Bodybuilding Magazines – Why People Just Don’t Read Them Anymore

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Bodybuilding Magazines - Why People Just Don't Read Them

Bodybuilding magazines – promising false hope since the 70s

The popularity of bodybuilding magazines is dropping due to four main reasons:

a. the Internet
b. lack of new content
c. tons of advertisement (spam)
d. increased awareness

The Internet. The Internet is now the primary source of information in the human world. It’s much cheaper than magazines and offers an ocean of data. As a result, most people don’t remember the last time there was a newspaper in their hands.

The major online streams of information that hurt the muscle sector severely are the forums, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. People would rather go there than buy magazines loaded with blue pills.

Lack of new content. Most bodybuilding magazines are based on recycled material. People are tired of seeing Arnold on the cover and reading that biceps curls build biceps.

Too much advertisement. A vast portion of printed muscle media is filled with ads. Sometimes ads occupy 60% or more of the whole magazine.

Lies and deception. Sooner or later, the crowd starts to ask questions. I am sorry, but we are not that stupid.

A few days ago, I asked people on a popular training board what would make them go back to reading bodybuilding magazines.

Below are some of the responses.


no photo touch ups
honest training routines of top ranked amateurs 
honest AAS cycles of the pro’s
more hot chics in mag



1. Real training shots instead of the posed training pictures.

2. Don’t make me pay $7 bucks for a magazines that is half ads. I have to pay to read advertisements? 

3. Don’t pretend steroids don’t exist. I don’t want to hear the champs routines and diet if you don’t post their drug program. 

4. Stop the bull shit about the weight they use. We all know they don’t do 4 sets of 10 in the bench with 405lbs. More like 225lbs. 

5. Make every champ go drug free for 6 months and post pictures so we can see the difference truly between on and off. 

6. Bring back the athletic points the use to be part of he AAU Mr. America. Back in the day they would make bodybuilders post a total in Olympic lifting to show they were athletes instead of mirror cosmetic athletes. Maybe submission wrestling or boxing could be substituted for Olympic lifting for athletic points. That would be a show I would pay for. 

7. I would like to see a tested Olympia with Olympic random testing prior to the contest. 24 hour notification and failure to give blood and urine eliminate you from competing. There are ways around the test you say? I don’t think you can hide taking anabolic steroids, testosterone, anti estrogens, HGH, LH hormone, Growth hormone, insulin, speed, oil, thyroid, EPO and other junk easily. Then publish the results in the magazine.

8. Stop pushing women’s bodybuilding. A woman taking male hormones is a male bodybuilder. Does anyone really like to see that? Women’s figure contests and fitness can stay.  



A time machine.  40s through the 70s, please.  Otherwise it’s gotten to the point that not even a photograph of Arnold, Reeves or Park on the cover can get me to give up the green for what amounts to a catalog of crappola endorsed by cons and man-hoes.



Wouldn’t even think about buying one in public. Would rather be seen buying Cat Fancy. Times have changed…



THIS. Fewer ads, zero photoshops, all-out drug details, gossip about everything from the sex side to drugs, etc….Just all-out awesomeness right there.



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