Mr. Olympia 2014: Was Phil Heath’s Victory Deserved?

Mr. Olympia 2014 is already history, but it came down with it’s fair share of controversial moments. In general, does not care that much about this event, but this time the corruption and the overall unfairness reached epic proportions that just make you say:


1. Phil Heath Vs. Kai Greene

THE GrapeFruit will hunt Kai forever.

The battle between Phil Heath and Kai Greene started a few years ago. Kai Greene has always been considered the underdog while Phil Heath is ‘the champ’, ‘the gift’. As expected this year the two started fighting early – during the press conference.

As you can seen in the video Phil Heath was talking about his father and Kai Greene interrupted him  by saying that he never had a father. Phil Heath got real mad about it, but the truth is that he has always been a drama queen and Kai Greene had it much harder – going from one foster home to another.

What the cameras and the official videos will never show is how Phil Heath constantly attacks Kai Greene for his past. Back in the day Kai Greene was into porn and striptease. He is documented on video fucking a grapefruit and dancing in front of a male crowd. Therefore, whenever the cameras are not working Phil Heath is using ‘the grapefruit‘ argument. {for more information click on the word grapefruit – it’s safe for work, don’t worry}.

The truth is that in the eyes of the corrupt judges and sponsors Kai’s past is enough not to give him the title. It’s better to stick with Phil Heath and milk the naive crowd for money.

The position of is that people in general have done much worse things than fucking a grapefruit, and the placings of a bodybuilding show should not be affected by something that has happened years ago. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that Kai Greene had a much harder life with no rich parents to back him up. He did what he had to do in order to make ends meet and becoming a top bodybuilder without coming from money is much harder.

Prejudging {Kai wins but…}

During the prejudging Kai Greene looked much better than Phil Heath who was literally fading as the show went by. In the end he even got into a beef with Kai Greene. Kai was really mad that Phil was too close to him and confronted him. However, this was exactly what Phil Heath wanted. He wanted to provoke Kai Greene so that he attacks him and the judges separate them. Needless to say, it worked and Kai Greene and Dennis Wolf switched places.

That way Phil Heath avoided spending more time next to Kai because he knew he wasn’t looking good that day. The judges were also kind enough to quickly end the prejudging because it was clear that Phil Heath was regressing as the minutes were going by.

Phil Heath always stepping in front of the line

For those of you who don’t know, one of Phil Heath’s favorite cheat moves is to step in front of the line on the bodybuilding stage. This way he looks bigger in the eyes of the judges because he is closer to them, the crowd and the cameras. He’s been doing it forever.


As you can see in the image above Phil Heath (the first from the left) is in front of the line by a good measure. This image is from Mr. Olympia 2012. This year he did it again.


Clearly Mr. Heath and Dennis Wolf are over the line. Sure, it may look like nothing to you but on that level it makes a huge difference. Whenever something is closer you, it tends to appear larger. Phil Heath knows it very well and that’s why he does ‘bitch moves’ like that. The judges on the other hand let him do it, because they want him to look even more impressive in the comparison photos, so that people accept his win easily. Seriously, how hard is it to see that two men out of four are over the line?

If the champ is so good, why is he always using cheap moves like that?

Oh, wait…. 


2. Branch Warren keeps on getting them gifts

Branch Warren took 6th place and supposedly looked better than Big Ramy but this was not the case at all. The truth is that Big Ramy literally smoked Branch Warren and looked much better – bigger and more aesthetic. However, Branch is an old dog and ‘he has paid his dues’ while Big Ramy is a new guy to the scene. It’s seems that the judges keep on ignoring the fact that the contest is supposed to be judged not by how many years you have competed, but rather by how you look on the day of the show. The images reveal that Big Ramy was better than Branch Warren and deserved much higher placing.

4. Dennis Wolf keeps on getting them gifts

Dennis Wolf placed 4th at the Olympia even though he didn’t deserve it either. While Wolf has excellent V-taper he is missing the lower portion of his legs and his lower back is weak. However, just like in Branch’s case he has paid his dues and the judges allow him to place higher.

To tell you the truth Mamdouh Elssbiay a.k.a. Big Ramy got robbed. In our eyes he could have taken second place or even first. However, the judges will never allow a foreigner who doesn’t speak English to win it all. They want to have someone which can be used for marketing purposes and Big Ramy just ain’t that person.

During the press conference the crowd showed that it’s made out of close minded people. When Big Ramy started speaking in Arabic the uneducated morons started laughing. So, are we all supposed to talk in English? Oh wait, there are billions of people whose official languages are not English and Big Ramy is one of them. Unfortunately, the uneducated crowd thinks that all Arabs are some kind of terrorists or what not. Well, we feel sorry for you but big Ramy’s foreign language skills should be irrelevant to his placing in the Olympia.


In the image above you can see that Big Ramy essentially looks better (at least in the photos) than the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. Yet, he placed 7th and was robbed – just like the previous year. Phil Heath is a little better conditioned but  Big Ramy has 50 pounds on him, bigger arms, bigger legs, better V-taped and better mid-section. The calves of both guys are about the same with Phil Heath a little bit ahead. One is first, the bigger one is seventh? Makes sense?

In our eyes the Olympia placings should have been as follows {of course, it’s still subjective and people will obviously agree/disagree}

1. Shawn Rhoden {classic physique that flows the best}

2. Big Ramy {insane size and still aesthetic, not the best conditioning}

3. Phil Heath {great muscle lines but huge gut and too narrow}

4. Kai Greene {looked better than Phil Heath during the prejudging but came too flat for the actual contest}

5. Dexter Jackson

6. Dennis Wolf {would place him 4th or even 3rd but has too obvious weak bodyparts that haven’t progressed for decades}

7. Victor Martinez

In conclusion

Once again the whole Mr. Olympia phenomenon has proved to be nothing more than a travesty. The golden rule that the reigning champ is unbeatable holds true. The judges and the sponsors keep on pushing the same guys over and over again. They don’t judge the physiques – they judge the paper that a competitor can make for them.

It’s not a surprise that in this honesty deprived world money wins again. Well, thank you IFBB judges, we are looking forward to Phil Heath’s Instagram updates. Who knows, maybe one day he will post something other than his new sneakers which in reality are made by 10 year old children working for 1 dollar a day?

…or maybe our expectations are just too high…

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