Why the World Loves to Virgin-Shame Men (from a late bloomer)

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The societal web of unwritten rules has created a very hostile environment for virgins. Technically, both genders experience this problem, but the resentment is greater towards men.

Admitting that you’re a male virgin past a certain age, which drops every year, is akin to saying that you’re a sociopath of the highest order.

Most men would prefer to publicly state that they’re drug dealers than to reveal their lack of sexual experience.


1. Programming

We’ve been conditioned to hate our virginity and consider it a weakness and a defect. Consequently, people use virgin-shaming as a way to abuse others. The aggressors are familiar with the pain of the victim and take pride in knowing that they have already immunized themselves against this “curse”.

The secular entertainment, the corrupt educational system, and the lack of spiritualism in schools created a base for this to happen and boosted the engine behind virgin hate to a very high degree.

And since most of us have been raised by TV shows and lyrics deprived of higher intellect, our generations embraced the indoctrination without notable resistance.

The digital infrastructure connecting modern people today reinforced promiscuity among the youth even further and with it the mockery of virgins.

2. Oversexualization

“Sex is everywhere except where it belongs.”

Many years ago, when I was walking towards a fast food restaurant with a couple of my high-school friends, one of them asked me: “Have you ever seen tits?” I said yes and pointed towards the closest billboard. It was showing a half-naked woman. We laughed.

The omnipresence of conscious and subconscious sexual references turns sex into an obsession while simultaneously cheapening it. People are talking about sex all the time as if it’s the focal point of their lives and yet marginalize it by having multiple sexual partners and indulging in perverted frameworks.

3. Failure to Fit In = A Weapon in Society’s Hands

Virgin-shaming produces a special kind of delirium – it provides people with the opportunity to experience the joy of slaughtering those who haven’t met all social criteria.

And since sex is considered one of the greatest human practices, the strength of the weapon amplifies to phenomenal proportions.

Society tells us that originality and individuality are rewarded, but that’s a lie. The societal organism is very unfriendly towards those who don’t follow the cultural path accepted as normal.

If you don’t fit in, you will get ostracized, ridiculed and suffer an informal social death.

Why Do Men Undergo Greater Mockery for Being Virgins


1. Hating on Men = Approved

Aggression towards men is socially accepted. It is expected of you to just take it. If you fail to do so, you instantly lose your status as a real man.

When you add the detail that we live in times when masculinity is considered a source of evil, you get the perfect conditions for an environment favoring misandry.

The hate against men does not come solely from women. Men hate on other men all the time as an expression of their superiority. E.g., “I’m an alpha, you’re a beta virgin.

2. Men Have to Prove Themselves

Men face greater societal pressure because it is expected of us to prove our worth. The world won’t let you call yourself a man until you answer a large list with requirements many of which are heavily influenced by corrupt notions.

In other words, men have to become men whereas women are accepted as women by default.

In consequence, we face grave penalties when our performance in life suffers.

3. Fewer Repercussions (according to society)

One time, back when I was working in an office with imbalanced levels of estrogen, the women there unequivocally agreed that sex is easier to get when you’re a man. Their thesis hinged on the conclusion that men can just “hit it and run”.

That’s a possible scenario, but it doesn’t prove that men could get sex with less effort than women. It only shows that men may have an easier time running away from the repercussions.

This claim cannot be accepted as 100% valid because it’s not, but even if it was, it isn’t as closely correlated to a “low barrier to entry” as one may think.

Why? Because at the end of the day, the woman decides whether something will happen or not.

Men have a stronger sexual drive because we have lower chances of reproducing and face greater competition from other men. Thus, our preferences for a sexual partner drop to zero when we get horny. On the other hand, women have been gifted with the responsibility to decide whether a sexual act will occur or not.

Or in simpler words: it doesn’t matter how fast you can run away if you can’t get in, to begin with.

Ultimately, women are the gender that can enter a sexual adventure with ease.

4. Sex Is Used as a Measure of One’s Worth

Virgin-shaming hurts deeply because it suggests that virgins are inferior, low-value males. The insult is engineered to shake your faith in yourself fundamentally by triggering profound self-hatred and a feeling of inadequacy.

Why Are Women So Hard on Virgins?

The first thought that arises in a woman’s mind upon hearing that a man is a virgin is a simple question – “WHY?”

And if you’re past the accepted age for losing your virginity, the conclusion is that there’s something terribly wrong with you…that you are inherently broken or a “creep” of the highest order.

The reasoning is simple – if you were a socially calibrated high-value person, a woman would have already expressed sexual interest in you.

Women tend to gravitate towards universally desired men. When a woman sees that other representatives of her sex are interested in you, her attention increases. “Hm…there must be something about this guy,” she thinks to herself.

Due to this mechanism, a woman is more likely to be turned on by a hot bad boy orbited by other females than a loner.

In my high school, one guy took the virginity of several women. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

Why do women take such great pleasure in calling men virgins?

Women are the gatekeepers of sex. By labeling you as a virgin, they are telling you: “Pass denied.” This is their strongest weapon and consequently their greatest chance to insult you on a cellular level.

They assume that all men who are virgins are so by fate rather than choice, which is not entirely true of course and enjoy watching you suffer inside. In their minds, a man cannot exist unless he receives validation from a woman.

Why the World Wants You to See Virginity as a Sin

Have you ever wondered why the world is so concerned with your virginity?

Why are they bothering you? Why do they want you to hate yourself for being a virgin?

Several explanations come to mind:

1. Control

The system uses sex as a control tool. The modern world rewires the internal desire for intimacy in a direction beneficial to the program and puts men on the sex treadmill by convincing us that our lives would be wasted if we don’t maximize our sexual conquests.

If you try to abstain from that ideology, society shames you until you return to “normal”.

2. Destruction of the family unit

Sleeping around before marriage or afterward creates dysfunctional bonds. If you have slept with dozens of people, and your spouse has done the same, you wouldn’t value each other as much as possible.

I’d rather marry a Christian woman saving herself for marriage than one that has been with an unknown number of men.

There’s something sacred about sex that the modern world has seemingly destroyed, but sooner or later, the virtues worth respecting will return.

And since the system does not value strong families as they threaten the power of the king, the world pushes people into sin.

3. Dopamine

I’ve said it before and will say it again – the modern world is a sterile environment. We live in virtual realities and watch moves a.k.a. fake stories while playing the economic game.

Without pleasures loaded with dopamine, a revolution would take place tomorrow morning.

Sex serves as a source of adrenaline and dopamine too. In fact, it’s probably the best one. For that reason, we are encouraged to chase it even when the pursuit is detrimental to our souls.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a 25+ virgin. Should I tell a woman that I am a virgin before having sex with her?

In a perfect world, the response to this question would probably be yes. But my answer is – you don’t have to.

Why? Because women aren’t programmed to see your virginity as a sign of pureness; they consider it an indication of “weirdness”. Chances are that your excessive honesty will not be appreciated.

Some may say that you are obliged to tell her, but that’s not true. By omitting to expose your lack of sexual experience, you’re not putting her in danger unless you have an STD that you’ve acquired another way (blood contamination). But even if that’s the case, your responsibility is to tell her that you’re caring a virus, not that you’re a virgin.

Remember. No woman would provide you with a genuine insight into her sexual past. As they say, whenever a woman gives you a number, multiply it.

If that’s the case, why do you have to tell her that you’re a virgin? So that she can mock you? If anything, you’re the one more likely to get an STD unless she is pure herself.

I lost my virginity in my 20s without telling my partner that I am a virgin. I don’t regret it as she turned out to be a very mean person feeding me lies. However, had our “love” survived, I would have probably shared my secret with her one day.

And if you’re wondering, a woman would have a hard time decoding that you’re a virgin. She has no way of knowing unless you inform her. She can label you as “bad in bed”, but her powers end there. Even if you experience a “premature ejaculation”, the chances of which are low when you have sex with a condom, she still won’t know. In my case, she even orgasmed, although that was “luck” rather than the result of my performance.

Should I hate myself for being a virgin?

No. There’s nothing shameful about being a virgin despite what the world says. Nonetheless, sharing this information with many people could have a negative effect. People are mean. If you give them an opening, they’ll hit you.

Should I look for a virgin girlfriend/wife?

You can look for whatever you want, but at the end of the day, you’ll only discover what’s available.

Your chances of finding a virgin girl past high-school are extremely low. Women virgin-shame each other all the time and consider virginity a burden too. I’ve witnessed it. The girls at my high-school were literally trying to get rid of their virginity as if it was a cardinal sin.

In the perfect scenario, you’d meet the love of your life while you’re still young, and then you will both lose your virginity to each other after getting married before God.

Unfortunately, few people get to live such a life.

Is it my fault that I’m a virgin?

It could be. If you’re out of shape, never leave your house and indulge in anti-social activities, you are greatly reducing your chances of getting “action”.

However, many men are rejected not on the basis of their effort but due to their looks.

In general, the more attractive you are, the easier it is to attract women in your life.

As you get older, money becomes of higher importance too, but physical attraction is always the engine because we live in a highly visual world.

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  1. forossa

    The resentment towards men is greater in every aspect of life dude.

    1. JIM

      Social media is 90%+ to blame.

      Social media has set the human race back decades…

  2. Oldboy

    Getting marryed before God!? I prefer other imaginary friend. Maybe Santa Claus.

    1. Hoyos

      Know why there are no atheists vegetarians? Because they starve to death figuring out which to tell you about first,

  3. Andy

    Truth Seeker, can the jaw grow wider?

    1. Rob

      Or your imaginary friend ‘that everything magically happened from nothing because that’s apparently how science works’

      1. Brett

        Hey Rob,

        Bro don’t be to logical. It can cause confusion.

        What I don’t get is if we all evolved from chinpanzees then why are there still chimpanzees???? (Rhetorical question). Why did evolution skip some chimpanzees and not others????

        Hey truthseeker,

        Amazing artice. Wish I had read it many years ago.

        Me and a friend were walking on the beach once (long time friends) and we were talking about sex and females. I said to him I wish I was still a vigin. He said he wanted the same.

        Theres nothing cool about having had more than 1 sexual partner.

        If you reading this as a virgin, just know that losing your virginity won’t make you happy. True happiness isn’t derived from sexual interractions.

        Once you lost your virginity (your purity) its gone. You can never take it back. Cherish it.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t see how that would happen if you’re an adult.

  4. Edward

    The only system where both men and women benefit is a Patriarchy! No other fairy tale bs is going to make me think that marriage and the family unit could work! It’s not virginity! If you’re a virgin than take those $200 in your pocket and go pay for a hooker and problem solved! But in reality most virgins want to have this deep bond with their first partner and they want her to be special and if they can’t find that they label themselves as losers and a total failure in life! In reality that special someone doesn’t exist and most women are whores anyway. To find a virgin woman and to bond with her in a modern age like today is like expecting Jesus to come and fix your Debt problems! Women have always been like this and so have men but in a Patriarchal Society the family unit survives while in the current society the family unit dies and birth rates plummet at their lowest point ever. Now some might say it’s a good thing and some might say it’s a bad thing but in the end Western Societies will collapse demographically and be replaced permanently by other Patriarchal Nations like The Middle East and Africa! Stop living with fairy tales and just get rid of your virginity like all others did if it is such a big problem for you! If you don’t want to get rid of your virginity that’s fine and fu*k all other opinions because at the end of the day opinions don’t pay your bills.

  5. mattsk1

    I was a virgin till I got married at the age of 32. I was in the Miltary at the age of 19-24. Trust me. I know about virgin shaming.

    1. Silver Surfer

      Yep bro
      I lost my virginity at the age of 27
      I was also my first relationship, there is nothing to shame about

    2. Silver Surfer

      Yep bro
      I lost my virginity at the age of 27
      It was also my first relationship ever so nothing to shame about

  6. Swabbie

    Good article bro
    I was also brainwashed that you have to get your first laid in high school, but the truth is that wast majority of high school goers didn’t get any sex (many were simply lying about sexual experiences, and generally people like to lie a lot)
    Whole life you blame yourself that you miss bunch of opportunites and that high school is something like popular soap opera Beverly Hills, but reality is very much different
    Most of my generation lose virginity past mid 20s

  7. mattsk1

    Yea, I remember a doushbag from the Army braging about a Mom and Daughter Threesome and threesome with twin sisters. Yes this happens in porn. I don’t think this happens in real life often. Why would you want all that drama. One women is enough for me as a Married Man. Women hold more value to me as a companion then and object with a hole.

  8. Shadow Pinner

    For those that can, and are desperate to pop their cherry, there is no shame paying for this service.

    Not only will you get laid but you can also learn some skills and regardless of what people say prostitute’s are upfront and honest about this transaction.

    Guys out their who are socially awkward with females can actually spend some time getting to feel more comfortable around women.
    Most hookers have no real reason for deception once they’ve been paid so ask away and get ready to swallow some red pills.

    There is also the financal aspect to consider, factor in the cost of a few dates and it might actually work out cheaper, plus you are guaranteed to actually get laid.

    I mean there are plenty of greedy women out there, these harpies will literally date you just to get a free meal and then perform a disappearing act that would put Houdini to shame.

    Stay safe gentlemen.


    @Andy Growth Hormone can certainly enlarge the jaw if you’re going for the “Bruce Campbell look”!

  9. Chad Pencilcock

    I lost my virginity at Amsterdam red light district to a hot Polish blond in my early twenties. That same night I banged two hot Romanian women. I am so glad I did that. I think having paid sex is definitely great if you prefer being single or want to normalise the feeling of having sex with visually appealing women. But paid sex isn’t so enjoyable in general. The feeling of hunting a women for sex is much much better. I know you are inclined towards religion and spirituality but I just wanted to express my opinion.

  10. Fuck you

    Hahaha fuck off to red pill neckbeard. Fuck you, your god and the fantasy land inside your thick skull. Skullfuck it.

    1. Shane Mercer

      @ fuck you – Shoo shoo now little girl.. adult men are talking here . Go to mama, and ask her about all the blood in your panties and why you’re feeling all mad all of a sudden .

  11. Nova_Storm

    In the wnd it‘s up to luck. Just tell women, how luxky they are and don‘t hold back. There has been enough male and virgin bashing, instead we should bash lazy people, criminals, bad boys etc.

  12. Álvaro Pérez

    Women think sex is easier to get for men because:

    -They only have sex with alpha males, which have lots of women interested in them around
    -They only consider those alpha males when thinking about men related to sexual desire

    This is a thinking mechanism which is rarely present in men (even the most irrational male is capable of better rational thinking than the average female), but is absolutely pervasive for women, they don’t think of the world as cases and realities but as good and bad feelings. So when talking about sexual success, they don’t even think about lower valued men than alpha males, because they are only interested in those.

    Totally correct about women outsourcing their sexual desire to other women. They will fuck men just because they fucked many women, which is abhorrent from a rational man’s perspective, but their reason for it is like suspecting of an empty restaurant because it’s empty while another one in front of it is packed, they consider it as proof enough than one restaurant is better than the other. And again, for the rational men who are shocked of this: women AREN’T RATIONAL, THEY ARE EMOTIONAL. I feel the need to emphasise this because few men were able to understand this when I talked about it.

    And women only hate men who don’t conform to societal rules if those men are beta males non conforming to rules which increase women’s social value (like being obsessed of stopping being virgins by catering to every shit women would like to fling them). Two examples to explain this:

    -A visually alpha male (very tall, very wide, pretty face, blue/green eyes + blond hair or the opposite in rugged traits and dark hair and eyes etc…) who is virgin at 30 will look like cute to women, they will think he is a virgin by choice (because he had every chance for it) and they will feel excited of trying to be THE ONE who finally fucked him. This is because women throw every precaution out of the window when they perceive they got a chance with a high value male, like you can see in the amount of con men pretending to be rich or famous which scam women out of lots of money, while those very same women would reject a beta male for trying to pay only half of the dinner.

    -A visually beta male (not an alpha, but not an omega), who is virgin at 30 will trigger every defence mechanism in their heads, because they will consider it as proof of either him being physically dangerous (he could kill, kidnap, torture, rape… her) or socially dangerous (he doesn’t put women first, as every other beta should do, because that’s what betas are for).

    -And of course, for women, omega men (fat, short, ugly face etc…) are virgins unless they fuck whores. Women won’t even consider if those males are virgins or not except as a disgusting exercise like thinking of the taste of dog’s shit. There is nothing to suspect because those men aren’t in doubt of being sexual targets for women or not (alpha = always, beta = maybe, omega = never).

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