Is Sadik Hadzovic Natural Or On Anabolic Steroids?

Sadik Hadzovic is a fitness model who lives in the U.S. and has one of the most aesthetic physique you have ever seen. He is extremely lean, muscular and has a muscle pop that makes people turn their hands around. It’s understandable why men would want to look like him and women would want to experiment with him.

As with everything there’s a catch which is: How can you build such an amazing physique? Can you do it naturally with just protein powder, creatine and food rich in protein? Is Sadik Hadzovic natural or is he pinning like many other fitness models?

How big is Sadik Hadzovic?

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According to online sources Sadik Hadzovic has the following body stats:

Height: 5’11” – 180 cm;
Weight: 194 lbs – 86 kg;

This data alone makes our job extremely easy when it comes to determining the natural status of Sadik Hadzovic.

According to our guide for natural bodybuilders, which have proven to be true many times, a male at 5’10” would have a maximum bodyweight potential ending at about 177 lbs. This number is an estimation and is extremely hard to reach. It’s also for lifters who have about 5% body fat.

Sadik Hadzovic weights 194 lbs so he is about 15 – 17 lbs over our estimate which is a huge amount of muscle mass when you think about it.

Sadik Hadzovic is almost as big as Serge Nubret


At 5’11” @ 194 lbs Sadik Hadzovic is about as big as the former bodybuilder Serge Nubret from France who stood next to some of the best and was not natural. Nubret was about 6′ weighting in the range 200 – 217 lbs in contest condition. Isn’t it odd that modern fitness models are getting so close to the stats of bodybuilders who lived during the Golden Era? One day maybe the lower weight class of the so-called physique shows will consist of guys heavier than Arnold. This day is not as further away as you may think.

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The usual needle revelations: Photoshop look, 3D steroid delts, dryness…



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As you can see for yourself Sadik Hadzovic looks like his body has been composed in Photoshop and his muscle mass has a quality look to it that’s a little hard to achieve naturally. Being that striated and lean while having so much muscle mass would be a natural’s dream. Unfortunately, it rarely happens. Actually, it never happens but for the sake of suspense we say rarely.

If we took this guy back in time, he would be able to compete in professional bodybuilding shows. There is doubt that 30-40 years ago bodybuilders had similar amount of mass and were still not 100% natural. As we’ve always said: all the advancement in bodybuilding we see today has been achieved thanks to growth hormone, insulin and larger doses of steroids. It’s not training, it’s not nutrition and it sure as hell isn’t supplements.

You’ve been brainwashed, HARD!

Today, there are many truth deprived individuals who believe that achieving the above physique is possible for the protein powder only bodybuilder. However, when was the last time protein powder and creatine addicts truly got close to being 5’11” @ 194 lbs? To tell you the truth, even 185 lbs would be out of the picture for those guys.


  1. Mike

    Dumbbest fucking article I’ve ever read. I weigh 200 LEAN muscle mass prolly 7% and I’m 5 foot 8… 100% natural never touched any performance enhanchin or testosterone boosting substance EVER. people can easily achieve a physique like his if they work hard enough

    1. David

      LOL trust me bro, you’re not 200 lbs and 7%. Guaranteed. So many gym bros like yourself have a 6 pack showing and immediately believe they’re shredded af and 5% bf. If you think Sadik or literally anyone at the Olympia level is natural then you’re a fool. Nobody is saying they’re not impressive, or that it’s suddenly not respectable because they’re on drugs. The fact of the matter is, an Olympia level competitor (even the female athletes) are going to be on some non-natty shit. Get over it.

      1. Mario Zwingmann

        I’m 6′ 194, I Pro WFF sports model and never touched any steroids ever. It’s possible, I was muscular since very young and did since I have memory, today s diets n supplementation does play a role, and I tell u it’s possible, but not sure if he had not used it. Anton Antipov is a better candidate who might be a clean athlete😉

    2. JackTaylor

      Such a terrible article I’m only 16 and I’m 5′ 9″ weighing 172 ,10 percent body fat or lower. And Sadik is nowhere near as massive as serge was.

    3. Steve

      lmao fucktard. Why did you have to cap “lean” then say you’re at “prolly” 7% bodyfat?
      Typical gym douche who thinks he’s shredded?

  2. teen muscle

    it also depends on age teenagers have a natural high levels of testosterone that allows them to maintain a body with quality muscle mass, this goes away at about 30 so it is completely possible.
    for example I am 17years old 5’6 and weigh 175lbs at 7 percent body fat, also a vegan.

    1. Chip

      No, you’re most defintely not 5’6″
      175 at 7% body fat at 17 years old. And a vegan you say? Oh, this is hilarious.

  3. Phil heath

    I’m 14 330 pounds 5’4 and 3% body fat I’m actually phil heath so yes it’s possible all I eat are apples and chicken

  4. Trevor

    Hell im 5’9 194 and really lean, never touched anything and eat cake and hotdogs all day, been this dize since ive been 17. Im on instagram as giftedbeast if you want to see for yourself.

  5. bigpappa69

    Guys I am 5’2″ and have been natty all my life and have a 14″ pecker with 1% body fat and all I eat are stewed raisins

  6. Fuckoff

    Your a fucking retard. Just put a big disclaimer on your website thats says everyone is on roids, and my facts are fucked up.

    Serge was 6’0″ and 212lbs in contest shape. A whopping 18 pounds over sadik. That vascularity and dryness are results of proper contest prep. Something you obviously suck at.

    Why dont you spend more time in the gym and working on your diet instead of talking shit about everyone who makes you look like a pudgy little bitch.

  7. Greg

    idk I mean I’m about 5’11 but I am barely 160 and 10% bf it’s hard to bulk for me as an ecto I am shredded but want to put on some more mass.

  8. mattfeedyfit

    i’m 5’9 and 162 and like 13% body fat so i don’t know who to believe but i’m on Instagram give me a follow at mattfeedyfit lol

  9. Big tons

    He isn’t natural and barely anyone in men’s naturals is actually natural. He has time after time gained muscle and lost fat while still being at low body fat percentages. He’s not on tren but definitely some text .

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