Is Omar Isuf Natural Or Another Steroid Junky?

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Omar Isuf has one of the top YouTube fitness channels with over 200, 000 subscribers and counting. He is very strong and carries a decent physique. However, is Omar Isuf really natural or just another steroid junky? Let’s see.

How big is Omar Isuf?

According to Omar Isuf’s Facebook page and YouTube videos, he is about 5’9″ -175cm @ 182lbs – 82 kg. Those are some pretty decent stats. For instance, Frank Zane was 5’9″@185 lbs and won the biggest bodybuilding competition, Mr. Olympia, three times.

However, there’s a catch – Omar Isuf’s body fat is not 5%, and he is not water depleted. I didn’t find accurate information about Omar Isuf’s body fat, but judging by the pictures, it looks about 10-12%.

This means that at 5%BF he will weigh approximately 158lbs-167lbs. This particular number is really hard to determine because it’s always less than what the math says. That’s why I provide a range.

Conclusion: Omar Isuf’s weight at 5% body fat and after water depletion corresponds to the data presented in’s guide for natural bodybuilders, which puts a 5’9″ male at 163lbs. However, keep in mind that this number is for people with above average genetics. Very few individuals can get there.

Omar Isuf’s transformation was slow

Is Omar Isuf Natural Or Another Steroid Junky?

Omar Isuf’s transformation took over 3 years, which seems believable since true natural bodybuilders grow slowly, unlike steroid users who blow up fast in a matter of months.

For the Most Part (but not all) Omar Isuf Does Not Have the Photoshop look

Omar Isuf doesn’t possess the magical steroid look common for the majority of the fake natural bodybuilders. In many photos, he appears flat, watery and does not showcase an extreme sharpness and dryness. That’s a massive bonus in our book since Omar Isuf shares a trait of a true natural bodybuilder.


Some photos point in the other direction. The transformation below does not appear natural at first glance. The overall look in the after photo screams Photoshop and showcases a larger than life appearance suggesting the usage of performance-enhancing drugs (PED).


Lifetime natural? Not sure if serious….

Conclusion:  If you have good genetics for bodybuilding, you can achieve a physique similar to Omar Isuf’s naturally. Nonetheless, will never go as far as saying that Omar Isuf is 100% lifetime natural because in some photos his physique looks achievable naturally while in others it’s obvious that something’s going on. Photos like the one above are a little hard to accept as “natural”.

Furthermore, Omar Isuf’s strength has reached epic peaks. His three mains lifts (bench, squat and deadlift) are borderline elite level for his bodyweight. Therefore, I won’t be surprised if Omar Isuf is not a lifetime natural.

Probability of being natty – 2.4 out of 5.
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  1. Hamed

    Bro if Omar can be considered unnatural, then u may as well give up on training. Come on man. I’m a lifetime
    Natural and I’m
    Bigger than Omar

  2. Johannes

    Seriously, is this a joke?

  3. Marod

    You should check out his weights rather than physique. The body Omar Isuf has is 100% achievable naturally. That’s without any doubts.

    That said, he benches almost twice his bodyweight, squats 2.7XBW and deadlifts 3.1XBW. Those are pretty big numbers. He’s also still making considerable gains after 6 years of weightlifting, which is already suspicious. Just two months ago he did an overhead press PR of 1.26BW – 226 LBs while being 178.

    I don’t know. Something ain’t right here.

    1. jason

      ikr he’s not that huge. I know casuals that are naturally bigger than Omar, yet none of them can deadlift +3xBW or bench press 2xBW. But on the other hand I’m ridiculously skinny and rather on the low end of the genetic lottery. My deadlift PR is 2,2BW and squat is just under 2xBW, so there’s a slight chanse that a strength genetic freak can lift Omar’s numbers.

      1. Marod

        Even a “strength genetic freak” is unlikely to lift 3.3XBW deadlift completely naturally. I mean Omar has just scored 600 dead on his TENTH year of lifting and somehow the delusional morons that comprise his fanbase still believe he’s natural. For crying out loud, you can’t naturally break PRs after PRs on your 9-10th lifting years, hell you would be lucky if you make any gains after sixth year.
        I finally decided to unsubscribe from Omar’s garbage channel. Enough is enough. 600 lbs deadlift is an elite lift, more so for a below-average genetics guy like Omar. Adding in his other elite lifts, his propensity for lies, paid supplements and training programs and shamelessly recycled matrial, he is just another fitness scam. Natural bodybuilding is DEAD.

        1. Johannes

          Are u serious? I was deadlifting 2.8X bodyweight at 15 years… Sad that you don’t think it’s achiveble natrually?

          1. Rod

            You seem to be proving Marod’s point.

            What does 2.8x at 15 years have to do with 3.3x at 10?

            You’d have 50% more time than he has and you’re lifting drastically less. For every 100 pounds of body weight, he’s lifting 50 pounds more than you.

          2. Johannes

            I meant that i deadlifted 2.8X bodyweight at 15 years old, not 15 years of training

          3. Joe

            ahh why are you even deadlifting at age 15?

      2. Suraj

        To give you a further perspective, the author of Starting Strength, Mark Rippetoe, has squatted 600lbsx3 in a single-ply suit at the bodyweight of 220 lbs-100 kg. This is a 2.7 bodyweight squat done with the help of powerlifting gear. He has also admitted to steroid use and is not a lifetime natural. In addition, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best squat was 470lbs.

        Jonnie Candito and Omarisuf squatting 2.7 – 2.8 BW is very suspicious. They are one of the few guys I believed in when it comes to lifting. RIP Integrity

        1. Eli

          Mark Rippetoe sucks dude. You can’t get strong probably because you wasted your noob gains on his garbage program. To be powerlifter on steroids at 220lbs he should of been in the 750 to 800 range. Arnold trained purely for hypertrophy not strength. A 470 squat is attainable in a few years naturally. Smaller weight classes are always going to be stronger lb for lb. Look at the best powerlifter from smallest to largest weight class and youll see. A 150 lb lifter has an easier shot at getting a 450 squat than a 300 lb lifter has at getting a 900 lb squat.

  4. Rafael

    If even this guy is not natural or if you need to have elite genetics to be like that natural then I suppose I’ll give up trying to be natural and start gearing, at least a TRT.

  5. Matt

    Omar freely states that he plays around with supplements. He’s not that far beyond totally believable. While creatine might not do it, I’ve heard there’s “supplements” that really toe the line and are more like PEDs light. Plus I believe this is his full time job thanks to YouTube et al which is a huge benefit over lifting after work at a real job. If we assume he has perfect proportions for the lifts then he probably represents the natural upper limit with heavy use of supplements that fall into the natural status gray area. I’m pretty sure things like DHEA are banned by WADA but sold like supplements and he may dabble in something in this area.

    1. Eli

      Mark Rippetoe sucks dude. You can’t get strong probably because you wasted your noob gains on his garbage program. To be powerlifter on steroids at 220lbs he should of been in the 750 to 800 range. Arnold trained purely for hypertrophy not strength. A 470 squat is attainable in a few years naturally. Smaller weight classes are always going to be stronger lb for lb. Look at the best powerlifter from smallest to largest weight class and youll see. A 150 lb lifter has an easier shot at getting a 450 squat than a 300 lb lifter has at getting a 900 lb squat.

  6. David

    lol, this guy is a fucking joke. It is easy to see that he was natural at the beginning, but he is definitely not natty anymore. The truth is that most guys turn to gear after their second year of lifting so they don’t what’s the natural limit. It is funny how they put theirs big bench, squats and DL claiming that it can be achieved naturally and fuckin morons believe them.

    1. Slickmick

      After a few years of lifting, he was 162 pounds and looked lean and muscular, but far from “big.” Probably started at 150 or so, totally believable. But now he’s magically 182 pounds and leaner than ever. So he’s effectively gained at least 35 pounds of muscle, the majority of it AFTER he’d already been lifting a few years. ALL of the scientific literature points to definite diminishing returns when it comes to both strength and hypertrophy. My GOD, people are ignorant and gullible. He’s a genetically sub average person who is clearly on some sort of chemical supplementation.

  7. somelifter

    certainly very questionable…and even more so when you look at the numbers…can’t remember the last time i saw a dude OHP 100 kg’s at the gym..also looking at his “before” pictures he certainly seems average to below average genetics to start with…
    if you had a stake of sorts in the fitness industry…and a following of people that you are marketing to…what would you do?..gotta give respect to elliot hulse for that…he didn’t give us the natty BS

    1. wat

      100kg is a respectable OHP but it’s far from world class or that big for a natural. I mean it depends on your height/weight. It’s pretty damn solid for someone who is 5’9/180lbs. I am 6’1 220 and have excellent proportions for the lift, although garbage mobility.

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        100kg OH press is mega respectable.

  8. somelifter

    in addition to all that…he has countless videos referencing pictures in which he had everything just right so he looks big…all the meanwhile trying to navigate your thoughts to come to the conclusion that he is natural..the bs is overwhelming lol…i had to come in for a second comment

  9. Tulu

    I have no problem believing Omar is natty. His physique in videos and photos net to roid users make it pretty clear he’s not all that big or lean, he just takes the occasional really good photo.

    He’s strong, but strength is more a factor of leverages and joint angles than raw muscle mass, which he isn’t breaking the scales on, anyway.

    It’s also not that uncommon to still be making gains 10 years into a lifting career if you did a shitty job for the first several years. I’m still making gains after about 14 years of training, but I literally started as a 10 y/o kid doing pushups and having no concept whatsoever of the relationship with diet and gains.

    Also, you can’t tell someone’s genetic limit from early pics of them, because genetic limits aren’t really defined by your starting point.

  10. Thang Nguyen

    @Tulu and everyone who said his physique and strength is naturally archieveable. Please post Picutes from yourself and make Videos while lifting. If you can’t please shut the fuck up. There are always morons who claim impossible things just to defend what?

    So according to you guys a 3.xBW deadlift is totally normal, right. And every Lifter is setting new PRs after 10 years of training, and since Omar seems to be an gym idiot, who lacked of skills in the 10 years before, which explains he can still make progress. lol you should listen to yourself.

    Don’t get me wrong, i am a fan of Omar and willing to believe that he is natural, since we all don’t want our heroes to fail us and have our hopes crushed. But the evidence, the pictures of his transformation are ridiculous. I find ich hard to believe that he is natural now.

    1. stevie

      bruh ive got about a year of lifting in and my deadlift is almost 3X body weight, and still going up

  11. Rusty Mayfield

    I have no way of knowing if any of you read this comment but…. I’m 5’11, 216 lbs at 17.2 bf% I bench 355, I squat 455, I deadlift 565, and OHP 225. On the FFMI Calc. I’m a 25.1 Omar Isulf, at 5’9”, 185 lbs. At 10 bf% , with all his various PR’s, respectively, is a 24.8 on the FFMI Calc. I 100% believe he is natural because I know I am. Check out my Instagram @wrasslinrusty

    1. TheTivo

      17%? Really? At least 25% BF bro

  12. Jason

    Of cource he is natty. I benches what 365, i have friends that have been training for 15 + years and are benching in the mid 400’s, and they are natty of cource. The FFMI study is so misinterpreted, look up Eliott Atwell FFMI on youtube to see the video where he debunkes it.

  13. Lift wet

    I feel like some of these comments are damage control from

  14. Nuckles

    I used to shoot it up Omar’s ass

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