Is Jeremy Buendia Natural Or On Steroids?

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Jeremy Buendia is an NPC Physique Champion, and since more and more people are interested in this type of contests, he receives a lot of love from the aspiring muscle worshipers who want to look just like him.

He is shredded, muscular, aesthetic, 3D looking and before all – he has the ”perfect pussy slaying physique”.

But is he really natural? Can a man accomplish such perfection without the use of anabolic steroids? You are about to find out.

How big is Jeremy Buendia?

According to his profile on, Jeremy Buendia has the following body stats:

Height: 5’8″/173cm
Weight: 195lbs/88kg (off season) 165lbs/75kg (contest mode)’s guide for natural bodybuilders puts a 5’8″ male at 156lbs/71 kg maximum natural body weight at 5-8% body fat. This means that Jeremy Buendia is about 10 pounds over it.

10lbs may seem like nothing to you, but it’s actually a lot of mass. Past the noob gains, a natural needs years to construct 10lbs of actual muscle.

Muscle Quality Doesn’t Lie

Jeremy Buendia-anabolic-steroids

image via;

Obviously, Jeremy Buendia carries a lot of quality mass and showcases the classic Photoshop look. Consequently, he appears larger than his actual weight. An effect of this magnitude is close to impossible to achieve if you are a protein powder only bodybuilder.

Obvious signs of gynecomastia

In the images above and below, you can see that Jeremy Buendia has an obvious case of gynecomastia.

For those of you who don’t know, gynecomastia represents the growth of female breasts a.k.a. “bitch tits” in males due to hormonal imbalances. Many people who are on steroids suffer from it. To correct the issue, one may need to undergo a surgery which is expensive and often not covered by health insurance.


Overall Technological Look and Classic Steroid 3D Delts

The images of Jeremy Buendia reveal the so-called technological look, which is common for people who take anabolics. When you couple that with the classic steroid 3D delts, the case becomes even more suspicious. In the image above, you can see that Jeremy Buendia’s delts are not only developed very well, they are identical to those of known users too.

The Paper Thin Skin Never Lies

Naturals can’t have a paper thin skin and still look full and covered by ”popping” muscle. Jeremy Buendia does not have that problem. His muscles do not look depleted even at a very low body fat.

Note: The fact that fitness models are not as big as Ronnie Coleman does not mean that they are all natural. People need to stop thinking that a cycle of steroids will turn anyone into a professional bodybuilder. There are small doses and large doses.

Physique competitors focus on presenting a very tight and quality package. That does not make them natural at all. Most take drugs allowing them to acquire bodies far beyond the natural potential of most people who choose to remain drug-free.

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    1. Jon

      That’s not gynecomastia. His breast tissue is well within normal ranges what typical of male breast tissue, this is only apparent as a result of low bodyfat. This would not be classified as gynecomastia. I am an md specializing in trt.

      1. rami

        you dont know what you are saying!!!

        1. yusuf

          no dude i have the same kind of nipples , and its gyno

      2. Logan

        You are giving a defacto “doctor” answer by stating “normal” ranges. His breast tissue is the result of T use or heightened T production turned into estrogen and is without a doubt gynecomastia. Based on his physique, he is likely on tren on top of whatever else he has used. Frank Zane had low body fat but he didn’t have this “normal” range breast tissue puffing up his nipples. Neither did Arnold. Gyno is real and this guy has it. Normal male nipples not affected by gyno lay completely flat and are not puffy in any way ever. They are flush with the surrounding tissues.

    2. Antonio

      You are shitty too. They are not natty get over it kid

  1. Sam

    I 100% agree that he used it. Overall, I asked him in his IG page. Guess what is his answer? He blocked me. So definitely he is fake and used steroids as well. The weight game and PF proved it all.

  2. Steve

    You’re a bunch of idiots he don’t use roids he does Hany Rambods workout program FST 7 fascia Stretch training 7 that’s what gives you the 3D look and rounder muscle bellies

  3. Roider

    Clear as daylight that he uses.. Just non lifters and retarded fanboys who can’t see it…

  4. Obvi

    he is juicing for sure. It seems to be the norm in body building.

  5. arnold

    Lol he might use but according to this page’s logic even nick wright probably uses. The writer must have the worst genetics in the history of BB.

  6. Shit

    Oh no he’s successful and has muscles!!! Must be roids!!! There’s no such thing as good genetics and hard work creating a great body!!! Anyone who looks good and big has to be juicing according to this page, bloody idiots. It’s definitely possibly he is but your reasoning and theory is absolute shit. His pecs are well developed not “bitch tits”, as you call anybody with pectoral muscles. Embarrassing page, almost as bad as Vegan Gains on Youtube.

    1. Logan

      Wow, you know nothing. His pecs are well developed and also display an obvious case of bitch tits. It is clearly gyno. And very suspect of somebody that happens to be winning in a field against other drug users in a body composition based contest. If anybody is using, then the winner is using. Genetics don’t beat drugs + genetics. Everybody on that stage has great genetics. They all also happen to be using drugs too. If you find actual people that are natural, they don’t look anything even close to what these guys are sporting. Ever touched a drug? I didn’t think so because if you did you wouldn’t have posted. It’s obvious you are just ignorant to the facts. You obviously don’t know anything about body fat percentages and muscle depletion and what actual natural limitations are. This page is doing the community a service to help people see the truth with their eyes open so they can make informed decisions with their lives. You balking at it is only helping the problem perpetuate. In fact, this page is about protecting YOU! And you are too frikkin blind and obtuse to see it! Stop commenting without knowing what the hell you’re talking about and let the people who know what’s up do their jobs. You might learn something and save yourself a bunch of trouble along the way. I cannot believe how every single frikking board has the same lame ass back and forth on it over every single fitness industry icon. I don’t care that he does drugs, but I do care that kids out there (like you) with dreams think he did it without drugs and think they can do it too. They will also probably buy a bunch of his crap to try to be like him too, the only thing is it will be missing the stuff he is really taking. Let him be successful… awesome! Good job. But let’s also be honest about what’s going on.

    2. Dumabss

      I’m guessing you think Simeon panda dosent use steroids aswell

    3. Truth

      Nearly nobody who competes in the IFBB and especially the Olympia are natural. If you look at how much mass he gained from the 2015 Olympia to the 2016 Olympia, it is unreal. For a natural to put on that much mass in just one year is almost never heard of. I could care less if someone is natty or not but in Jeremy’s case and pretty much every other IFBB pro’s case, not natty. Im only leaving this comment because most people have unreal expectations when it comes to fantastic physiques like this.

  7. Fran Chise

    Whether he used steroids or not, who cares? It’s not like he ever claimed he didn’t. Why does it matter?

    1. Pen15

      Because this site is to determine whether someone is “natty or not”??? I seriously hope that the people commenting that he is natural are just trolling…

  8. paran

    people who are saying he is not on steroids please shut the fuck up .Today each and every competitor is on steroids .Another thing its not only the steroid hardwork diet and sacrifice also does the work

  9. selfmadephysique

    I will be competing starting 2017 men’s physique and I’m a natty with a solid physique no roids!!! People ask me all the time what you take? My list goes like this: protein (muscle milk will be substituting), Bcaa’s and…. yeah that’s it!!! never have I used anything else so genetics and hardwork can be successful!!! I have only been training for 3 months prior to a two year absence.. do I think he is natty nope, but can you have one hell of a physique without yes… you can check for yourself I’m on bodyspace Selfmade2016!!! Am I on roids!!!! Lol!!!

    1. Lifterx

      Couldn’t find your profile dude.

    2. ryan hidalgo

      why the fuck would you advertise yourself and then not post picture publicy?

  10. Paul Jacoby

    I think its funny the way anyone here comments like they actually know. He may or may not. It does not matter bc he is not tested for what he does so why argue about it. He is not Ronnie BIg ronnie did roids FACT. Matt Ogus (I do believe is natty) as you can see his extremely slow gains in one of his videos bogus to ogus.
    Buendia is like a super ripped nfl player, they are tested pretty stringently, so he very well could be natty or he may juice.

    1. Daniel Godlewski

      If you think NFL players don’t use juice just becuz they are tested for it and sometimes pass, you’re crazy. Just cuz you get around the test doesn’t mean your natural. Steroids only enhance what you do, they do not do the work for you. U would be surprised to see how many people do roids yet still look like shit becuz they don’t have the basics. A

  11. Triple OG

    For all the fans and people that act like they know, sit the fuck down its clear as day he has a case of Gyno you can see the bump around his nipple. Very very common when on roids taking like a PCT Clomid or tamoxifen or surgery can fix that. Get off his nuts an go an try it yourself and see if your nipples get a lil sensitive. Roids is very common and think about homie is making money on his appearance an if he goes public of him stating he is on roids he would loose all his sponsors an everyone would not give the respect.

  12. Nicolas

    Sadly the real truth is a guessing game between fan’s and non believers; only if any (!) competition would subscribe actual testing before entering; we all rapidly will have more insight of how this guy @ 25 y.o has grown this much.
    I understand his middle-name is Pinokkio.

    1. Logan

      The truth is there is no drug testing because then everybody would look like shit. Drug tests also prove nothing. They are easily beaten by people who know how to beat them. Drugs can leave your body quickly if they are the right ester. And you can stop taking them 2 weeks before a show to easily be in the clear. Depends on what you take and when you stop.

  13. alfie

    not saying he didnt take steroids 90 pourcent chance he did i have seen people very close to his level who i knew not to be on steroids but you need a perfect diet lots of cardio and good 5 years to buld that body id say i don’t agree with lots of things in the artical it does not take 5 year to gain 10 pounds after you noob gains depending on your size body and build you can gain id say 6 to 12 pounds a year if you train hard and eat well you will hit a wall on strenth but you can still gain size and definition i’m passed my noob gains and not trying to gain more weight but im sure in 1 year i could put on 10 pound no steroids with steroids which i have not yet taken i could gain 20 pounds in 12 weeks so at lest 10 qualty muscle and more depending on stack and so on so he may not be natural but whoever wrote this is not the person to listen to about this subject i can tell you that much

    1. Logan

      No, no, and no. If you are continuously gaining 6-12 pounds of muscle a year that is not natural if it is indeed lean muscle mass. People love to make numbers up all the time. Training hard and eating perfectly still don’t get the job done because there is a natural limit. Why is this so hard for people to understand? Putting on 10 lbs is possible but it won’t be lean mass. People gain a pound of water and think they’ve made gains, then piss it out the next morning. Noob gains are fast because the body is sensitive to training response. Then it adapts and makes it harder and harder to gain as you go. This is bodybuilding 101. We shouldn’t have to teach the simple stuff here. You said yourself, you’ve never touched drugs. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Whoever wrote this article knows what they are talking about. You probably think WWE wrestling isn’t fake too.

  14. kingen164

    100% i would say hes off from time to time but he defenitly juices from time to time

    1. Logan

      That is how it is usually done. This also is required to allow the androgen receptors to sensitize again so the drugs have the most effect for them. It is called cycling and is the mainstream way of using drugs. Another way is blast and cruise, which means always being on at least something mild, such as a TRT dose for cruising between cycles. It’s actually smarter to go off and give the body a rest.

  15. Not a fuckboy

    The thing is, he busts his ass off for that body while y’all are arguing whether he’s natty or not #JustSayin

  16. SelfMade

    For the lame that called me out Ryan hidalgo if I could post a pic on this site I would.. the body space name is SelfMadephysique one word user name selfmade2016 for the fella who couldn’t find me!!!

  17. Ellen

    All of them are on something regardless of what they say.

  18. Arnold

    This piece is written by a poor kid probably one who cant achieve a decent physique, really is that the best evidence you can provide for steroid users? Cause of the 3d delts, skin blah blah, all bro science. I came hear to be convinced with scientific or solid info but just found another crap based reasoning

  19. Juissi

    That ain’t gyno you dumb retarded piece of trash. Please tell me this page is troll.

  20. Will Richardson

    Why is this important? If he does great, if he doesn’t great. It doesn’t matter. Ppl have the right to do what they want. It’s not cheating. U still have to train hard, if not harder. But there’s no need to be ignorant and make dumb comments. If u don’t use great, if u do, great. It’s not that serious and it’s none of your business what one does. It does affect your and anyone else’s life. If ppl would worry about themselves and shut up, mind your own business, and stop acting like your closet is clean. Everyone in this world has done some effed up stuff. Only difference is, some ppl are better at hiding their shit.

  21. Vlader

    He’s on. I tried to compete at this this level and I was told by a former Olympia competetitor everyone uses and if you don’t use, no one will waste time training you. It’s the secret brutal truth. Don’t believe me? Try and compete naturally. Do it. Then come back and tell us what happened.

  22. Owen

    The people who says he’s on steroids. Pay for him to train you since he’s a fitness coach. Let’s see how your body changes and post in on social media see how many people will criticize you for steroid use.

  23. Mr.AZ

    Hahahahaha, this site needs to update his pic, show him when he’s 195 pounds in the off-season and single digit body fat with more veins than a roadmap. I can’t believe people are stupid enough to think he’s even close to natural

  24. Natty

    I’m so sick of people who never fucking lifted a pound of gym weight in their life accusing people who made it there by hard work of using drugs etc.. those who don’t think his physique is not attainable,l naturally, I dare you idiots to go out there and lift as hard as he has for 10 years to see if his physique is attainable or not.. you fat lazy, obese pizza lovers, slobs stop accusing and denying people of their hard work.. you fat slobs are fucking in denial because you guys never think anything is possible without some kind of cheats, ..

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