Is Steve Cook Natural?

Steve Cook is an American bodybuilder/fitness model with tremendous muscular development. The majority of the confused teens on desperately want to have his body. But how do you get it? Is Steve Cook Natural? Can you get as big as him without using anabolic steroids? Well…{define natural}

1.Steve Cook is huge. 

By any standards Steve Cook is a big guy. According to his bodyspace on he has the following stats:

image source:

image source:

Height: 6’1″ (185 cm);
Weight: 208lbs/95kg;
Body fat: 5.8%;

As you can see Steve Cooks is as big as the bodybuilders from the Golden Era.

The legendary bodybuilder Serge Nubret was 200-217lbs in contest condition at 6’1″. If we assume that Steve Cook is truly a natural bodybuilder, this would mean that somehow naturals today have the physical development of steroid users. It’s safe to say that every IFBB pro under the sun has used anabolic steroids under one form or another. While Serge Nubret had one in a million body and genetics, he wasn’t natural and many people have reported his drug use. So, Steve Cook is as big as him just like that – naturally? yeah….

If you believe that, tell me how is the weather outside. Is it raining bananas?

2.Classic Photoshop look.

Unnatural bodybuilders look fool and dry, like they’ve been produced in Photoshop. Once you have some experience in the gym it’s pretty easy to notice who uses and who don’t. The ones who do look somewhat artificial. There’s something about their physiques that you just can’t conceive. It feels weird and it smells weird. It’s called artificial enhancement – just like you do in a Photoshop program.

3.Steve Cook is making the big bucks.

To get the big sponsors and the big contracts, you need to be competitive. In this day and age everything matters. You have to fight the guy next to you and if he’s taking steroids, you are partially forced to do so in order to stay in the game. Otherwise your profits will go down. In simple words – making big bucks in bodybuilding requires you to go all the way.

Why would Steve Cook be an exception? You don’t get a cover of Muscle & Fitness just like that. They don’t give it to everybody.

Think about it.

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