Is Josef Rakich Natural Or On Steroids?

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Josef Rakich is a natural bodybuilder from New Zealand known for his powerful physique and low body fat levels. His threads on dedicated to the achievement of the super shredded body have millions of views. People from all over the world read Rakich’s posts in the hope to find the key to the “perfect pussy slaying physique”. However, can you look like Josef Rakich naturally in the first place? Let’see.

How big is Josef Rakich?

Is Josef Rakich Natural Or On Steroids?

Quality mass, fullness and “muscle pop” uncharacteristic of a natural.

Josef Rakich’s profile on says that he is 5’10”-178cm tall and weighs 180lbs-81kg@ at 5% body fat. This is 10lbs over the estimation in the guide for natural bodybuilders, which suggests that a male who is 5’10” tall cannot naturally achieve a weight higher than 170lbs at 5% BF.

Can I be as 3D as Joseph Rakich without using anabolic steroids?

Is Josef Rakich Natural Or On Steroids?

It’s hard to be 100% certain, but is that gynecomastia?

Not really. Josef Rakich has the Photoshop look, which is something that only one in a million can achieve naturally. It’s not Rakich’s mass that’s the problem, but rather his overall look. He is shredded, 3D and synthetic looking.

Josef Rakich’s diet is atrocious

Is Josef Rakich Natural Or On Steroids?

Maintaining similar levels of body fat while eating at Mc Donald’s? All natty?

Josef Rakich is famous for his IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) diet. According to the principles of the diet, the food choices are not important as long as your intake of macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats) remains as planned.

This literally means that you can get your protein from burgers, carbs from ice cream and fats from modified cheese and still have the same result as if you were eating clean food. This may sound nice on paper but rarely works in practice. It’s like saying that it doesn’t matter how you make your money as long as you make the same amount. I guess it’s irrelevant whether you are a programmer or a drug dealer… Yeah, right!

In order for a true natural to maintain a similar level conditioning, his diet has to be perfect 95% of the time unless the person in question has insane genetics.

To summarize: There are genetic freaks that may reach Josef Rakich’s size, but most naturals will have a really hard time achieving a look of that magnitude.

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  1. Tanner stauffer

    Sorry but this acessment is not accurate at all. I have been following all of Josef’s social medias for awhile now and I know he spends hours at the gym each day and based on the snaps he posts of his food daily he is the cleanest eater I’ve seen. So I personally believe he is natural and this opinion is invalid based on false accusations. Please use better fact checks

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      By that logic, all bodybuilders competing in Mr. Olympia must be natural too. I mean…cause their snaps…

      1. Avidity

        I agree with Tanner. I’ve been a JRF client and follow him. He always stresses the importance of good nutrition. You’ll never see him saying McDonald’s & ice cream will get you shredded.

  2. Vitoto

    @Truth seeker ignore the guy above he is ignorant

    1. Stewart

      If you believe he is natural because he posts pictures of him eating good then you are incredibly naive…

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