Excessive Bench Press Arch – Illusion Of Strength

Since the beginning of time people have been so obsessed over the end result that they have forgotten to enjoy the journey.

In the sport of powerlifting that is represented through the use of lifting gear and other ways to facilitate the lifting of more and more weight which is the goal of the sport. Of course, there are rules but they can be circumvented quite nicely sometimes. A good example would be the excessive back arch people using for their bench presses.

Powerlifters arch their backs during bench presses in order to shorten the movement as much as possible.Tthe shorter the range of motion (ROM), the more weight one can lift.


However, is it worth lifting more weight when you are using such a stupid style?

The following of such ideology shows that we have not learned to live for the moment. We just want to flatter our egos with artificial accomplishments. There is a world of difference between a regular bench press and a 2 cm bench press.

In the video below you see a 13 year old girl under the name of Maryana Naumova bench press with a super excessive arch. That should not be done and just because similar shenanigans are considered ‘according to the rules’ does not make them acceptable nor pretty.

Believe it or not this girl would benefit a lot more from doing a full range of motion bench press than this moronic version of the lift. However, it seems that in this world the ego always wins and there are plenty of retards who support this perversion.


Does the bench press with excessive arch build as much muscle as the regular bench press?


There is no doubt that the excessive arch bench press does NOT build as much muscle mass as the full range of motion bench press.

When you bench press with such excessive arch you are using mostly your triceps and the delt and pectorals receive much less stimulation.

In order to hit the chest when you bench press you actually need to allow it to work.

Surprising, isn’t it?

So, what? Excessive arching is not against the rules?

Well, excessive arching could certainly be done without breaking the rules of the powerlifting federation of question. However, since when is doing something with no style so valuable?

You have to understand that many of the rules were are slaves to are only important in the fake human world. A good example would be the world of law and ‘justice’. Those are man made ideas and the most obvious evidence of that is that people who are in position of power get away with breaking many of those rules. They call it ‘Parliamentary immunity’.

People need to understand that there are rules which are far above our human made concepts. Those rules are called ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Just because something is ‘right’ in the human world, it does not automatically become ‘right’ in the real world. A good example would be all the wars currently being justified by bullshit excuses given by the ‘leaders’.

You may be able to convince ignorant individuals that what you are doing is correct, but that does not mean much in the end of the day and is most certainly a poor way to do things.

Is it cheating if everybody is doing it?

If everybody is using excessive back arching during their bench presses, that makes the situation even more stupid. The reason being is that the goal of excessive back arching is to gain advantage over your opponents. When everybody is doing it you might just as well reinforce a rule requiring everybody to keep the arch to a minimum. That will also create a level playing field.

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