The Best Hamstring Exercises

| by Truth Seeker |

Here’s a list of exercises that will build strong and thick hamstrings.

1.Romanian deadlifts

The Romanian deadlift is an effective and convenient hamstring exercise. It uses the hamstring end attaching at the hip and stretches the muscle really well. Ultimately, this stretch results in a great contraction on the way up.

You can do Romanian deadlifts with dumbbells, but in general, barbells work better because they are easier to load and give you an opportunity to hit the hamstrings with really heavy weights.

2. T-Handle/Kettlebell Swings

The T-Handle/Kettlebell swings are a very good exercise for your hamstrings. You won’t be lifting a lot of weight, but the volume is high, and the hamstrings are forced to work explosively.

Don’t be suprised if this movement makes your hammies sore beyond belief.

3.Deep back squats

If you squat high, you are using mostly your quads and glutes. If you go deep below parallel, you will also hit your hamstrings.

4.Glute Ham Raises

The glute ham raise is a brutal posterior chain exercise. You need a special bench for it, but it’s worth the trouble. The exercise produces a lot of pain. Enjoy.


Believe it or not, sprints will absolutely murder your hamstrings. I don’t care how much you deadlift, squat or whatever – sprints really hit the hamstrings like no other exercise on the planet. If you are not in shape, your hamstrings will be hurting units for days after your first session.

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