Is The Internet Real Life? (the answer might shock you)

| by Truth Seeker |


Many say that the Internet is a fake reality full of lies and advise people to ignore it.

It’s obvious that this statement is true, to a certain extent. But the painful truth is that the Internet is more real than some people might want it to be. And I can easily prove it.

Social Media

Social media is like fast food – everybody criticizes it and then buys it.

Many people post memes ridiculing social media and yet when I click on their profiles, all I see are tuned pictures and non-stop posts. If you don’t care, why you care?

One of the common criticisms is that people’s social media life is fake.

Well, I actually disagree greatly with that. Social media lives are real.

Once upon a time, I talked to a woman, and we exchanged our social media contacts. During the summer, she was posting daily stories from her trips. She basically spent the entire season going from one cruise ship to the next.

So, how is her life fake? Was she traveling? Yes. Was she ship hoping? Yes. Is she rich? Yes.

The same can be applied on a much higher level. For example, famous people like CR7 would post pictures of their trophies, which are obviously real, and overall luxurious lifestyle.

Meanwhile, a basement dweller would post practically nothing apart from some conspiracy  YT video theory or a depressing song.

Thus, the profile of the basement dweller would also be a fairly accurate representation of his status and overall existence.

The counterargument is that people only focus on the good side and hide the bad.

That’s true but doesn’t change much. A king is still a king and a peasant is still a peasant.

Here’s a story: I have one picture on Facebook on a mountain peak. I was there with my parents. We had a heated argument on the way. The dispute wasn’t pleasant and made me sad. But I am smiling in the photo.

Am I faking it? No. I was happy when the picture was taken.

The dark side of the coin may be hidden from the photo, but it doesn’t negate the positive one.

It’s no different than dressing up when you’re going out.

Imagine the following:

  • You dress like a garbage man at home – clothes with massive holes and nasty pigmentation.
  • You put on a billion-dollar suit when you go out.

Do the nasty clothes that you wear inside negate the power of the suit?

How would you respond if someone says: “Nice suit bro! But you wear stained rags at home so it doesn’t count!?”

Exactly. You get the idea.

People often want to present social media lives as fake to make themselves feel better about their ordinary existence, but the stone-cold reality is that our profiles often showcase more of us than we think.

It’s also true that some people truly have a happier, more fulfilling life than you, and their social media shows it.

Do some people fake it? Many try. But if you have experience, you will see through the lie.


“Dating apps aren’t real life,” they said.

There’s this notion that dating apps aren’t representative of the “real life” dating dynamics…that if you go offline you will succeed.

My experience confirms that idea. The women that I’ve met outside of a dating app have always been on another level in comparison to my Tinder dates.

However, there’s a twist. (Just wait for it.)

There are 5 main ways to meet a woman:

  • Dating apps
  • Social media (unofficial dating apps)
  • Cold approach (opening random women on the street)
  • Warm approach (opening co-workers, friends of friends…etc.)
  • Destiny

I’ve used the first three methods exclusively.

My dating app dates were the most difficult to secure and also the worst. In fact, I can say without hesitation that I’ve never had a meaningful date from an app.

I used Tinder primarily, and it would take me quite a while to even get a somewhat decent match let alone a date. The women that I met through the app embodied strong entitlement and behaved condescendingly towards me.

The women that I met through cold approach were way better in terms of looks and behavior. They were not only prettier but also more interesting and less judgmental.

Based on this data point, one can conclude that offline dating is always superior. I would have done so myself in the past until I tried social media for dating specifically.

I used Facebook because Instagram is hard to see (small circles) and has a subpar search for people.

My Facebook dates were practically on the same level as my cold approach dates. I met just the type of women that would be responsive to my cold approach efforts.

My explanation is as follows: dating apps filter spoiled individuals and encourage them to treat others as disposable units.

Conversely, social media is broader and connects you to a greater number of people in a more natural “digital” habitat.

That said, dating apps reveal the real dating dynamics.

Or in other words, your success or failure on dating apps is an indication of how easy or hard it will be to secure dates in real life too.

If you have a hard time getting a date from a dating app, you will also have a hard time getting a date from social media and cold approach. The only difference is that the women will be of better quality. The effort, however, is the same.

If you’re a “Chad” and rule dating apps, you will also rule social media and cold approach.

If you’re an average person who occasionally gets a date through Tinder, the same happens through the other venues.


Are online friends real?

It depends on what you expect.

Imagine the following situation: You play a game. You start chatting with another player. Eventually, you exchange contacts and talk on social media too.

You share deep philosophies, emotions, observations…etc. over text. You feel really close to one another.

Are you friends?

You’re digital friends – nothing more nothing less.

If tomorrow something bad happens to you (e.g., you get hospitalized), will that person help you? Will you help him if the roles were reversed?

Probably not. And a huge part of the problem is logistics related.

If you both live in different countries and never meet, sorry, but you cannot be true friends.


A textashionship is a digital relationship that amounts solely to texting. The involved parties talk a lot but never make a conscious effort to meet even when living close to one another.

I’ve been in two textashionships.

The first one was with a friend from high school. After graduating, we tried to continue communicating, but he refused to ever meet me even though I was working close to his home.

Were we friend at that point?

Not really. Just texting morons.

The second was with a former colleague that I’ve known for 10+ years.

To this day, I talk to her (in a non-romantic way) but haven’t met her in real life in many years.

Are we friends?

Not really. Just texting morons.

In conclusion

The truth is that online lives are real and a surprisingly good reflection of your offline life.

Having said that, an existence that’s heavily based on digital experiences (texting, social media lurking forums, YouTube, video games, Tik-Tok…etc.) feels empty because it’s dehumanized.

If tomorrow was your last day on Earth, would you spend it online?

You won’t.

Personally, I would log on and say goodbye to my digital friends, but this won’t take me more than 60 minutes. It will be this long only because I will try to write something interesting.

Then, I will go out, talk to my family if they’re still here.

If I am completely alone, I will talk to a stranger.

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  1. Temi Brown

    Nice post. In this day and age social media is unavoidable. Some girls prefer to collect your socials rather than number so they can pre-qualify you based on your pics and what they can “perceive” from these pics even though you were just with them in real life

    1. Lee

      It’s avoidable today as Facebook is down.

      1. Popescu René

        I’m sorry to tell you, but it is not. There are still other social media out there. If something bad happens to Suckerberg’s socials, there will be others on the market.
        Before Facebook, we had hi5. Remember?

  2. Lemmings

    Good article. There’s a maturity in your writing here that I appreciate.

    1. Lee

      It’s avoidable today as Facebook is down.

  3. Brick

    Truth’s example is good to show that rich girl was happy in the specific photos when she went on a trip.
    They are slices of her life, the ugly that she had to do or what comes after are not same as the photos.
    I used to argue with my ex-girlfriend about this issue that people are happy only in their photos on social media but real life is different as the process to do is not just a snap of finger and have to think about what comes after.
    It is the reason she demand many things for her happiness but it leads to unhappiness. Sometimes, I can do what she wanted but eventually, it showed only good side in photos and then rest was the past and had to keep grinding and entertaining.
    Good luck for everybody who can find the one who can understand you.

    Thank you for a good topic.

  4. MB

    Hello Truth seeker. You write many great articles.
    For a while it goes about woman, things that are unfair, life, …
    These are all great articles, but do you also have plans for the future to write about the fitness industry fitness, athletes with what is supposed the perfect body, and so on… ?

    1. MB

      It’s like the topics changed direction.

  5. Steve

    The internet definitely offers a glimpse of reality; this site for example is clearly written by an “Incel” for the “Incel” community; a sub-culture of young white males who are obsessed with terms “Red Pill” & “Chad”, cannot build muscle, work crappy jobs, cannot get laid and who rationalise that women and society are to blame.

    1. Penefattore

      Wrong: I am a redpiller and I rationalized that Nature is to blame, not women or society. One of the two main pillars of the Redpill is that females are hypergamous while males are polygamous, and neither you nor women can do anything about it. Nature chose these two different mating strategies because women, unlike men, carry massive responsibilities: they may get pregnant, therefore they need to choose their partners VERY accurately and selectively (hypergamy). Sure, we have contraceptives today, but Nature doesn’t know because our instincts were coded in our brains long before they existed.

      1. Steve

        Marrying-up is an established theory within social science, it’s not a construct of self-identifying “Red-pillers”.

        BUT…, armed with this information, you can now set in motion a plan to improve your social status in order to attract a better-quality female.

        Problem solved!

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      When this site started, the terms you describe were not on the map. Right now they’re found everywhere including mainstream media.

      1. Steve

        This site may have started as a home for the ramblings of the dejected natty, but it has morphed into a beacon for the deranged. Terms used by the “Incel” community are in the mainstream media now because there has been a slew of shootings/attacks against innocent people, perpetrated by angry little weirdos who follow a common belief system and the police have made this connection; a belief system which is highly consistent with the very conclusions you routinely come to.
        Like all Incels, you demonstrate no interest in truth or desire to succeed, but simply a desire to drag everyone down with you because life is unfair and it’s hopeless.
        Not trying to be a dick here, but you need to take a good hard look at yourself, none of this is doing you any favours in life.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          Yet you’re still here.

          1. Steve

            I’ve been in lock-down for 5 months – should be lifting soon so I won’t be around for much longer. Hopefully you can still be saved.

        2. Lemmings

          Truth seeker isn’t an incel, he’s just honest.

          1. Steve

            The beliefs as expressed through the various posts on this site are highly consistent with those of the Incel community.

            Incels do not think themselves weird, they think themselves enlightened as they have taken the “red pill”, encouraged by other Incels.

            If you believe he is not an Incel and you subscribe to these views, then you yourself are an incel

        3. YourRealDad

          Pipe down broad, the men are talking.

        4. Popescu René

          He exposed the Red Pills (hard cold true things of the life). Why when you spit red pills to people they tend to think that you’re a loser?

    3. Popescu René

      Hmmm🤔 Precisely I would say, but I’m not embarrassed to be an “incel”. Life can be harsh with some people and a blessing for others.
      The positive thinkers preach that it’s all about mindset, which is not more than often

  6. aoeu

    Tinder is well known to be the lowest quality dating app. It’s just for casual sex. If you want quality women, use something like It’s bad, but less bad than the alternatives. If you just want sex, you have nothing to complain about when only cheap whores are interested.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      They are all the same at the end of the day.

      1. Popescu René

        The women or the apps?😆

  7. brankezz

    I honestly advise everyone to just stop using social platforms altogether. You’ll do yourself a favor. Human brain has not yet evolved to process so many opinions and large societal networks. Stick to your physical social circle, no matter how small it is. Pay attention to new and outside people who occasionally pop in that circle (usually on birthdays, new year’s etc.). Talk to them, get to know them. Invite them to hang out, run, play hoop. You might find something interesting in terms of quality communication.

  8. Popescu René

    How was that saying: You don’t exist if you don’t have a social media?

  9. Costa

    Dear truth seeker, something I know about social media is that everything about people do there are Just the best they can do in real life, they got richer than they are, beautier than they are, and people who interact with those are just fullfying their ego above the stratosphere, because women there are Just like the succubus mythology, got beautiful and perfect as we ever wanted, but in fact they are Just simples people with nothing better than incel people in real life, I capture this a Lot of time and women got so proud of a Lot of Men insuflating their egos that they think they are demigods or some kind of VIP

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