! No normal natural person can handle that amount of training.

  6. Andy

    DBol Bailey is my motivation to stay natural.

    1. John Campbell

      Exactly, thank you. I can’t believe all the idiots trying to defend a sickening illegal steroid abusing abomination to God !!!!

  7. Common Sense

    The people that are defending her need to lay off the kool-aid. Arnold took them, arguably the greatest of all time and so many other huge body builders. In no way are you ‘hating’ or bashing the athlete by admitting they take steroids – I look up to Arnold. But you have to understand that the body has mechanisms in place to balance out you structure to make you functional, to break it, you’ll need external help. This is not to say you didn’t work hard, she probably hits the gym more than most, but you have to admit….THAT SHE FUCKING JUICES.

  8. Julie

    Dana is a sexy beast and for all you haters you should really do your research and hit the gym more. You can be naturally her size but to do so takes disipline in nutrition (no cheat meals) working out like a beast and on top of that it takes YEARS of doing that routine constantly! Which is her case she started working out hard in 2005. Steroids is not what she is on, she is the definition of a true athlete and a motivation to many woman. If you think she is unattractive and not your style well good news there are plenty of body types out there in the world for you. Don’t knock someone’s hard work because she does what she loves everyday, how many can truly say that about themselves? She has worked her butt off to be where she is today at such a young age. For those haters be jealous!

    1. Mike

      Your comments reflect how ignorant you are, Julie. Her physique is impossible to acquire without the use of anabolic steroids with such a low body fat %. No one is jealous, it’s the claims to be non-natty when they are using steroids that gives people a false belief on what’s possible to obtain naturally. Most bodybuilders and fitness models are using because the industry promotes an ideology where bigger and skinnier is better.

      For anyone saying her voice hasn’t changed, this depends on which steroids and dosage she’s on. Her body has already started looking more manly. Although I think Dana looks great, she’s clearly on steroids.

      1. Dave

        Apparently you did not read the article above.
        No one is saying she doesn’t workout hard.
        But to lie about being natural is deceptive. She lies about it so she can sell supplements and work out routines.
        This supports her lavish lifestyle.

        1. John Campbell

          Thanks Dave. You said it all…. When females take illegal steroids that turns them into men. That is an abomination to GOD, PERIOD !!!!

    2. Mike

      Your comments reflect how ignorant you are, Julie. Her physique is impossible to acquire without the use of anabolic steroids with such a low body fat %. No one is jealous, it’s the claims to be non-natty when they are using steroids that gives people a false belief on what’s possible to obtain naturally. Most bodybuilders and fitness models are using because the industry promotes an ideology where bigger and skinnier is better.

      For anyone saying her voice hasn’t changed, this depends on which steroids and dosage she’s on. Her body has already started looking more manly. Although I think Dana looks great, she’s clearly on steroids.

    3. Brad molash

      Drinking kill aid?lol…

    4. Tina

      Hahaha. To work out as hard as you think she is, her body would crash. You cannot get that lean and at the same time build larger muscles without testosterone. Your testosterone decreases when you are doing loads of cardio and lifting. Look at runners! Do they have large muscles, no. Get a grip
      She does some type of PED bottom line. Why would she admit it, it is illegal in the USA!

  9. Jack Mehoff

    Feminism gone haywire. Dana- get yourself a schlong to complete the look of a guy.

  10. KC

    I have just spent a few hours watching youtube videos about anabolic steroid use (which unnaturally increases testosterone levels) and the obvious physical markers that women suffer after using them: permanent deepening of the voice, “male” pattern baldness, facial and excess body hair, acne, body composition changes, including losing so much fat that their breasts are non-existent, requiring implants; even bone structure in the face changing.

    Looking at the comments on the youtube videos, I cannot believe that after all these years of awareness of steroids, there are still so many naive and ignorant people who don’t realize that absolutely anyone competing in the top “bodybuilding” leagues are on PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). Just look at those who compete in the “natural” competitions to see the night-and-day difference between drug-enhanced and drug-free bodies.

    There are videos of top female competitors with before-and-after photos that show that at their peak “natural,” hard-earned conditioning, they were nowhere near the freakish form they achieved later. They didn’t just suddenly start training harder to turn into she-hulks! Yes, they do work incredibly hard, but again–look at the before photos: they were training hard at that point, too. We are so used to seeing “bodybuilders” look this way, for decades now, that people have no idea that this is absolutely not a natural achievement. It is most apparent when we see females transform to proportions well beyond any natural male could possibly achieve. No one speaks about how steroids are an accepted yet non-disclosed integral part of body building, so people are left completely ignorant. Young people are left comparing their physiques to these obsessed drug addicts. Unfortunately, the standards of the competition allow this and award those who achieve results by artificial means. We like people to look like artificial action figures, apparently.

    Dana’s naturally slim, wiry body could in no way transform naturally into how it appears as now. Her facial structure has changed. That is obvious. Her jaw is wider now.

    On her website I see the same comment from her that I saw from other women who decided to go this route: they were naturally too muscular for fitness model competitions so they decided to turn to bodybuilding. But taking that step means you absolutely HAVE to start juicing to even be a competitor.

    WAKE UP, people. It is high time this elephant-in-the room is discussed. The bodybuilding world is a self-deceiving fantasy land, if the participants and governing bodies cannot even be honest that they are on drugs to achieve what they do.

  11. Sarah

    What is wrong with you people? Have you looked Dana up? Have you listened to a word she says? She is an inspiring role model for a lot of women. It doesn’t matter if she takes steroids, steroids do not effect her heart which is what should matter. I have never been a body building advocate and I find myself training for my very first physique show. She feels beautiful and her husband loves they way she looks, what everyone else thinks does not matter to her. That’s what she is all about. Loving yourself for who you are and looking in the mirror and loving your body. How many people have the courage to say that? I know I don’t but I would love to be that person and a person of such strength who can dismiss the hateful words of such a judgmental peers. She’s a pro at a sport and she does what she does and wins. If society didn’t put such expectations on pros maybe pros wouldn’t have to put their bodies through such extremes to the “W”. Dana Linn is a beautiful, strong, inspiring women

    1. SC

      It matters because she claims shes a lifetime natty. So it matters if a “role model” whom you find inspiring is actually a narcissistic pathological liar.

    1. John Campbell

      That’s where your totally wrong. Steroids not only affect you physically and mentally, but Spiritually. She is a total abomination to God. I DON’T hate her. Just what she does and all the lies behind it all. To come to the Father you must get past the flesh !!!! What is it to gain the world, but lose your Spiritual soul for ETERNITY !!!!! This is for all of you and remember it well. God loves who you are not what you are or what you have become due to sin. Illegal steroids are evil and sinful. The path of steroids leads to only one path. DEATH AND TOTAL SEPARATION FROM GOD !!!! PERIOD !!

  12. sLayeR

    Sarah, so that kind of liars are your inspiring role model? I can’t believe this naive dumbs support to death to this “idols”, so sad.

  13. sLayeR

    What is wrong with you people? Wake the fuck up already

  14. Lita

    I look up to DLB. And unfortunately I learned she does use somethin . She saiys she doesn’t butbshe does. A woman can’t developed herself as her body is unselss she is using something. I had to stop being naive. But even so I still look up to her. I also am educating myself on steroids and found one that won’t be so bad if a woman took it. Doesn’t change the voice. But you do your research.

    1. Marked Wolf

      All these people saying she’s natural are absolutely hilarious. I’ve seen guys working out 5 or more years and DanaboLinn Bailey is bigger than them. Not to mention more dry and lean. Even the lowest test men have at least 10x more test than men. Seriously this woman looks more manly than passable crossdressers not taking any estrogen.

  15. rotten apple

    You can find her pictures from pre-steriod period
    Sadly, she was very beautiful – now she look like a man

  16. Ive

    She is my inspiration. But only as a bodybuilder. I know she use steriods. I agree and also a bodybuilder told me as woman you cant compete without steriods. No bodybuilder would admit they use steriods. But yes she can hitt the gym. I just like the way she perform the exercises. Love her shoulders and back. Thats all. But there is something wrong with her legs? Look like the blaber above the knees are loose and hanging over.

  17. Jules

    I think it would be cool if athletes were tested at regular and unexpected intervals throughout their training period. If there is a high suspicion of use, testing close enough that high levels of any chemically enhancing drugs can’t clear their system. Fitness should represent healthy. I hope no matter what supplements people take, it’s considered a healthy supplement. I’m not educated enough to know where you draw the line on that..is any of it safe long term? At high dosages? I don’t think supplementing your diet is considered terrible, if it’s treated more like a vitamin. This steroid use..and heck knows what else maybe out there has just gone too far. I actually like Baileys physic definition and I just recently started learning more about her training etc. I can’t accuse her of anything but I do know what the mass population of female bodybuilders say about the widespread usage and let’s face it..some are so masculine that it’s slapping you in the face. They don’t represent health. I would love to see a contest where the women were not just demolishing their bodies. I can’t stand behind the sport or its contestants because steroids are so available, abused, generally speaking..no one is clamping down on the issue. You buy heroine easily if you want it too..but that stuff will kill you. If it was for sports enhancement it’s ok..is what I hear.

  18. Brad molash

    I find it hilarious that people on here think that’s natty…wake the Fuck up people.lol

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