Is Tim Gabel Natural?

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Tim Gabel is a popular fitness model from Germany. At 18 years of age, he is still a teen, and yet the physique that he has developed would be respected in every gym he walks in.

Thanks to the constant growth of the fitness community, Tim Gabel has gained a lot of followers and popularity on the social network sites Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However, can a man really achieve a muscular development of that magnitude naturally? Can you be this big at such a young age? Can you do it? Let’s see.

1.Tim Gabel is only 18 years old

Tim Gabel has barely finished growing, and yet he has more muscle mass than many older naturals with more experience than him.

2.Tim Gabel’s shoulder and trap development scream steroids

The shoulders and the traps have the highest concentration of androgen receptors. As a result, those placesĀ are the first to blow up when steroids are introduced to one’s system.

Meanwhile, most natural bodybuilders have a really hard time achieving complete, 3D delts. Tim Gabel has that covered at a very young age.

In the photo below, Tim Gabel showcases a shoulder development that most people will never achieve naturally regardless of how hard they train in the gym. On top of everything, Tim Gabel has an insane conditioning and still looks fuller than life.

Is Tim Gabel On Steroids?

3.Tim Gabel is quite muscular for his height

Tim Gabel is about 5’7″ and weighs 175lbs. This is 25lbs more than the stats in’s guide for natural bodybuilders.

How on earth has an 18-year-old surpassed the limits by 25lbs?

4.Tim Gabel looks larger than life and composed in Photoshop


Let’s just say that Tim Gabel looks out of this world, especially for his age. Full muscle bellies, veins like a road map, super low body fat levels and an unreal size. His physique looks composed in a digital editor.

Final thoughts

It’s very unlikely that Tim Gabel is natural. There are too many arguments pointing in the opposite direction.

If he looks like that naturally at 18, maybe at 32, he will be as big as Ronnie Coleman without ever taking steroids?

Yeah, right…

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