The Manosphere’s Obsession with Testosterone Boosting and TRT Will You Gain More Mass If You Boost Your Test Naturally?

| by Truth Seeker |

Is this formula the saving grace of manliness?

The idea that modern men have the testosterone levels of a castrated mummy is dominant in the manosphere circle. “Get your levels checked asap!” is a common bro advice.

How can you boost your test?

There are two ways to accomplish this task – naturally and artificially. The natural way involves nutritional and behavioral changes whereas the pharmaceutical method relies on testosterone import.

In this article, I will expose both strategies for what they are really worth.

The Natural Way

The natty way includes the following:

1. Better nutrition

Foods loaded with sugar, estrogen and various forms of technological fodder have a negative impact on one’s testosterone factory.

2. Active living

The modern sedentary lifestyle (computer – car/bus – computer – phone-sleep) damages men’s testosterone levels.

Can you imagine what an ancient man would think of the current dynamics? To him, we would be as alive as trees.

We are all on autopilot – observers spending their time in a fantasy land supported by TV shows, music, sports and other endeavors that have turned us into professional watchers and listeners rather than doers.

The system, along with people’s compliance, has created a sterile human farm. The average life is boring and unfulfilling. People do jobs they hate and go to the mall on the weekend to get hypnotized by another dumb and predictable movie.

Activities that you are directly involved in, preferably outside, raise your testosterone whereas the role of an observer and a consumer puts you in a suppressed state.

3. No Porn and Masturbation

Porn is the norm. Most Google searches are sex-related. That should tell us something.

As kids, we didn’t have an easy access to sexual imagery, but we still found ways to get our hands on similar material.

Once my group of friends found an erotic magazine. We gathered and listened to a guy reading it as if it was an important manuscript. Today, people can just write whatever they want to see on their phones and have 5 trucks of terabytes to choose from.

The problem with porn is that it perverts your mind by allowing it to enter the common sexual consciousness which is full of sickness. Once exposed to it, it’s never the same.

Naturally, porn leads to excessive masturbation which in return makes you docile and content. But since you can’t cheat nature, there’s a gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction and self-hatred that stays with you for indulging.

Masturbation closes the loop of inactivity and simulation. The result is a man whose natural manliness is oppressed/medicated through the treadmill effect – you are running without going anywhere.

Does the natural way work?

Yes, it does. You can naturally increase your testosterone through nutritional and lifestyle changes. However, there’s a catch – you are not going to grow more muscle mass as a result of your higher test. If you are gaining muscle, it’s not thanks to your new exploding levels of testosterone – it’s the training combined with the extra calories and protein.

Once you become conditioned (the noob gains are gone), no amount of natural testosterone boosting voodoo will make a difference.

The Unnatural Path

This is the quickest and the most straightforward way to boost your testosterone. It comes in two forms – TRT and full-blown steroid mode (injecting for bodybuilding purposes).

The difference between the injecto way and the natural way is that the injections produce more muscle mass if the import is sufficient. Even on a relatively low dose of testosterone extra protein synthesis is catalyzed.


In order to experience the muscle building effects of testosterone, one has to increase his numbers to supraphysiological (insane) levels. Those stats cannot be reached naturally even if you are on a diet of bull testicles.

The natty dilemma is similar to the middle-class effect. Even if you go from a low middle-class income to a high middle-class income, you are still not a part of the rich men’s club. You are better off than many but not enough to experience the ultimate power of money.

What are the downsides of the two methods?

The natural way does not have side effects unless obsession takes places. Becoming a slave to your testosterone boosting plan can result in OCD and other forms of mania that will alter your mindset negatively. Other than that, the natty way is simply a healthier lifestyle. Its major downside, however, is the inability to trigger the muscle mass that many are after.

The negative aspect of the drug route is that it shuts down your testosterone production and catalyzes side effects such as acne, hair loss, gynecomastia…etc. The external problems do not manifest in all situations, but the suppression of natural testosterone applies to everyone.

Of course, the promoters will try to convince you that you can recover, but honestly, that’s a joke.

Recover to what? You will at best return to your previous levels. The recuperation period will be very long if you have been a steady user. You will feel melancholic, and your muscle mass will start to evaporate. The truth is that most TRT men stay on for life.

Why is the manosphere preoccupied with testosterone?

Men are constantly criticized and suffer a tremendous amount of oppression in a feminized digital world. Consequently, an opposition formed online – the manosphere.

The manosphere has two faces, however – that of a teacher and that of a salesman. You can learn a lot from other men who have more wisdom and experience than you, but the more you buy into an ideology, the more open you are to scams.

I am sorry to inform you, but many of the stories online are as real as people’s e-lifts – a reality in someone’s imagination. One may think that the Internet stimulates honesty because we can be anonymous, but the ego always reaches the surface. The never-ending online wars on social media and forums show that. There’s always an incentive to lie.

The most basic example would be the pick-up artist community which is also a member of the manosphere.

Here’s the truth – most of the videos online showing guys picking up chicks are:

1. Staged (hired actors, family members, friends)

2. Highlights (you are only shown the successful interactions which may be 2 out of 100)

This is the name of the game when it comes to approaching strangers. It can work, but the success rates are extraordinarily low when you account for the attempts. That happens for two major reasons:

1. You don’t know much about the person you are talking to.

2. It takes courage to approach women, but it also takes courage to accept an approach – courage that most women don’t have. Even if they are interested in you, they may reject you because you are a random dude putting them in a position they can’t handle.

Of course, the more attractive you are, the more success you will have because everything comes down to physical appearance. But even if you are a Gucci model or something, you are still going to experience mass rejections.

Yet many naive men pay for access to magic words which can allegedly get you an endless stream of women. This is the scammy face of the manosphere. The face that sells you dick pumps, fairy tales, beard boosting products…and of course, TRT.

Many guys in the sector swear by TRT. They say it has changed their existence completely – they do everything better as a result of the protocol.

While there are undeniable benefits to TRT, the overhyped promo could easily make you believe that without injections you cannot even be a man.

Articles such as “Why Your Test Levels Are Lower than You Think” are basically infomercials rationalizing and promoting steroid use. A struggling boy can get the impression that he has the body chemistry of a woman if exposed to similar material long enough.

In my case, there has always been something stopping me from taking steroids – a reflex asking the question why. Why should I take testosterone? Why should I sign a lifetime contract for injections? Why being me is not enough? I couldn’t quite buy the pitch so I kept looking.

That line of thinking led me the following conclusions:

1. TRT is a business

When is the best time to buy a house according to a real estate agent? Anytime.”

The same logic applies to the TRT clinics.

They have a huge incentive to diagnose you as a low-T man because they are dealers. Since very few men actually have optimal testosterone, almost everyone is a potential candidate for treatment.

2. Injections are an artificial solution

It’s been said that the previous generations of men had boiling testosterone. While I think that the test levels of retro men are blown out of proportion (they weren’t really that high), the differences behind the effect could only be cultural.

The test levels of old-school men were not as suppressed. That’s why they were higher, although it’s really hard to know the test results of previous generations because they were never tested.

What were the test levels of your grandfather when he was 20? Nobody knows. So, how can you be certain that he was the high-test horse the manosphere is telling you he was?

More importantly, you carry the genes of your grandfathers. You are them. Consequently, the forces behind the decline of testosterone cannot be biological or evolutionary.

Today, we can only have a comparison between old and young men. The conclusions are that many young men have test levels equal to or lower than those of their seniors.

So, what? Both are the same species after all. Both live sedentary lifestyles on average. Both are in the matrix. Why is this such a surprise? A young body that’s neglected can easily downgrade to impressive levels.

Ultimately, the TRT injections are treating the results rather than the causes. The cultural changes are still there. Putting every man over 18 on TRT because “you can’t possibly have optimal Tlevels in modern times” is not a solution but a sick joke.

3. Testosterone is a drug that you adapt to

There are many success stories written by TRT injectors who claim to have reached nirvana upon enlisting. They have more energy, the hardest boners ever, more courage, more muscle mass, more money as a result of brutal assertiveness and productivity, less drama. Everything is better. I am inclined to believe those reports, but there’s a hard question that follows:

For how long?

Do you really think that you will never experience low energy once you are on test? Do you really think that you will continue to feel the same for the rest of your life?

I am sorry, but that will not happen. Sooner or later, the novelty effect will wear off.

Your new high will become your baseline. You will be numb.

Who is TRT really for?

I don’t see a reason for young healthy men to be on TRT other than bodybuilding. What is the point? Steroids accelerate hair loss, hurt your fertility, nuke your natural test centers and make you dependent on your source. Honestly, TRT is for older individuals (late 30s) and preferably men who have already reproduced.

The ideal candidate would be a 40 something man with kids and a decent income. That man has little to lose from TRT in comparison to an 18-year-old reading “alpha” blogs and concluding that he has to inject in order to fix his dangerously low testosterone levels.

Modifying Yourself for Others

A lot of people say that they work out “for themselves”. That’s a lie. You don’t work out for yourself. I can easily prove it. Imagine that you are alone. There are no other people. No one to challenge you or judge you. No one to impress. Would you still workout? Would you still obsess over your physique? Would you still care about your six-pack abs and PRs? I know I wouldn’t.

Here’s the deal. Men lift for 2 main reasons.

A. Impress other men; intimidate other men; avoid being a target;

B. impress women to get sex

Longevity and whatever else you consider “for yourself” is not on the list. If you are honest for a second, you will admit that this is the truth.

Another truth is that most men use TRT as an excuse to take steroids and benefit from bigger muscles for the reasons above. The druggies will brainwash you into thinking that something else is the driving force, but that would be a far-fetched self-righteous rationalization.

The biggest reason for men, especially in the younger zone, to consider TRT is not “fatigue”. The main priority are the extra slices of muscles that the injections induce. Yes, that’s right motherfuckers. I know.

It’s time to ask the question again – if there were no other people, would you still do it? Who are you going to impress with your muscles? The lions?

What does that tell you?

Most of the things we do are designed to modify us and elicit specific feelings within the human society.

You are doing nothing for yourself and everything for them.

If you were doing it for yourself, you wouldn’t take photos.

If you were doing it for yourself, you wouldn’t refresh your profile waiting for the likes to climb up.

If you were doing it for yourself, you wouldn’t discuss other people.

If you were doing it for yourself, you wouldn’t look in the mirror.

Men who who claim to be building aesthetic physiques “for themselves” are no different than the women who dress like sluts “for themselves”.

TRT is a modification dedicated to the outside world. That’s a fact. As such, it is subject to criticism because the inner self may be against it.

The Manosphere’s Obsession with Self-improvement

It is expected of you to be constantly improving. You have to satisfy the criteria.

This has always been a common theme in the human world, but the Internet, namely social media, took the competition to unprecedented heights. You get to compete with the whole world now. Congratulations.

The manosphere is built around self-improvement too. It implies that you can get better. While improvement is possible and helpful in many situations when men find themselves down, it also begs the question – until when? For how long are you supposed to self-improve? The answer according to many would be forever. This creates a nasty feeling inside. Knowing that you will never be good enough is painful.

We live in a consumerist world. Eventually, even people become assets/products. Hence the term – SMV (sexual market value). You are a product, my friend. If there’s a better one, you will remain on the shelf.

I met a young woman while waiting for the bus. I remember being tired and carrying a backpack. I sat next to her and liked her right away. She looked captured in some serious thought process, so I just asked her – what are you thinking about? I guess she found me “acceptable”. We talked a bit and exchanged contacts. The next day we went on a date. Amazing romance, right?


At the end of the date, she asked me if I have a car. I have never owned a car and said no. Her face made a really weird grimace that she couldn’t hide. Her voice changed too. I immediately knew what’s up.

2 days later, she told me that she is “tired of men” and not “interested in communicating anymore”. She also informed me that she “was not actually flirting” and her behavior was no different than the way she treats “everybody else”. I was like – go fuck yourself, bitch.

Had I been a better product with a car, I would have had a higher chance to be with this precious creature. Whoever I was, was not enough for her to neglect the fact that I didn’t have a personal vehicle.

When men fail like that, they naturally try to upgrade themselves in order to become more likable.

The manosphere has blueprints designed to make that upgrade happen.

The only problem is that the requirements of the modern world and women are too high. Even if you follow the strategies, not everyone can be a 5-percenter. In fact, 95% cannot be.

There’s a point beyond which self-improvement becomes one of those cycles that are supposed to produce results but never do; a talent that never delivers.

The thought process has to change. You can’t spend your whole life thinking that you must become better. Somewhat ironically, once you adopt this mindset, you will actually improve thanks to the extra freedom and lowered pressure. You will be free from the endless feeling of self-dissatisfaction.

Here’s a list of actions and products promoted one way or another by the manosphere as a way to increase your SMV value:

1. Steroids/TRT – a way to become more robust and compensate for a smaller frame

2. Wardrobe/Style improvement

3. Haircuts

4. Plastic surgery

5. Money gathering

6. Penis enlargement

7. Skill development

8. Development of communication tactics better known simply as “game”

All of the above is primarily (as in 99%) done to attract women. And while there is no doubt that indulging in self-improvement will increase your value on the dating market, it takes a toll on your mental state. Constantly trying to “better yourself” instead of living is demoralizing.


1. Natural testosterone boosting will improve the quality of your life thanks to the positive lifestyle changes that it requires. However, it will NOT stimulate extra growth directly. You need to put your test levels into the orbit to make that happen.

2. It’s actually ok to have “sub-optimal” testosterone. If you think that you need to be in the optimal zone to do manly things, you are wrong.

3. TRT is designed for older males. Young men using it have more to lose, namely their hair and fertility. There are no guarantees that you will experience those consequences, but they are a real possibility and deserve a mention.

4. TRT and other forms of testosterone are a business, not a man maker. Just because they sell it, it does not mean that you need it.

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  1. T.

    Fluid and to the point write-up. I only wish a miracle happens and all the fake YouTube nattys get exposed who are fooling kids around.

    Ex-Body Builder for 4 years; now just a fitness enthusiast.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, T.

    2. jim

      advice to my children……avoid social media and the circus at all costs.

  2. Roland K

    Nice post as always, the story was a good touch. Keeps things real.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Roland.

  3. Sulla

    Your articles just get better and better. This one in particular has made me rethink a few things.

  4. CJ

    Whoever you are, you are a very enlightened individual. I cant find nobody that is as real and truly informed as you are. From fitness and bodybuilding to any other subject, no one quite sees it like you do, as far as the internet goes- or the media or whatever. This platform you have here is very special.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. 🙂

      But I can assure you that there are many more enlightened people.

  5. Nico B

    I like the progression of your article, from the problem to the solution and a synthesis of the issue to finish with.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Nico.

  6. Brett

    This article takes me back to my days catching the train home from college when I would eagerly await another nattyornot article on my old Nokia block phone. Thoroughly enjoyable and capable of enabling momentary escape.

    I think you might have encountered a gold digger. They’re a nasty kind that are best avoided. Hopefully you split the bill 😉

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Brett.

      We did split the bill. Everyone paid for himself. When that happened I was already past the nice guy phase.

  7. Drew237

    You’ re generalizing a ton you know that don’t you? lol I’m 40 something and I’m working out mainly to be able to live a normal life without joint pain etc… and so that I maintain a good posture because I tend to hunch a lot… Even if I was left alone on an remote island with nobody around I’d still workout because It woulda make me feel good. So no, not ALL men workout for the looks chill out.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      People are after the looks. That’s the most common motivation to workout. Sure, your love can evolve, but we all start for the looks and the bitches.

      1. joesantus

        Yep — most under-age-thirty guys’ primary motive for beginning to bodybuild is in order to make themselves more attractive to females.

        I began in 1972 at age sixteen for exactly that reason. During my forty-six years doing bodybuilding, it’s the primary reason I’ve heard most guys who mention why they started give for beginning and continuing bodybuilding.

        But, sure, for those who continue non-competitive bodybuilding for decades, motives change, or, other motives are added to the original primary motive. After age 40, some may no longer continue bodybuilding for their physical appearance, but in order to stay healthier. My primary motive for continuing to bodybuild at age 62 is STILL to keep myself looking as good as possible to women; but, now, additionally, I also bodybuild for health and fitness, to slow and offset the inevitable deteriorations caused naturally by aging.

  8. Lee Christof

    Another great article!

    Don’t feel to bad about the bitch. I used to live with a woman who seemed to worship me until I traded in my expensive leased car for a beater to save money and instantly noticed the change in her. A week later she broke up with me. It’s tough realizing the only reason someone is with you is the vehicle you drive but a great lessen learned about the modern American woman.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      The funny part is that if you confront them about it, they will deny it 100% and will actually believe their own lie. That’s how illogical they are.

      I call it the “present effect”.

      People say that they don’t want expensive presents, but they actually do. If you start to buy them more expensive gifts, they will treat you better. Try it this Christmas.

      I still don’t own a car because I want to save money from all the bills and actually prefer to ride a bicycle for the freedom it gives me.

      Also, I have never liked cars. I found them too complicated and redundant for the city.

      1. joesantus

        “… if you confront them about it, they will deny it 100% and will actually believe their own lie. ”

        LOL…and, unsurprisingly, the cognitive dissonance dripping from their subsequent processings and explanations of “why I broke up with him” can become so profuse it’s almost tangible.

    2. Zher0

      I was goona quote Drew. I´m on my late fifties and would workout left alone on an island.
      It makes me feel good and gives me self confidence.
      Yes I started the iron game for the looks and the bitches.

      As always worth reading you!!
      Keep at it homie!


  9. BicepsFlexKilla

    Can you write an article about SARMs? Thank you.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I have a small chapter on SARMs in the book Potential. I am pasting it here for you:

      The Truth About SARMs

      What are SARMs?

      SARMs [Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators] are relatively new drugs created to target the androgen receptor within a muscle cell. The main purpose of SARMs was to replace injections of synthetic hormones as a way of treating diseases associated with low testosterone.

      Understanding the Heart of SARMs

      To know SARMs, you first have to learn how regular anabolic steroids operate.

      In a nutshell, anabolic steroids pass through the membrane of a target cell and bind to an androgen receptor within it. This union alters the normal processes of the cell and triggers protein synthesis beyond the norm. To simplify the mechanism even further, you can think of androgen receptors as governmental employees receiving bribes to change the normal course of events. Not a very scientific comparison, but I know you will remember it.

      If steroids cannot interact with the androgen receptors, they lose their effectiveness completely. [If a man does not accept your bribe, the desired results cannot manifest.]

      Anabolic and Androgenic Effects

      Steroids have androgenic and anabolic effects. The anabolic outcome is desirable, for it represents an increase of lean body mass, recovery abilities and strength. Meanwhile, the androgenic reactions receive profound hate from the bodybuilding world because they induce the development of male sex organs and many side effects associated with anabolic steroids – male pattern baldness, acne, prostate enlargement and more.

      The main mission of steroid chemists has always been to develop a drug that is as anabolic as possible with the least amount of androgenic effects. However, a drug that’s 100% anabolic and 0% androgenic is just an illusion because you can’t have good without bad in this world.

      The conversion of steroids into other substances is behind many side effects. For instance, the 5α-reductases enzymes transform testosterone into dihydrotestosterone a.k.a. DHT [responsible for male pattern baldness, acne and prostate enlargement].

      The aromatese enzyme can also convert testosterone into estrogen. This is problematic because unbalanced levels of estrogen create unwanted results.
      The problems mentioned above gave birth to SARMs – drugs designed to be an upgraded version of steroids.

      Developing SARMs

      The idea for SARMs came from an already existing group of drugs called SERMs [Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators]. SERMs have one medical use – to treat estrogen sensitive cancers in women. One of the popular SERMs is called Tamoxifen Citrate sold under the name Novadex. Athletes injecting steroids have been relying on Novadex to control estrogen spikes as a result of anabolic steroid abuse for decades. The job of Novadex is to block the estrogen receptor and prevent side effects such as gynecomastia.

      The idea that well-engineered drugs can influence only pre-selected receptors was the main principle behind SARMs, which were supposed to work only on the androgen receptors.

      The big features of SARMs are:
      1. oral drugs
      2. nonsteroidal
      3. do not convert into estrogen or DHT

      Therefore, in theory, the side effects associated with anabolic steroids should not manifest in SARMs users. And yet the androgenic effects are there despite what the SARMs dealers say.

      If you are considering buying SARMs, calm down. SARMs are neither more anabolic than steroids nor free of side effects. Moreover, the current research is focused on people taking low doses that would be a rarity among muscle lovers.

      Remember this:

      1. All SARMs are still experimental drugs. They have never been approved for human use globally.

      2. The distributors of SARMs are ignoring patents owned by drug companies and thus breaking the law in several areas. This leads to the conclusion that the distributors of SARMs are dishonest men trying to monetize the hype.

      3. A group of scientists purchased SARMs from a website and found 15% impurities in the product. This is a clear indication that the drugs were made in a poor laboratory. Large pharmaceutical companies don’t do that. They may be manipulative and evil, but at least, they don’t allow impurities in mainstream drugs.

      4. SARMs cause many of the side effects associated with steroids while being less anabolic. [They suppress your natural testosterone production even at lower doses.]

      5. Big pharmaceutical companies are still not selling SARMs officially.

      6. SARMs are not supplements and whoever says otherwise is a liar and/or an idiot. SARMs are drugs.

      7. 99.9% of the people who say SARMs are the greatest thing ever sell SARMs themselves.

      8. SARMs are more expensive than steroids made by a pharmaceutical company.

      9. SARMs can cause gynecomastia just like steroids.

      10. Many SARMs are fake.


      Lavery, DN et al. Structure and function of steroid receptor AF1 transactivation domains: induction of active conformations. Biochem J. 2005; 1(391, Pt 3): 449-464

      Mario Thevis and Wilhelm Schänzer; Center for Preventive Doping Research—Institute of Biochemistry, German Sport University Cologne, Am Sportpark Müngersdorf 6, 50933 Cologne, Germany.; Targeting new performance enhancing drugs in doping controls: Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs); [link]

  10. lolsomanylickass

    Any scientific source for the claim that increasing your natty test wont change your muscle building ability? Its contraintuitive to me – if I have 300 test now then having 900 must be an improvement – maybe it will increase growth from 0,001g to 0,003g but its still a difference worth making

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yes, there is.

      Look around at the dudes buying the test boosters.

      Then look at the guys taking steroids.


    2. dianabolthebreakfastofchampions

      Of course it changes. There was even a study about two or three years ago that showed that men with higher testosterone levels within the normal range had more lean body mass and less fat than men at the lower end. I also read somewhere that for every 100 ng/dl you can potentially build like one more pound of muscle, but don’t remember where I got that. Anyway, the point is that there is a relationship between testosterone levels and muscle building ability even within the natural levels. The problem with testosterone boosters is that some of them don’t work and some of them don’t work permanently but only for short periods of time. But they can be useful after cycles.

    3. joesantus

      This might put the effects of natural versus exogenous testosterone in perspective for you:

      A weekly does of about 400 mg of Testosterone Enanthate can raise an adult male’s total testosterone level to over 3,000 ng/dL — yet, experienced bodybuilders will advise a beginner-to-steroids to dose with at least 500-600 mg/week in order to gain even moderate muscle increase (competitive bodybuilders are typically dosing with well over 1,000 mg/week cycles).

      Meaning, significant muscle gains don’t happen until a man’s T level is well above 3,000 ng/dL — compare that to even the hypothetical 900 ng/dL which natural testosterone boosters MIGHT achieve. Increased growth due to T levels rising 600 ng/dL, from 300 to 900 ng/dL will be insignificant or even imperceptible. Significant muscle gains don’t normally occur until T levels rise by thousands of ng/dL to above 3,000 ng/dL.

      1. dianabolthebreakfastofchampions

        I am talking about natural testosterone levels, not exogenous. And I found the study So it’s not insignificant or imperceptible if you raise your T from 300 to 900. By the way, people wouldn’t make gains on TRT, which is like 100 mg, if it doesn’t matter. But I get it, I understand why people like to believe that. Now, I am not saying it will be like 20 pounds difference, but a few for sure.
        And who told you that you won’t make significant gains without 400 mg? Have you ever done a cycle in your life? Because my first cycle was 250 mg and I can tell you that all those stories are just bs and excuse for morons to take more. But believe whatever you want.

        1. joesantus

          A few might make significant gains on 100 mg/per week TRT, but that’s not typical, especially for anyone who’s already been resistance training progressively and consistently for at least two consecutive years. My own example: I’m age 62, began bodybuilding at age 16, so been at it now for 46 years. I’d been lifelong drug-free until age 58, when, after noticing symptoms of lower T over a couple of years — in my case, poorer recovery between workouts, loss of strength, and lessening of libido despite no change in workout protocols, nutrition, nor sleep — I discovered my T level had fallen from its norm of about 780-800 to 550. I’ve taken 100 mg per week of prescription test cyp ever since, and my T level now runs about 1050-1100 ng/dL (LabCorp Reference Interval). However, after four years on that prescription dosage, while my recovery, strength, and libido were restored, I’ve gained ZERO additional muscle mass from what I carried when my T level had stood at 550, despite my current level being a 500 ng/dL increase from my low period of 550 ng/dL.
          When I do increase calories (which I annually do from Oct 1 to Dec 31), I gain only bodyfat. My bodyweight and BF percentage are the same now after four years of TRT as they were before TRT.

          So, sure, I am aware of a few guys gaining significant muscle mass (sometimes 10 lbs are claimed) on 100 mg/per week of TRT, but, that gain, as far as I am also aware, is the exception not the typical for anyone with prior consistent training duration.

          I stated “significant gains don’t NORMALLY occur until T levels rise…above 3,000…” and so requires doses 400 mg and higher, because I do personally know at least one exception to that normal — one of my daughters has a longtime partner who is a powerlifter who also can get significant gains on merely 250 mg. of test enanth per week. But you and he are atypical as far as how your genetics respond to T — for most guys to get the kind of significant gains this article implies requires twice that per week. How much muscle mass did you gain on that 250 mg/week?

          The study you linked, I can only access the abstract so far. That males with higher T levels carry more lean mass is well-established by other studies, but , how much that lean mass varies between males within the physiological normal T range set by genetics – and, perhaps more pertinent to our discussion — how much if any lean mass is added when a male whose genes set him at the lower end has his level raised to the upper end, is not available to me in the abstract. Do you have access to the full study data? If so, can you post it here?

          I suppose the “300 to 900 by natural T boosters” hypothetical is pointless anyway, since no natural T booster I’m aware of is potent enough to raise T level by 600 ng/dL. I’d take exogenous T to raise it even that much, as far as I’m aware (but correct me if I’m mistaken).

          1. joesantus

            Ooooppppss…a correction to a typo I made — that last sentence ought to be, “It’d take exogenous T” not “I’d take exogenous T”.

    1. 3U665

      If masturbation can make my test level rise, provided all the times I have ever jerked since then, I would be a Super Saiyan right now.

      1. Joseph

        Again, the point is that testosterone cannot be meaningfully increased naturally. But jacking off doesn’t have adverse effects on one’s testosterone, either.

        Truth Seeker (or whatever he calls himself) is a dude who’s either right on the money about things or is so far off you have to wonder what kind of drugs he’s on. There’s not in between. Like, he’s right on about not being able to appreciably increase testosterone naturally, but says stupid shit about jerking off having adverse affects on testosterone levels.

    2. swabbie

      I am not vegan, but story about soy raising estrogen level (and lovering testosteron) is bullshit, there are also some studies that confirmed that
      As for masturbation it’s true – I noticed when I had sex or masturbation on daily basis that I got a hardon almost every morning

  11. Jacob Søholm

    A very nice article!
    You put into words what I have been thinking for a while. One should definately strive to maximize one’s testosterone levels as it simply requires having a healthy lifestyle; eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, reducing stress as much as possible, getting outside, not smoking, drinking less, lifting weights and doing other ohysical activities that make you huff and puff, having lots of great sex, losing bodyfat etc. Having the highest testosterone levels that your genetic make-up allows for is simply a marker of great physical and mental health – correlation, not causation.
    And while I agree that where your testosterone levels are within the normal range in all likelihood doesn’t matter much (if at all) for muscle growth, the process of getting higher test levels probably does.
    Concerning TRT I think it should be just that. Replacement of a true medical deficiancy of testosterone, not a optimization of normal levels.

  12. Truth Giver

    I love your style and most of your content.

    In this particular write up, it appears that you contradict yourself a tad with regards to the ‘modern male’. The fantasy portryal of the ancient man, eating protein, hunting and fucking is just ridiculous.

    When they ate, they ate what they could. Hunting isn’t some immpossible task, grabbing a fish or spearing a deer isn’t some major workout. They fucked when they could to create more offspring because they lost 50% of them before they were born.

    We need to educate people on the realities of modern and ancient life.

    In my mind TRT is the breast implant for men.Thats all it is. It has risks, isn’t the end all be all and comes with absolutely no guarantees.

    I also think your view of the world is still a tad myopic.

    Women aren’t only attracted to money, looks or tangible traits. Just like men aren’t. Kindness, connection and personality go a very long way. Physical attraction does serve as the jumping off for many, but when you ask most married women’s what it was that really sparked the relationship it has to do with the aforementioned subjects.

    Humans are not numbers, cannot be boiled down and summarized in 2000 words or less and are not definitive in any meaningful type of way.

    So I think when you corelate and conflate muscles, physical appearance and attraction into one, you are doing yourself and your readers a disservice.from.that perspective.

    Again, I love your content and love that you are seeking ways to enducate the world on this very important topic, my encourgment is to not forget that most women are not concerned with your muscles and that what most men that are focused on them are missing out on is that while the gym bros are lifting, chugging and reading about fitness online. Their non-gym bro competition are out there developing relationships, skills and personalities that are far more attractive that anyone “body” will ever be.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      By looks I don’t mean muscle mass but rather facial aesthetics, height and frame. Muscle mass helps but is not as important as the rest.

  13. marlon

    “Women aren’t only attracted to money, looks or tangible traits.”

    Oh my.

    Where are all those unicorns to be found?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I would rather believe my experience and it says that this is exactly what they are attracted to despite denying it.

      They will deny it to their death, but their actions reveal it very clearly.

  14. poor man

    fuck testosterone I’m only 21 and started losing my hair since 19

  15. swabbie

    My (thankfully!) ex girlfriend left me, because she thought that I couldn’t provide her with enough money for an easy living without too much work or strain (whatever might that be)

  16. Alex

    Very synthetic article.
    What is your opinion on cosmetic surgery for men, e.g. jaw enhancement or cheek implants?

  17. marlon

    “What is your opinion on cosmetic surgery for men, e.g. jaw enhancement or cheek implants?”

    It will be difficult for people who knew how you used to look to adjust to it.
    If you do it you may have to move to somewhere no one knows you for a fresh start.

  18. Creag_Bozz

    I like the point you make when you ask if you would do something you are doing if alone. I remember when you made it about tattoos too. It is true, not many people would get tattoos or work out if they were in isolation. But then, what would you do if you were alone other than be depressed and go crazy. Everything we do seems to relate to other people. Would you carry on posting articles if nobody responded? Without human feedback any action would be seen as pointless.

    Apart from primary needs (food/water/shelter) it seems we desire reinforcement from other humans. It makes us feel good and gives us worth. So to be fair impressing/intimidating/attracting others is just to feed our own ego. Unless you’re an enlightened Buddhist monk then simply existing is not enough. The people I’ve known who are truly cut off and alone (middle of nowhere/no internet either) have gone insane once their basic needs have been met and become schizophrenics. It seems we live to get feedback from other, even if it’s bad feedback.

    I wonder if Is the answer to live without ego? I have suffered from social anxiety all my life. The reason for it is my huge ego if I’m honest. The fear of my precious ego being bruised is too much to cope with and I got to the point where I’d avoid any situation that might make me feel bad about myself. But would it be better living without any ego? Just not giving a fuck and going around doing and saying what we wanted? Maybe. But we would probably insufferable to other people.

  19. Fabrizzio Lerma

    Great article, as usual. Could you write an article on dieting for naturals who want to achieve 10% body fat or so? Not only how to get there, but how to maintain it over time. It would be awesome to know your thoughts about that.

  20. Oldboy

    Have i ever told You the definition of insanity?

  21. MB

    Great article. There should be a Holywood blockbuster documentary that explains this all to a wide audience. Or a movie about what would happen if suddenly bodybuilders / magazines / supplement brands weren’t capable to lie. I think that would be a great movie.
    Some questions:
    What is OCD?
    What is the difference between using steroids and TRT? Or is it the same?

    1. joesantus

      “What is the difference between using steroids and TRT? Or is it the same?”

      TRT is “Testosterone REPLACEMENT Therapy”…meaning, as a medical tool used by doctors, it’s purpose is to REPLACE the testosterone which a person’s body is, for some reason or another, no longer adequately naturally producing. The purpose is restoration to healthy, normal physiological testosterone levels. For an adult male, that means a prescription dose (in the US, typically being 100 mg of Testosterone Cypionate injected once per week) purposed to keep his total testosterone level about 750 to 1000 mg/dL maximum (which is under the limit for normal physiological range of men’s testosterone). TRT is not prescribed to raise a man’s T level ABOVE the normal limit. TRT might raise a man’s T level to a higher level within the normal range than his naturally was IF his genetic normal was in the lower end of the normal range, but a doctor won’t use TRT to deliberately elevate his T level above the limit of the normal range. TRT is usually for older men — aging typically causes a reduction in the amount of T a man’s body produces, so the point of TRT is to restore an older man’s T level to what it was in his prime. Reduced T can cause an older man to experience reduced libido, loss of energy, loss of strength, loss of general recovery ability, and loss of muscle mass, among other problems.

      Testosterone Cypionate is an anabolic/androgenic steroid, so, yes, TRT uses steroids. In that way, TRT is the same as any “using steroids”. However, if used the way intended, TRT isn’t designed to raise anyone’s T level above the normal limit.

      In contrast, those using steroids to add substantial amounts of muscle do intend to raise their T levels to FAR above the normal limit. In contrast to TRT’s weekly dose of 100 mg, they commonly take dosages beginning around 500 mg per week (and sometimes later dosages of 1,000 mg per week or more). The total testosterone level of a steroid user taking even 400 mg per week exceeds 3,000 mg/dL compared to the TRT user’s 750-1000 mg/dL — meaning a “steroid user” has a T level three times and more higher than on TRT.

      So, TRT is “using steroids”, but it’s purpose is far different. TRT is meant to replace the testosterone that’s no longer being produced naturally, in order to RESTORE normal healthy T levels, usually in men over age 45. The steroid use you’re thinking of is meant to provide amounts of testosterone and testosterone-derived anabolics that are never naturally produced in that amount by anyone’s body, in order to far EXCEED normal T levels.

      1. MB

        Thank you.
        After thinking about all this, you start realizing that there must be a lot more steroid users than what I thought a few years ago.

  22. Matt

    The Chair of Self Care/Natural Hormone maximization; Leg 1: Food Leg 2: Exercise Leg 3 Sleep Leg 4: Mental Health
    One leg missing or short handed the whole chair is unstable but able to stand. Two or more legs missing the chair will fall (Poor Hormone Production).

  23. matt

    Looking at Porn and Masturbating is a form of self-medicating to deal with painful feelings one wants to avoid. It is not much different that alcoholics and people hooked to drugs, food, looking at themselves at the mirror all the time, getting pissed off really easily , being passive, avoiding, over talking, etc… Basically people are still dealing with repressed memories of things that were said to them or done to them that hurt them. They want control over it but feel helpless because they are in a cycle of doing the same things over and over. They get depressed and/or anxious and look to porn, alcohol, drugs or whatever to escape the negative feelings. Processing negative feelings to find out if they are rational or not and talking about them to trusted friends helps more with that along with other healthier coping skills such as meditation and being outside. Taking medication from a Psychiatrist can be helpful when needed. The worst thing is to stay in denial and continue to hurt yourself and possibly others. I can’t imagine someone who is depressed or anxious all the time as having high levels of testosterone.

  24. Dr. Arthur J. DiAntonio

    TS, It is enjoyable to read the “back and forth” that generously occurs in your comment section. I have purchased all your books and firmly believe that it is the least amount of money spent on captivating content. Stay strong my friend ! Dr. Arthur J. Diantonio

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it.

  25. Sudarshan

    I disagree with your argument about whether someone does it for themselves.

    “If you were doing it for yourself, you wouldn’t look in the mirror.”
    Only you see yourself in the mirror.

    You can do something yourself and take pics to track your progress. If you dont put them on social media, are you still doing it for others?

  26. WIlls

    “I am sorry, but that will not happen. Sooner or later, the novelty effect will wear off.

    Your new high will become your baseline. You will be numb”

    This is the part I struggle with… I had chronic pain in the past. I tried drug after drug, and found one that helped. It didn’t even make it the pain go away, but it made my life easier. The “novelty” never wore off. I had a problem, and the drug helped that problem….

    TRT is like that for many men, it solves a problem with little downside.

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