5 Reasons NOT To Go On TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

| by Truth Seeker |

Many self-proclaimed defenders of masculinity support and advertise the import of testosterone in the form of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). They say that you can’t be natural in this world and therefore shouldn’t try.

Just pin, bro and enjoy the magical benefits that TRT has to offer. Once the right amount of test is swimming through your veins, the peaks of the world will be yours. Your previous weakness will embrace the obscurity of the night, and you will mutate from a male envelope into a real man.  Some compare this metamorphosis to a second birth.

I wish becoming a manly deity was merely as simple as injecting. 

Today, I present you 5 reasons not to choose the TRT route.  Because we all know that every story has more than one version.

1. The euphoria from TRT is temporary

According to the manosphere, TRT turns you into the man you were supposed to be. Once the extra test molecules join the ship, your whole life becomes different. Women can smell your manliness from a distance and make it their life mission to be with you.

They can sense that you are in the process of transforming into a real alpha. This renders them more than willing to send you nudes while their beta boyfriends are cleaning the car right after vacuuming the apartment. They want you and nobody else because you are the commander. The leader. They yearn to donate your ultra-masculine genes to a new generation.

[This isn’t a joke. I have read reports on forums suggesting a similar effect.]

The benefits, however, do not stop here. Besides the endless attention from women, you will also enjoy career upgrades unthinkable before.  Your confidence will appeal to your boss so much that he will raise your salary and give you a better position adequately suiting the new and improved you. 

As a bonus, you will feel ecstatic and sensational every day. You will have more energy and a killer mindset. Nothing will be able to stop you. You will be a straight up monster. 

How about no? 

Do you really believe that all men on TRT experience nirvana? Is TRT powerful enough to negate all other laws in effect? Can muscle and confidence fix everything? Absolutely no.

More importantly, the novelty effect wears off. Eventually, your thriving process plateaus and you return to the baseline. 

If you think that men with optimal testosterone levels feel great the whole time, you would be wrong. They experience down periods and depression too. They are still subject to the side effects of life. The feeling of awesomeness caused by TRT goes away sooner than you think.

What are you supposed to do then? Inject more?

2. The establishment promotes TRT

Isn’t it ironic that the promoters of TRT often criticize the system and present themselves as opposers to anti-male teachings like the modern septic feminism and yet fail to realize that TRT is actually a part of the mainstream brochure?

Ultimately, TRT is a business selling a product. There is an incentive to give a low T diagnose. If TRT was the hidden solution to the war against men, why is it promoted so heavily by the establishment? I thought they hated us. Are you telling me that now they want to help us?

What if TRT is a reverse psychology weapon supporting the current order?

What if they are teaching you how to become a “real man” while actually making you less of a man?

First, they oppress you and then give you injections so that you can feel like a man again.  

Doesn’t this sound fairly similar to the tactic known as problem-reaction solution?

3. Quitting is almost impossible. You are dependent. An addict.

Technically, TRT does not require a lot of time and effort. Some people say that injecting is annoying but so are many other tasks that we have to do for the rest of our lives.

However, the injections do not form the burden of the process. The real pain comes from the dependence that TRT introduces in your life.

Quitting isn’t easy. Some say that you can stop taking external testosterone and recover fairly quickly, but that would be incorrect. Besides, what are you recovering to? At best, you will reach your previous test levels which are supposed to be low to begin with, right?

The actual “practical” reality is that most TRT addicts never quit completely. The dark times that arise after you stop injecting are difficult to overcome. Your body is no longer producing testosterone. Hence you feel lethargic. You are no longer the bad boy slayer from before. Can your psyche handle this detransformation into a loser?

In the end, the TRT machos become users who need a drug to get high. You know what those people are called? Junkies. 

4. Hair loss, Infertility

Having hair on your head is more important than muscle mass when it comes to attracting women. A bald skull hurts your looks more than a smaller biceps does. 

Sure, there are hairless men who are handsome and can pull off the shaved head look, but they are attractive despite their lack of hair rather than thanks to it. If balding was part of the pretty man repertoire, there wouldn’t be so many products claiming to reverse it. 

Will TRT hurt your hair? It depends on your genetics. Ronnie Coleman took TRTx1000 and had a full head of hair. The metrosexual aesthetic posers are blasting trenbolone and many of them still have hair. Ultimately, it comes down to genetics. One thing is certain, though – steroids accelerate balding.

Another problem with TRT is its negative effect on fertility. There have been studies using testosterone as a male contraceptive. The results were fairly impressive.

Why does that happen? External import of testosterone hurts spermatogenesis. Many users try to combat this side effect by taking drugs like HCG. 

Are there any guarantees? No. The results depend on the situation and your cards. There are gym rats who cannot get anyone pregnant while pro bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman have a kindergarten at home.

5. You are not doing it for health, technically.

Many megaphones claim that the purpose of TRT is to improve your health, but that’s the equivalent of saying that anti-depressants make you sane. Those pills and injections do not address the root of the problem. They just soften the blow. As a result, they cannot be a longterm solution. Or maybe you think that we should put every new generation on a higher TRT dose because “you just can’t have optimal test today”?

The primary reason to go on TRT is not to have optimal testosterone levels. It’s about the high and the muscle mass. If TRT didn’t come with muscle gains, it would be far less appealing to the crowd.

I speak from experience. For me, the only motivation to inject would be to get swole. Without the muscle gains and the admiration that they produce, the motivation to give so much to merely have more energy is basically invisible. I am certain that many of you share the same view.

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  1. JohnnyX

    I am on self prescribed TRT due to falling into the trap you are talking about. I now want to quit because there are risks and i want to be a normal person again, not being dependant on shots.

  2. Nico B (Zabulon)

    It’s almost impossible to get in my country due to the law anyway. Doctor almost never allow patients to be on TRT

  3. Michael

    How old are you truthseeker?

  4. DonnieTheConquerer

    You mentioned this is your article, but it needs to be restated that most men looking for TRT are just basically looking for a legit and legal route for testosterone for bodybuilding purposes only, not for any actual symptoms of “andropause”. If that’s what they truly want then I say good for them; it’s much better than going to the black market and getting your stuff. However, it’s not really TRT is it?

    Let’s not forget that just as there is a reason NOT to use TRT, there most certainly is a reason to use it for certain individuals within our population. Just because it’s being marketed and exploited for quasi-legal purposes doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s place for those who truly require it and can benefit from it. It’s important that we make that distinction.

  5. ChronicPain

    I’m on a doctor prescribed antidepressant and yes it does make me sane. I’m a nutjob without it. I have no low self control, do way more bad things. I’m a better person in every way on it. I tried everything alternative I could before going with it. Some of us need medication because we have an illness that isn’t currently treatable any other way.
    You can call it being a junkie if you want but I’m taking the healthiest option I can find and I’ll continue to do so.
    Even still it’s just one piece of the puzzle for me. A critical piece but I still have to do a lot of other things to stay mentally healthy. Meditation, exercise, healthy eating, etc. However if the medication is removed I lose it no matter what else I do.

    I hate the fakers claiming TRT but taking >100mg a week. 300mg a week is not TRT.
    However, if someone genuinely has low Testosterone or low normal and they treat it with medication at real TRT doses <100mg a week then yes, it can make them healthier.

    1. Ron

      There is a disconnect on what is and isn’t TRT. I think your threshold is a bit low – I’m on TRT and take 160mg/week. Before TRT , my t levels were around 300 ng/dL and now I’m around 900 ng/dL. Did my muscle mass increase? Yeah but only by about 2%. I am not swole because of it nor do I have any kind of high. I’m a regular powerlifter and although my 1RMs have gone up, again it hasn’t been some magical breakthrough… nor did I expect it to be.

      TRT is generally just testosterone. The massive guys are on not just much higher doses of testosterone but also a cocktail of other anabolics. TRT has been great for my energy and concentration levels. But it’s not as extreme a change as what people seem to think it is. Unless I’m totally in the dark and many people on TRT are getting much higher doses.

  6. MB

    @Truth seeker Great article
    And a comment to nr. 3: They do it to get to achieve their goel, building a muscular body. That’s different than junkies. Junkies do it to get in trance.

  7. marlon

    And muscle junkies get their dopamine fix from their muscular development.

  8. Jeremy

    You are all quite literally unimpressive woth you compllete and total lack of actual knowledge of trt. You’re whiners and children. You are afraid of nothing. You havealso presented ZERO clinical data to back up your fears. Even the title of this website cries whiner. WTF cares if someone else is putting something in their bodies you may or may not agree with? If you dont want it, dont take it. 100mg or higher is absolutely a trt dose. Especially for those of us who due to extenuating circumstances not envolving AAS or opiod abuse, no longer are capable of producing testosterone on our own. Mine was overexposure to a pesticide that was supposes to be safe but turned out to be turning male frogs female. I had muscles.before because Ive lifted religiously since the 8th grade and I have them now because Im not a lazy ass, and yes testosterone put an additional 10 pounds on me in the last 20+ years of taking just Testosterone cypionate. Whoopdee freaking doo. Stop portraying your anxieties as science just because your angry that you didnt turn out the way you hoped.

    1. Waves

      Agreed. I can’t even work out because of injury. I take prescribed T because chronic inflammation has reduced my ability to produce enough naturally. I feel normal again thanks to it.

  9. fowleri

    pure cope, so you expect people to feel like shit with the testosterone of 90 year old fuck that, if you tried to raise and nothing happens, are we supposed to accept our fate while some lucky genetically gifted sucka enjoys high levels of testosterone naturally for decades?

    my dad is like 70 and has 650ng naturally, doesnt take shit, doesnt lift, stays at home, doesnt do shit, yet my test is less than 300ng and i know younger men who are even lower

  10. Nick

    It’s just a re-branded version of anabolic steroids.
    Anabolic steroids are literally injectable synthetic testosterone.
    So TRT is just injecting steroids on a scheduled level.

    Lmao the next these fake natties will go with their scamming.
    **** Joe Rogan lmao. Dude is on HGH, TRT, etc. Claims its useless to workout and be natty. What a clown world we live in.

  11. Napster

    why the hate tho? I think every person on TRT knows all of this. Maybe youll end up on TRT one day as well or you think you’ll keep good levels as you grow old?

    Reality is how much testosterone you produce is 95% genetic, some people won the genetic lottery while other got fucked, my dad for example is 72 and has 750ng meanwhile i got fucked by genetics and my levels were 300 for years despite trying multiple things

    my dad eats like shit, doesnt lift, doees everything wrong etc but the idiots would tell you is your diet, is your lifestyle etc

    TRT levels the playing field for people who got fucked by genetics and bad luck

    if is available is legal, then why not use it so you can feel better and have an edge

    in reality youre mad at TRT cause just like the reason you mad about people using steroids, you dont have their gains and their look and dont want to use those chemicals to enhance either, so you remain a nobody who writes articles on the internet about fake natties lmao

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