Is Chris Jones From Physiques Of Greatness On Steroids?

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Chris Jones is the face of the popular YouTube fitness channel Physique of Greatness. He possesses a physique that many aspire to acquire.

Of course, similarly to other popular fitness guys on YouTube,  Chris Jones is subject to controversy. People follow his routines and diet plans but rarely reach his physical greatness.

What’s the problem? Is Chris Jones truly natural like he says or is there more to the story?

Before making a decision consider the following:

1. Chris Jones looks composed in Photoshop

image creadit:

image credit:

As you can see, Chris Jones carries an appreciable amount of mass at a very low body fat. True natural bodybuilders have a very hard time looking that full when they are 5-8% body fat.

2. Chris Jones’ bodyweight fluctuates too much.

Chris Jones seems to love dirty bulking and cutting phases. This means that he likes to gain a significant amount of fat when bulking and lose it during the leaning out stage. Experienced true natural bodybuilders hate this strategy and usually avoid it.

When you gain fat, you are adding more fat cells to the body. Those fat cells never go away. They stay with you forever. When you lose weight, they only shrink. If you have been fat in the past, it’s easier to get back to the same level of fatness. As always, doing something for the first time is the hardest. Each re-attempt is easier. You can call this fat memory if you want.

Why would a natural bodybuilder purposely add fat cells to his body? Yes, you can lose the extra weight later, but this strategy increases your fatness threshold and makes you more susceptible to future fat gains.

Additionally, true natural bodybuilders stay away from extreme cutting phases where you go from 20% BF to 8% BF. The idea is that when you spend so much time in a caloric deficit (eating fewer calories than you burn), you also lose some of the precious muscle mass and strength you’ve worked so hard for. Natties don’t have the luxury of using drugs to preserve muscle mass during diets.

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3. Admitting to steroid usage equals money losses.

If Chris Jones, or another member of the aesthetic crew, was to admit to steroid usage, he would arguably lose a lot of fans and YouTube views. (I don’t believe that’s true actually, but many people seem to think this way.) This equals potential financial losses and publicly admitting to a crime (possession and usage of illegal substances).

For that reason, many fake natural bodybuilders keep their usage hidden. Don’t expect any of them to ever come out clean voluntarily.

4. It’s a ”mafia” out there.

All fitness YouTubers have their backs. For example, Chris Jones is found on the web page of TigerFitness, which is a property of Marc Lobliner  – an obvious steroid user. The fitness channels on YouTube simply promote each other and their subsidiary companies.

5. Chris Jones relies too much on pumping routines.

The routines of Chris Jones are full of pumping exercises and vanity movements. It’s a well-known fact that similar workouts produce poorer results compared to programs built around solid foundation exercises.

6. Chris Jones rivals the muscular development of known steroid users.

It’s really hard to find accurate information on Chris Jones’ weight and height. After a lengthy research, discovered that he is 5’7” (170cm) tall and weighs about 179-190 lbs (81kg) in shape.

In comparison, three times Mr.Olympia Frank Zane competed at 5’9″ (175 cm) @ 185 lbs (84 kg). Jones is 2 inches shorter and weighs about as much as Zane used to.

Question is, what’s the secret of modern natural bodybuilders? How are they getting to the stats of former pros?

You already know it.

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#This article was written after a special request by J.B.
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  1. Turbine nugga

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    1. Truth Seeker

      Sup, bra.

      Ur spelling is amazing, brah. Thank u for da info. I really appreciate it. You know what I am saying.

      1. Abdul-Hamid Brook

        He is natural. The Reason why he is so Big is because he has been doing this for years. He have been lifting wheights for 10 years plus

    2. a

      Can you rephrase that in English ? Do you speak it muthafucka!?

    3. joomby

      sup nig nig you one true nig aye bruh! u so ghetto u forgot how to English. Yo nig nig do us a favor and gtfo here with that race stuff u fkn racist piece of crap.

    4. Mk

      You talk even more shit than him. Genetic pools exist, but in locale, not skin color. For example, Scandinavians and Eastern Europeans are clearly strong and East Africans are great distance runners. You’re skin color may be black, but you’re not the same race, nor do you have the same genetic connections as every black guy on the planet.

      As for Chris, he’s obviously a steroid user. His obsessive and insecure personality more so than his physique tells us that.

  2. DJ

    he looks natty to me.. i’m natty and he doesn’t look much bigger than me.

  3. Sayyid

    To be honest, his physique is not that impressive if (!) you compare him to the well known steroid users. Look at his shoulders for example, if you were to apply his program on a steroid user, he would’ve probably become Kingkong. And it’s wellknown that steroid users have very big 3D shoulders, while this guys’ shoulders are ‘normal’ if you compare it to that. Also if you look at other parts of his physique like the inner chest, triceps, you don’t really see a steroid user. But hey, God knows best

  4. pillysbury doughboy

    It’s hard to say whether CJ is natural or not. Either way, I don’t view him any differently. He’s great entertainment, works his a$$ off, and provides free advice on an array of topics in bodybuilding. I really have to question why you spend your time gossiping about something you don’t even know is true or not. Pretty childish if you ask me.
    You don’t even do that good of a job at it. You forgot to bring up the fact CJ always covers his receding hair line by wearing a hat or do-rag. But then again he could have poor genes when it comes to having a good set of hair and he’s just self-conscious about it. Either way, find some new way to make money because spending your time discrediting people who work way harder than you can’t be something you should be proud of.

  5. Nicco

    The fact that this website believes everyone is on steroids is a joke. Jim Stopani and now Chris Jones. These 2 are obviously natural. Please stop comparing the height and weight with former Mr. Olympia competitors. People are different. This website is horrible.

  6. Kitty Willow

    My OH is 48 and has been bodybuilding on and off since he was 16, but recently got back into it, with his son and they bodybuild together. My OH came across Chris Jones on YouTube and showed me a couple of his videos, and we both like him. He talks a lot of sense and puts a lot of things into perspective, and I for one am a fan. I have been inspired to take up bodybuilding even though I am a 30 year old woman, and Chris Jones has been invaluable in the advice his youtube videos have given us. He clearly works hard to achieve the way he looks so I don’t see why there is this article. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think this is just jealousy.

  7. Dumb website

    Kys please. And stay a twig with your 11 inch arms fuck boy.

  8. Lifterx

    Commenters over talking about “jealousy” may want to watch out, they’re gonna cut themselves with those deluded, edgy lies lol.

  9. Marcos

    He is obviously not natty but this article is still fucking retarded.

  10. Asd

    Besides he always compares it to unnatural bodybuilders, especially frank zane. Brah, do you see how lean Frank Zane is? And do you see clearly how Chris Jones and the others are not so lean? It means they might have more body fat. Your statement ” has a low body fat” is innacurate. Did you know how much a difference 1-2% of BF can make?

  11. rbur

    Why the hell does everything have a racial motivation?! Why is that all some people think about?! Grow up

  12. Patrick

    This article is so fucking stupid. Chris Jones has been training for 12 years. His body is completely achievable naturally with that much time put into training. He gains weight and loses constantly cause that’s what you have to do to build muscle NATURALLY. His workouts are all vain movements? So squats, deadlifts, bench press, weighted pull ups, are just for vanity? GTFO with that bullshit.

  13. L

    He seems like a guy who used at some point and then stopped. Or someone who only uses one or two drugs. He’s obviously not a full on juicer because full on juicers look ridiculous, and grainy all year around etc. Users have a certain look to them. Chris is bigger than a nattie but he uses cut and bulk cycles, and looks legit fat in his bulk. Bodybuilders never look truly fat in their bulk because they’re on so many drugs year round. I think he’s not 100% nattie but close to it, and he says he’s nattie so idk I may believe him. His Ffmi may be too high for a nattie which leads me to believe he probably used drugs in his youth which caused irreversible biological changes.

    1. Nathan Natty

      I agree either top tier genetics or ex low dose

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