Underground Steroid Secrets Nobody Wants You To Know

On this site we have talked about steroids and primarily how effective those substances are when it comes to building muscle mass. However, there are a lot of underground secrets that very few people are actually speaking of. There are many hidden facts surrounding the shady steroid business. Here are some underground secrets that you need to know in order to have a wider perspective of the whole steroid game.


1. There Are Tons of Fake Steroids

As with everything in life you never know whether the label and the actual content correspond. The same holds true when it comes to steroids. It’s not uncommon at all the buy one type of steroids produced by a very specific company, only to find out that it is a totally different compound produced in someone’s underground lab a.k.a. muscle basement.

In general, the best kind of steroids are the legally made ones produced by known, licensed and approved companies. Those kind of drugs, however, are considered medicaments and require prescription. To get them you need a pretty good reason in front of your doctor and on top of everything those goodies are not as cheap as the ones sold by local dealers and other street chemists.

A frequent practice on which many underground producers rely is the use of one compound for all kinds of steroids. Those smart heads usually sell people all kinds of different anabolic steroids but put the same compound in all of them. To be quite fair, it’s a lot like making whey protein – different supplement companies buy their whey from the same place (usually cheese factories) but market it as something unique.

Another even more profitable scam is to sell underground anabolic steroids with no compound content at all. In other words, the buyer ends up paying for nothing. The substance sold to him is usually just oil and water. The results are nothing more than a shredded wallet. The good news is that if you spend all of your money on ‘air steroids’, you may get shredded like your wallet because you won’t be left with much resources to buy food. Nice, ah?

2. The Cheap Steroids Often Contain Heavy Metals Due To The Lack Of Control and Filtration

Well, there may be some attempts to make a car in a basement, but most of the time the final product is complete and utter garbage. The same happens when steroids are produced at ghetto labs.

Most of the dry insoluble active ingredients come from China. The underground manufacturers who have decided to buy cheap raw materials from there obviously don’t offer high quality products. It’s like everything else – what you pay is what you get. However, the negative effects of heavy metals are very subtle and it may take years to feel their negative impact on the organism.  Their accumulation could be dangerous to the body and can even cause organ failure and other harmful effects.

3. The Supplement Industry and The Underground Steroid Chains Could be Linked

The supplement companies technically benefit tremendously from people using steroids. The main reason is that it keeps the expectations of people and number of fart powder sales high. With that being said, some people who work in the supplement industry also work as underground steroid dealers. Rumor has it that this niche pays quite well and some big names are involved, but that probably doesn’t surprise anyone these days.

4. There Is No Such Think As Keeping Your Gains After A Cycle

Once you stop using steroids all of your gains made while you were on a cycle will disappear. Regardless of what people say once you remove the main cause of your growth, you can’t keep your gains. It’s like expecting to keep your salary after you lose your job. In which world is that possible?

5. Bodybuilders In The Past Were Just As Reckless As The Guys Today

Back in the day steroids were widely available and all big bodybuilding names were using the stuff. It was not uncommon to not even measure your dosage and just take D-bol pills like candies. Many want you to believe that in the good old days bodybuilders were more responsible but it’s not the case. The abuse was real even back then. Some bodybuilders were literally putting D-bol pills in candy bowls and leaving the muscle source on the chicken table.

Disclaimer: NattyOrNot.com does NOT support the usage of illegal substances. The content above is solely for informational purposes and is NOT written by a medical professional. The website is not responsible for any kind damages that may be caused by the uploaded articles – the very same way a knife seller is not responsible for the actions of his clients. Be wise – love yourself and your body.

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