9 Signs To Identify a Fake Natural Bodybuilder or Lifter In Disguise (those m******************)

| by Truth Seeker |

1. They are surprisingly muscular for their frame.

What if I tell you that you have a built-in detector for fake natties? When you see a man with a musculature that appears out of the ordinary, your brain reports an abnormality right away. 

Most men do not have the capacity to naturally build a physique that has the modern “wow” effect on people. You can have a body part or two that fill out your clothes, but being “swole” all over is rare unless you have wide shoulders and thick bones.

Individuals who look too big for their frame (e.g., 17-inch arms on 6-inch wrists) have a very low chance of being natural. 

Why? Because the natural muscle mass of a man is proportional to his skeleton.

2. They are always in the company of known steroid users.

“A man is known by the company he keeps.”

Crooked cops hang out with crooked cops. Millionaires hang out with millionaires. Beggars enjoy the company of other beggars. Politicians’ phones are full of other politicians’ numbers.

Why would needle samurai be any different? They aren’t. The lords of the syringe inject each other and hit the club. Even in the gym, there is a division between naturals and steroid users. The pinners are loud and obnoxious and often in the company of other users whereas the natural fighters are quieter and often train solo.

If a man is surrounded by steroids users and looks muscular himself, the probability that he is a pristine natty brah is dangerously low. 

The small dudes in a steroid group often play the natty card because they are not big enough to activate the radar. Yet they aren’t lifetime naturals. The unaware buy it. 

3. They always remind you how natural they are.

The more one talks about his natural status, the smaller the likelihood that he is “steron-free”.

Why do they do it? To create a sensation.

When a big and shredded dude calls himself natural, he attracts the misinformed crowd which is always yearning for insane natural gains. Most people are not attracted to steroids for many reasons – moral, dependence, fear…etc. Consequently, we desire to acquire as much as possible without introducing extra chemicals to the organism. As a result, the men with incredible physiques who calls themselves Natural are a captivating sight. 

Ironically, the mofos who always remind you of their natty status are like lovers who always say how much they love you – they don’t. Because you don’t say “I love you.” with words. You do so with actions. Same with being natural. If your body and performance do not say that you are natural, you are not. Repeating that you are until the end of times changes nothing. 

4. They sell ultra-effective programs specifically for naturals. 

The overlords want you to think that your lack of gains is powered by an inadequate strategy. In reality, there isn’t a perfect routine. If effort and dedication are put into a program, it has no choice but to work to some extent. 

There isn’t an exercise and/or a specific rep range that unlock(s) a growth safe full of natty gains that make the steroid users look stupid. 

All programs targeting naturals do so for marketing purposes based on good cop talk – “All other routines are for steroid users but ours are designed specifically for naturals.” Sure, fellas. 

The most comical stage begins when the advertised method fails to catalyze the promised results. At that moment, the creators of the routine start blaming YOU for the situation. They are never the guilty party. It’s always you – the loser doing it wrong. ,

Nonsense. Don’t let them fill your head with weird exercises and mysterious angles. I can assure that “quick push-up tips” will not give you the chest of a roid monkey. You can twist your wrists and visualize muscle augmentation as much as you want – nothing will change. You will stay the same while they capitalize on your irrational reasoning based on feelings and lies of the mind.

5. They have a tremendous Instagram following.

Can a natural amass a ridiculous number of Instagram followers? It can happen, but it’s more than a rarity in the world of bodybuilding. More importantly, a desirable physique will not be the only engine. The fame would be the result of concrete action. E.g., competing in calisthenics/street fitness.

Instagram is about imagery larger than life. Nobody wants to look at ordinary stuff. It’s all about the eye candy. Big tits and juicy butts cut it. Small do not. For better or worse, natties do not produce the dopamine that shredded, aesthetic guys blasting trenbolone do.

The natural warriors are not sponsored and do not have a team of photographers and video editors boosting the magic factor. Hence the TV effect is missing. Everything is mundane and uninteresting. 

Don’t forget that the masses always fall for the mainstream tricks. They follow the pinners and buy the lie that you too can get to the top of the mountain if you eat and train p-r-o-p-e-r-l-y.  

Sadly, the vast majority of men in the lifting community who have an army of followers are as natural as sharks in a bottle.

“Naturalism” isn’t sensational enough. Reality does not sell anything other than pain. Nobody wants it.

6. They love to get “scientific”.

Fake natties and their conscious and unconscious megaphones love to fill your head with studies, projections and theory-crafting. They will talk about “nuclei” and the proper time to eat broccoli, but the visual speaks louder than words.

It is a fact of life that naturals do not grow much. That’s it. No amount of studies will change this simple truth.

Boy, you aren’t small because you are drinking water at the wrong time. And no, desiccated liver tablets will not turn you into one of Gironda’s pupils. Injections are behind the magic trick. Everything else is political talk for the camera. 

Even the bodybuilders know it. You think they are stupid? You think the average angry guy blasting 5×5 upon finding out that his girlfriend is another Tinder whore is smarter than a pro bodybuilder?

The big men in thongs were once in the shoes of the little dudes hoping to get massive by drinking raw milk and doing knee bends /better known as squats/. The blueprint failed; the apprentices went to the dark side. 

You think the pros don’t know that their protein dust is less useful than eggs for getting big?

You think they lose sleep over creatine scoops?

You think they care about anabolic vitamins? You think they watch videos entitled – “Modify you bench press with these QUICK & EASY tips and Get a HUGE CHEST FASSSST?

You think they read 20-page articles glorifying the squat and deadlift? Of course, not.

They may not be super intelligent or educated, but they are pretty enlightened on the subject. They know what gets them big. They may not admit it but deep down every fiber of their being realizes it. 

Only desperate naturals look for scientific saviors to show them the ultimate body alignment for muscle activation. 

7. They have bitch tits.

Roids turn the homeostasis of the body upside down. The reactors start producing extra estrogen which gives you gynecomastia better know as bitch tits. Many bodybuilders and gym rats have this condition. They will tell you that you can get gyno without injecting steroids, and that would actually be true. You can acquire bitch tits even as a natty. However, when a muscular dude has them, the culprit is not a cheeseburger. It’s the drugs.

8. They downplay the role of steroids.

Roid users often paint steroids as less effective than advertised. What is the incentive to do so?

By presenting roids as inferior, the emphasis on other variables (training, nutrition, personal sacrifice…etc.) increases. That way the fake natties earn more respect in the eyes of the crowd. Despite this psychological manipulation they still owe their superior status to anabolics rather than some extraterrestrial work ethic.

Ironically, steroids have the power to turn women into men. If that isn’t effective, nothing is.

9. They lift bending barbells.

Some numbers are unachievable naturally unless you get extremely fat. Yet some fake natties say that 500lbs bench presses are a natural reality.

Beyond a certain point, every lift becomes unreachable without injections. And by the way, the looks of the lifter do not negate this axiom. There are many roided powerlifters who can pass for naturals due to their high body fat and royal bloat.

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  1. Jai

    Wowww wowww just wow. Amazingggggg article ….
    One small point however. U said vegan gains is natural.. In one of his videos he measures one arm to be 18.5 inches…..u can see it yourself.

    What am I missing here ??

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      He is all arms as far as I remember. But most naturals will not reach 18 unless fat.

    2. Brett

      Sorry to rain on vegan stains parade but his arms are most definitely not 18’5 inches. Measuring them cold is how they should be measured not pumped.

      If Mike Mentzer only ever had 18’5 inches cold (which he stated) then our vegan boy certainly does not (just look at any mike mentzer pick to understand this).

      If Arnold arms were only 19 inches well then vegan gains does not have 18’5 inch arms.

      You don’t get 18’5 inch arms at 10% bf while being under 86kg naturally.

      My guess is his arms are 17-17’5 cold. He is tall so I give him this. His arms do not look bigger than zains (zain had 17-17’5)

    3. RIDDICK

      As someone with 46cm arms (about 18.5 inches) I can assure you this guy is far from 18.5 inches. In the video you can see that the front measures 7 inches so there aren’t 11 inches hidden on the other side but he just tricked his audience. This guy is small af. There are other videos of him where he visits an expo to annoy someone who has 17 inch arms and his arms look way smaller than 17 inches.

  2. twp

    10. They train natty from 5-10 years and suddenly gain like 10-15 lbs of muscle mass in few months just by changing that little thing in their diet and training.
    11. Claiming that recomposition works for advanced lifters and can’t stop bragging how it worked for them or some of their clients. They just lost 20 lbs of and gained 20 lbs of muscle in year. They are the same weight and look totally different.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Some nice points. I would have added them to the original post if I had thought of them.

      1. MB

        Nr. 12. Tho prevent that they have to lie, the muscular bodybuilders put the focus on even bigger ones and tell that’s how a steroid based bodybuilder looks like.

  3. Steven Crook

    > They are never the guilty party. It’s always you – the loser doing it wrong.

    I’m reminded of faith healing, prayer, alternative medicine and spiritualism. When you do them and they don’t work it’s your fault because you didn’t believe…

    I just had a thought, perhaps the muscle warriors *are* natty, but they get swole because they truly believe, and it’s the placebo effect…. Damn!!!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      The pupils always take the blame when the masters’ teachings fail.

  4. pedro

    “mysterious angles”: thats a classic of the natural searching for the perfect, hidden exercise that hacks your natural physique.

  5. Dr. Arthur DiAntonio

    TS, The material on this sight is captivating. I enjoy dissecting and digesting all this well structured writing. God Bless,my friend-

  6. Chachki's

    What do you think of the Barbell Medicine crew? Dr’s Jordan Feigenbaum and Austin Baraki.They fall under points 1,4,6,8,9

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am only familiar with Baraki. Strong suspect. Falls under way too many points.

      1. Chachki's

        The Dr’s are both Rippetoe disciples gone rouge. Both are jacked 200 lb guys at 5’10” ish that have world class lifts across the board 400+ bench 600+squat 700+ DL) and claim it’s their programming/nutrition/science knowledge while none of their followers sniff those numbers. They are hugely popular right now and have many young worshipers and gaining. You should review them.

  7. Tom

    ‘Reality does not sell anything other than pain. Nobody wants it.’

  8. MB

    Nr.7 – Do women who take AAS also produce extra estrogen? Because it looks like the opposite their chests becomes ‘more flat’ when they have more muscles.

  9. Mark Rebok

    Hi guys,

    I understand your frustration with the fitness industry as a whole (I work in it, so believe me, I do), but your overly cynical viewpoints do a disservice to would-be lifters. I’m a fitness trainer, and the idea that you can’t get big or lean without steroids is preposterous. It just takes more work, smart training, and MUCH more time allotted to recovery. Progressive overload is important, so no, 5×5 schemes increasing weight and other traditional bodybuilding techniques are not rendered ineffective without juice. I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but you are misinforming many, as well as potentially discouraging people from pursuing their fitness goals.
    P.S. Genetics play a far bigger role than you acknowledge. So if this is a personal issue from your inability to make gains as a natural, please do not take this frustration out on other aspiring athletes .

    1. Julio

      I have to agree with a lot of what Mark R. said.
      Yes, genetics are a major variable, but unless you are amongst the unlucky 10% or so who won’t respond well to weight training or even at all, then there are very noticeable gains in mass and leanness to be made without AAS.

      But yes, it takes far more time than most care to admit. Your frame may limit you, true…

      Be careful not to discourage people who have a lot to gain naturally, it’s not hocus pocus. But it is a lot less glamorous than the industry would make you believe…

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