Is Chris Lavado Natural?

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Chris Lavado is a popular, proud member of the aesthetic crew who promotes the aesthetic lifestyle. He, just like the other members of the gang, is an alleged natural bodybuilder who relies solely on sound nutrition, proper supplementation, and training to build and maintain his powerful and muscular physique. However, there is data pointing in the other direction too.

1.Chris Lavado is too lean, too dry and too full.

Muscle construction is a very slow process when you are natural. For many of us, it has the properties of an illusion.

Furthermore, when the body is put on a low-calorie diet, preserving muscle mass becomes an uphill battle. Therefore, all people who present fullness, 3D details and thickness at a low body fat should make you ask yourself questions.

Image source:

Image source:

In the picture above, Chris Lavado is next to Jeff Seid and Matt Ogus – two bodybuilders/fitness competitors who are often accused of steroid usage. Note that he looks bigger than both of them in that particular shot.

2. A man is known by the company he keeps.

Chris Lavado is part of the aesthetic gang consisting of members with a highly questionable natural status. What does that tell you?

What does that tell you?

A man is known by the company he keeps, my friend.

3. Chris Lavado is ‘too heavy’.

According to online sources, the current bodyweight of Chris Lavado fluctuates between 175lbs and 195lbs at 5’9″. The body fat of Lavado is about 5-8%. In comparison, the popular bodybuilder and three times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane is also 5’9″ and competed at 185lbs. This means that Chris Lavado shares a muscular size close to the one of Zane. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? How are modern naturals matching the size of bodybuilders from the Golden Era?

Image source:

Image source:

Note the insane muscular development of Chris Lavado’s legs.

Conclusion: Chris Lavado may not be the biggest guy out there, but the quality of his mass, as well as the peculiarities of his social circle, make his natural status highly doubtful.

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  1. Ayush Gupta

    Hey sir…I’m ayush ..& i m a biggest fan of ur body..
    I’m doing workout but i Can’T go to knOw my proper diet..plZ heLp mE..bcOz i. Want tO bComE sEcond “chris lavado”….for that i need your favour*..sO pLease hElP mE*..:-)!!!

  2. John Retzios

    Honestly, he competed in OCB at like 164. He isn’t in competition weight at 175-185 thats just bulking and for youtube videos. OCB and NPC differ drastically in regards to testing. So if you watched him on stage he looks completely natural.
    So he isn’t the same as Frank Zane. I think you just need to relax with all this stuff lol. The guy’s lifts aren’t even crazy either, he squats 315 for working sets and benches mid 200s. How is this crazy.There are juniors in the USAPL benching over 400 pounds nationally (in a national TESTED powerlifting competition)

    This website is OD. Go track your macros big boy. Or at least learn something from the lifting community.

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