Bodybuilding Muscle: Is Your Frame Small or Big? Heright does not always equal a large frame

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Height does not equal a large frame by default. Many people are tall but have thin bones. Unfortunately, a fragile frame limits the potential for growth. People with small frames are usually ectomorphs.

Larger Bones = Larger Muscles?

By default, bigger bones and joints require bigger muscles and tendons to operate properly. Thus, individuals with a larger bone structure are born with bigger muscles than people with small frames. That’s a fact. Anybody telling you otherwise is a liar.

For example, I am about as tall as my father, but I can’t wear any of his shoes. Why? He has naturally thicker and wider bones. His wrist is 1/3 larger than mine, and he carries more lean body mass than me without lifting weights.

His calves are two or three times bigger than my sticks. This will never change even if I was to do all the calf raises in the entire world and then repeat the process. Why? Because of bone structure and muscle insertions.

Interestingly enough, the same idea is found in boxing and weight class sports in general.

Many fighters who are taller than Mike Tyson compete in lower weight classes.

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A popular example of a relatively tall boxer with thinner bone structure would be Antonio Margarito. At 5’11”, he competed in the 150lbs class whereas Tyson was a heavyweight at 5’10”. Tyson’s skeleton allowed him to box in the heavyweight division.

The thickness of your bones plays an important role in powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting too. The popular powerlifter Ed Coan has a super thick bone structure but is also quite short. This density gives him an enormous advantage over people who are tall and have thin bones.

Of course, there are many tall people with thick bones too. Those individuals usually represent the real freaks. Even without steroids, tall men with thick bones can reach massive stats. If you are 6’4″ tall and have 8.5-inch wrists, you will hold more muscle mass naturally than somebody who is 6’1″ and has 6-inch wrists. Just your skeleton alone will make you appear larger than life.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, thicker bones do not always win. However, the fact that you have thin bones does not mean that you are aesthetic either. Usually, ectomorphs are aesthetic, but before all, it depends on the individual. You can be thick and aesthetic too.

Bottom line: Bone thickness is one of the growth factors that have a very serious impact on your potential for growth. A bigger bone structure comes with a larger musculature by default.

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  1. Tommy

    Taller people on averge have bigger frames.
    Of coarse there are exceptions to this but they are few and in between.
    Average 193 cm guy will have bigger frame than average 183 cm guy.

  2. Gary Georgev

    Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have a small frame?

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