Arms – Bodybuilders’ Biggest Obsession

| by Truth Seeker |

Bodybuilders are obsessed with arms and measure them at least once a day. Why? Why are arms so important to bodybuilders?


Gregg Valentino’s arm obsession is simply legendary.

All bodybuilders are narcissistic and lift to feed their egos. Honestly, this is not entirely bad. It’s a game that you play, like everything else. However, some don’t actually realize this and sacrifice a little too much to win it. Ultimately, your self-worth shouldn’t depend on your arm size.

How many bodybuilders would lift weights if the activity does not result in a better appearance? Would you still do it day after day without visual changes? Some will persevere but many people will drop out. After all, this isn’t what you signed for, is it?

The obsession with arms comes from the same attitude. The biceps and triceps are visible muscles that can create a great show. Why do you think bodybuilders are wearing tank tops? Because it’s too hot? Think again…

The arms have been a symbol of strength and muscle for a long time. When somebody asks you ”Do you even lift, bro?” you are expected to flex your arms to represent your muscular development. That’s why there are so many synthol victims in the world. It’s a little sad, but just a little because there are much worse things in this world.

Train your arms but don’t worship any muscle group. Worship your body and health as a whole.

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