9 Reasons Why Kinobody’s ***Natty Verified*** Movement Is Effective Only As a Marketing Strategy

| by Truth Seeker |

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Greg Gallagher a.k.a Double G is tired of the industry’s lies. He wants to introduce a series of ultra-strict tests that will eliminate the nasty cheaters who inject and then claim natural. He wants to be the purifier.

Here’s a quote:

If you are going to claim natural you will have to pass the strictest test known to man. You will need to pass a carbon isotope ratio in peak condition. You will be subject to a full blood panel that will be evaluated for any abnormalities indicating steroid use (past or current) and a DEXA scan to evaluate FFMI. {source}

This is nothing but a marketing strategy designed to increase the popularity of KinoBody even further. I would not be surprised if a professional management consultanting firm like the one in the TV Series House of Lies has designed this move specifically to boost the views and followers of Double G.

Here are 9 reasons why the ***NattyVerified*** movement is too shallow and thin to be anything other than a marketing plot.

1. It can never work and Kinobody knows it.

You don’t need a genius’ IQ to figure out that this blueprint is destined to fail.

Every year anti-doping organizations receive billions and yet pro athletes are still not clean. In fact, they will never be clean.

Yet we are supposed to believe that the fitness YouTubers will cleanse themselves from within?

Who will provide the necessary funds to make this option viable?

Countries and organizations invest a lot of money into mass sports, but the role of the online muscle warriors in the mechanism does not justify the same policy. Therefore, the coins needed to make the dream of Kino a reality are yet to manifest in this realm.

What are the options?

Maybe YouTube itself will provide the funds to purify its naturals?  Nice laugh. They have no incentive to do so.

Hm…maybe Instagram will become an anti-doping sponsor so that its athletes can put on a “natty verified” badge on their profile? Yeah, right. Because we all know how Instagram is all about #reality.

Kinbody is well aware of this fact. He is not a professor, but he knows that his plan cannot work in practice since….wait for it…..there’s no money for it.

The only source of financial resources could be the muscle warriors passing the test. And who in their right mind would lose money to prove that they are on steroids?

2. Bodybuilders on low doses will remain in stealth mode forever.

Shadow pinners cannot be caught. That’s a fact. Muscle samurai on low doses do not trigger alarms and yet they are experiencing serious benefits from injecting.

A man on TRT can easily carry extra 20lbs of muscle that would have been a mirage without the wonderful substance in the needle. A shadow pinner passes all tests with a little prep.

3. Blood work + DEXA Scan is stupid

The idea of Kinobody is to combine blood work with DEXA Scans. The logic is as follows – when you take steroids your blood tests worsen. Therefore, if the results from the DEXA scans show muscle growth and fat cell shrinkage in parallel with bad blood work, you have to be juicing.

There’s one big problem. A man can have bad blood results even without taking steroids. How are you going to prove what’s the source of the problem? Last time I checked blood tests are not reserved solely for bodybuilders.

And once again – who is going to pay the bill? What’s the motivation of a muscle star to invest all that money into something that does not even prove that he is natural?

4. The Testing Will Be Scheduled

The anti-doping organizations perform unscheduled tests for a reason – they want to “surprise” the athletes and prevent manipulations. If you know when the test will take place, you have time to clean your system.

Yet the lifters who accept the challenge would be agreeing to scheduled tests which are basically pointless.

Here’s a comment from a Kino video that puts things into perspective:

Even 2 day notice tests can be cheated haha, top athletes such as those in the NFL and the Olympics cheat these all the time! Heck I know of D1 college football players using things such as Testosterone No Ester and shit like transdermal testosterone which leaves your body within a few hours, there is honestly no way to catch these fake natties unless you dedicate a serious amount of money into monitoring them which we all know isn’t going to happen.

5. Kinobody Offers a “Two prong approach with three tests over 3-4 months”

To cover all bases, Double G proposes a series of tests. Cool. There’s one problem, though – who’s gonna pay for that?


6. True Fake Natties Have a Huge Incentive to Get Certified

Kino says that “the industry is scared”.

Look, kid. I know that this is what your consultants are telling you to say, but let me enlighten those who don’t know – the industry is not scared.

How can someone be scared when they are holding all the cards? It’s the equivalent of feeling fear when you are the one with the gun. The industry is too big to fail. It’s so big that it can only profit. This case will not be any different.

The fake natties out there have a huge incentive to become certified and increase their power over the minds of the unaware. The horde of trenbolone addicts with 3D delts will do everything necessary to cheat the test and get Kino’s magic badge.

They are not scared, my friend. They love it.

7. Is Kinobody even natural?

The natty status of Kinobody is highly questionable. He could very well be a shadow pinner a.k.a. somebody who can easily get “verified”.

8. Non-stop testing is required.

Even if someone is 100% full-blown natty brah when they pass Kino’s testing, there are no guarantees that they won’t start injecting after getting the certification. Hence constants tests are required. This brings me to the same old question – who is going to pay for all of that? Who is going to play the role of a regulator?

9. The muscle industry will not change. 

In case, you don’t know, there’s a site called nattyornot.com dedicated to exposing fake naturals and worlds for years.

And while that site has enlightened many people, it hasn’t changed the industry one bit. The mechanism is still the same. As I told you in A Hater’s Synthesis II: No More Dreams – change is not coming.

The only thing that #nattyverified will change is Kino’s views and stats, which is the intended purpose of his sudden awakening.

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  1. Brick

    Today, people believe what the elite or media said.
    They are weak.

  2. Metalhead

    Off topic, but what kind of music do you listen to? Do you listen to metal?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I listen primarily to instrumentals. I rarely like vocals.

  3. Adam

    you are an actual fucking loser and probably can’t bench 135

  4. Nake Fatty

    Kino can do a 225 pound standing press. I think his bodyweight is around 170-180. I’ve only seen like one or two guys at the gym do this. One of them was a 280 pound 6 ft+ beast who competes in powerlifting and likely blasts as well. Guys like Kino, Omar and other youtubers are on here, weighing 100 pounds less, and putting up Elite power lifting numbers… and they don’t even compete!!. Is it the kino octane, the creatine? 🙂 I doubt it

  5. Glove

    Clear. Those tests say nothing. You are very unlucky or very dumb not to pass the test if you or your team know how to disguise the use of forbidden substances.
    Everybody who is in to the matter knows that.
    But the Youtube fan base may not know it.
    The question I´am more interested in is why young people need role modes like these Youtubers. Seems to be that all this Internet stuff manipulate people in a dramatic way. I think today through the internet people can talk about matters the never experienced in reality.

    1. M.

      Youngsters follow them because if you broadly analyze the videos from the ilk of Kino, Jeff Said, Valum, (and many others); they show all what a teenager or one under 25 wants to get. Greek god like body, lavish lifestyle, use fan base, money, and the best of all “the **ussy frenzy” (i.e. f*ck all the *ussies you want in shortest time possible).

  6. Tivo

    It serves to get views and help market himself, yes. But really, who wants to spend this much time proving they are natural? The whole test is going to be proven a fallicy as soon as one of these obvious pinning muscle monsters passes. People believe what they want to believe, not what’s really in front of them. I wan steroids to be legal and I want to watch athletes on roids breaking records. I don’t care that kids and teenagers believe the myth that they’re all natural, the same way I don’t care that kids believe in santa. Give them the myth, they’ll work hard if they believe. Stay commited to the lifting game long enough and you’ll know who’s on and who isn’t. If you’re that advanced in your lifting life, you won’t be watching any of these youtubers anyways. You’ll see that they’re all nothing more than infomercials. It’s all a curtain to sell supplements, training programs, personal training sessions, clothing, But, if you’re a new lifter, you can learn a lot from some of them. Just depends on your goals. I think Jeremy either and Jeff Cavalier have lots of good info for noobs, although jeff puts out a lot of garbage to fill video time. If you like strongman or powerlifting, alan thrall and mark bell are alright. And bodybuilding, 3DMJ. So who’s on steroids? I just assume all are or have been. It’s always the simplest, most obvious explanation that is usually true. From there business perspective, it makes sense that they would use, and makes no sense not to use. This “Truth Seeker” has written 100s of articles explaining this over and over, yet every article we see the same guys calling him out for speaking the truth. Why? Cuz they are naive, hopeful, in denial… I don’t care about the young guys still believing in santa claus, i’m curios about the seniors. The guys over 30 with years of gym experience. Do you guys believe any of the Natty BS on youtube?

  7. SmallNatural

    Great article and fully I agree with you. He knows very well that the idea cannot work in practice, but it’s certainly a good marketing for him, also he has some new topic to talk about (“fresh” content), and as a bonus, his fellow youtubers can react/talk about this bullshit for a while and have a “fresh” content as well… the very moment I clicked on the video in the article, I knew which natural(?) youtuber was going to do a response 🙂

  8. Animal

    im relatively new to lifting and i always ask myself the question why everybody gives so much attention to who is natural and whos not?
    i like lifting and don’t care much about others so much…i do my lifting and just see where my dedication gets me…why so much attention to stupid things like this guy is natty or this guy juices…people should focus on themself…

    1. TheFinisher

      Exactly. It’s always the people who have no results from their crap routines that come on to the internet to tell everyone who is taking what. Giving their ‘expert’ opinion on who has ‘genetically superior genes’ instead of following true, tested bodybuilding routines and actually making gains.

      1. twp

        Because most people lift with the idea to become big and shred, but as naturals after 5 years of lifting, tracking macros, trying different thing they end up with swimmer body. So is completely logical to ask how these guys make it?

        Anyway I care, because most of these guys are scammers looking for ez money.

        1. TheFinisher

          ‘Swimmer body’? What was your routine?

          1. mattsk1

            Swimmer body is essentially a not so lean with some what muscular look. Look up swimmers that compete and you will get the idea.

          2. TheFinisher

            I know, i was asking him what his routine is, that got him a swimmer type body. People who don’t get a lot of results after years of training usually need to increase their volume

          3. TheFinisher

            Train like a bodybuilder, Increase your volume per body part.

          4. humancrane

            thats why we care
            you still think its the volume or whatever

            this is what years of looking at natural mens health models does to you

  9. Parry hotter

    Hope for the best,prepare for the worst.
    No more dreams…

  10. sweetloch

    not really related to this thread but everyone has their own body and most people do not have the dedication or time to get big without steroids. steroids are extremely addicting, you get instant gains, who does not want that? now I have never done steroids but I am 5’8″ over 230 lbs around 15-17% bf I have a 4 pack. I have worked out for 7 years, 5 years consistently. You have to change you routine up and keep at it and eat eat eat. I would like to think that as a natty “bodybuilder” (I don’t consider myself a bodybuilder, I just workout) that I am a testament that you can get big naturally although not massive. It is up to the individual though, everyone has their own physiology and their own goal body. I am short though and do have good genetics but like I said everyone is different. My FFMI is about 30 which proves that FFMI is not an accurate measurement of a roider.
    you can pretty much eye 90% of the time when someone is on juice.

    1. TheFinisher

      Out of curiosity, what routine has worked best for you? as in, most size gains

      1. sweetloch

        To be honest man, I cannot nail it down to a single point but if I had to guess I would say my routine right now which I have been doing for a little over a year, but keep in mind I have gained fat which also makes it easier to gain and maintain muscle. I was skinny growing up, then I got muscle and I was always very lean up until now.
        My routine right now consists of working out everyday, I would like to think ab day is a rest day, so technically I workout 6 days a week. So for instance:
        Day 1 – Chest and Tri’s (Heavy day either 3 sets of 6 rep max or 8 rep max) 3 exercises for chest, then 3 for tris
        Day 2 – BAck and Bi’s (Same as above)
        Day 3 – Legs (supersetted with calves) and Shoulders (supersetted with traps) (also same heavy themed)
        Day 4 – Abs and usually cardio (Heavy like above)
        Then I do the same routine but it will usually be lightweight so
        Day 5 – Chest and tris (usually 4×15+ and I will focus on a Type I or Type II usually Type II because Type II which is explosive has more growth potential, but sometimes I will go really slow on the eccentric phase because that too builds) 3 exercises for chest 3 for tris
        Day 6 – Back and bis (same as above)
        Day 7 – Legs and shoulders supersetted as above
        Restart the week
        It all really depends on what your body feels, there are so many factors. I drink an ungodly amount of milk and eat a lot. My goal is to be massive and I have achieved my goal body which is basically bearmode/strongman. I’m pretty strong for natty, but I think for natties strength has a higher correlation with size than roid users.
        But going back to what workes best for me, like I said probably what I am doing now, but I have tried so many alternatives and build a great foundation mainly focusing on hypertrophy throughout my experience. I’ve done Starting Strength (no real gains but when I first started lifting), cardio (kills gains unless you know what you’re doing and keep it limited), I’ve done high volume (good for roids, not natties), I’ve spent like 2 hours in the gym (not necessary and a gains killer if you’re natty, you want to spend one hour max).
        Frequency is king for natties.

    2. Nake Fatty

      Not trying to rain on your parade, but there is very little chance that you are 15-17% Bodyfat weighing 230 pounds at 5’8 if you’re natty. Unless you have 9 inch wrists, huge ankles and a really wide rib cage, it just does not seem possible. You are most likely over-estimating your bodyfat percentage. There is a youtuber who has very similar stats as you and also claims 17% bodyfat and he is not “natural”. People have been telling him for years that he doesn’t look like he lifts, but he’s in denial.. Not saying you’re lying, I just think you’re underestimating your bodyfat like 95% of people do.

      1. twp

        Yep, good fat distribution trough the body and very muscular abs while flexed will be visible probably even at 20%. The only proper way to measure bodyfat is DEXA.

        1. SmallNatural

          Well then, post your pictures. I sincerely believe there are genetics freaks out there and you may be one of them, but I also do believe you underestimate your body fat levels. There is practically zero chance you will still have FFMI 30 naturally when you drop to very lean condition (say 7% BF).

          1. Nake Fatty

            I don’t think he’s arguing he’d be 30 FFMI at 7-10% BF, but even 30 FFMI at 17% is insane. I went to a calculator, plugged in 68 inches, 230 pounds, 17% bodyfat and it showed 29.4 normalized FFMI… even this, it said there was less than a half-percent chance of being natty… i.e. 99.6 percentile. So this is either super elite or he’s miscalculating his bodyfat… maybe a bit of both?

          2. SmallNatural

            I was under the impression that the observation “FFMI higher than 25 = most probably steroids” is relevant mainly for low body fat levels. Anyway, I agree that it’s insane, even if he would end up “only” 27 or so..

          3. Brett

            So he didn’t post his pics then, interesting.

          4. sweetloch

            I have multiple pics, like I would enjoy showing you guys the progression. If you want pics email me at:
            I have been really busy. For reference my great grandfather, my grandfather, and my dad have all worked out hard core. My great grandfather has a picture of him back in the natty days and he was huge. I wish I could find that picture. My grandpa benched 400 naturally at 18. My dad was on roids, but the other generations were not.
            Also I have a pretty good fat distribution as well, it mostly goes to my butt and lower back. But I also do lift heavy and after lifting heavy for years your body tries to support using heavy weights by placing visceral fat around your internal organs, so it almost gives me a sort of hgh gut look, but I still have abs. But if interested, shoot me an email.

  11. gayboy

    ALso for TruthSeeker I didn’t mean to post that same message on the other thread, you can delete one of them. I thought it didn’t post.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I love it.

      Rippetoe got triggered.

      1. Slaphouse

        I like how they cite Ed Coan as an example of someone who was short, over 200lbs and not fat while apparently not getting the irony of Coan being a steroid user. The SS crew/cult are all so dumb and fat and IMO a lot of them are using steroids. Funny ow they leave that out when telling others to eat 6000 calories a day. Also, Rippetoe is not aging well. He looks horrible and unhealthy. Why anyone would take nutrition advice from him is beyond me. I guess it’s just young / novice trainees who think he knows what he’s talking about only to find themselves wearing 45 inch waist jeans.

        1. twp

          Mark Rippetoe is looking like a regular taxi driver who haven’t touched a weight in 30 years.

  12. Hammerhead

    Your stuff is always great but anything about training can become redundant.. miss the irongangsta posts..

  13. umair

    thnaks to you i have unsubscribed all those fake natty fitness bitches

  14. Tex

    Can you do an article about some real nattys , im tired of seeing fakes, i would like to see a body that i can realistically attain cause right now i doubt even my own shadow.
    give me some hope.

    1. human crane

      eugene sandow is a great benchmark. Actually he is much bigger than people give him credit for and he rather didnt use steroids because they werent really there in his times

  15. Slaphouse

    Matt Reynolds, Nikki Simms etc. of Barbell Logic have left Starting Strength and started their own company. Rip just keeps burning bridges. Starting Strength Online Coaching no longer exists.

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