Is Scott Herman Natural Or On Steroids?

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Scott Herman is a very popular figure in the Internet fitness community thanks to his enormous YouTube channel which constantly presents different training ideas and workouts designed to help you acquire a muscular body. Question is, can you get there, naturally? Can you be as big as Herman with drugs? Let’s see.

How big is Scott Herman?

Scott Herman’s official stats are as follows:

Is Scott Herman Natural Or On Steroids?

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Height: 5′ 10″ – 178 cm
Weight: 170 lbs – 77 kg
Body fat: 5-8%

Herman is as big as the maximum prediction of the guide for natural bodybuilders. Don’t forget that the stats in the table are for genetically gifted individuals with large frames.

In other words, if you have really good genetics, you can achieve Scott Herman’s mass naturally. However, a very large portion of the population will never get there due to genetic limitations.

Scott Herman Does Not Look As Impressive Without a Pump

A typical trend among all natural bodybuilders is that without a pump they lose their glamor and disappear into the shadows. In many of his photos and videos, Scott Herman appears ”ordinary”, and his muscles don’t showcase the ”3D pop” common for individuals on drugs. This leads us to believe that Herman does not enjoy the full Photoshop effect.

Does Scott Herman have ”3D steroid delts”?

Not really. In some photos, Scott Herman has decent looking shoulders, but for the most part, they don’t seem to be his best body part, nor are they 3D.

Can you ever know if someone is 100% natural?

No. Scott Herman is a good example. His mass is achievable naturally by genetically gifted individuals, but that does not mean that he has never taken anabolic steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs.

Update (May 2017)

FAQ: What is your opinion of the ”cheat&recover” method recently promoted by Scott Herman? Do you think a similar strategy can produce extraterrestrial natty gains?

There isn’t a training method that will suddenly induce ”extraterrestrial” natty gains, for the fact that natural bodybuilders are rarely limited by their training. For instance, we can tell with certainty that the average natural female will never match the muscular size and strength of the average natural male regardless of the way she trains, provided that the man also lifts.

The woman can perform every exercise and routine in this world. Yet she will remain weaker and smaller. Why? Because the average female has a tender bone structure and produces less testosterone than the average man.

However, once women hop on heavy hormones, they transform into muscle beasts as shown by many professional female bodybuilders and physique competitors. What does that tell you, my friend? Past a certain point, it’s not about training. For that very reason, I am highly skeptical of ”special” training methods.

In brief, if you have been dancing with iron for a decent amount of time, you would be hard pressed to find a routine that produces amazing gains because you are already brushing the limits of your natural potential. And even if you somehow discover a way to produce a boost, it won’t last very long at all.

To summarize: Nobody can tell with certainty whether Scott Herman is a lifetime natural. However, the physique presented by him can be achieved naturally only if you have extremely favorable genetics (good insertions, a thick frame, amazing response to training…etc.).

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  1. ig

    2017 Scott is def not natty. He even looks evil now.

  2. Visto

    I’d say in the PIC on the article he appears natty. But look at him now with his cheat and recover he is clearly on steroids. The same weird tricks pushed by fitness gurus to make us believe its the secret they exceeding natural limits

  3. Jimponada Cirrada

    I’m confused. Is “natty” referring to the beer, Natural Light?

    1. Goat

      Wow, you’re funny! ‘Natty’ – he is a natural light beer? STFU.
      Anyway – yes, update. Scott recently did a lot of research into steroids (Clen, Tren, whatever) and made a vid or two about PEDs. Now (2017) he’s made some vids to explain why he’s suddenly got much bigger and still lean, and why his traps have grown. Apparently, we can disregard all his old vids now, because he’s saying he’d been training wrong till recently (last 2 months). LOL – obviously his roid research was a bad move. Shame – he was the only clean one out there on YouTube- “Unsubscribed!”

      1. gangster warrior

        Mike Matthews is the only reliable guy left considering the fact he uses same guide for nattys potential used in this very same site and he is never a fan of shortcuts often presented by “gurus”

  4. Killian

    Yep, it seems that Scott is not natural anymore. I actually went back and examined his older videos and was struck by the fact that even in 2009 he had pretty ripped six-pack abs and beginnings of gynecomastia. It is entirely possible, that he has been using very low TRT doses, not eating enough or maybe because he has below average genetics, that he managed to sell his nattiness for so long. I am pretty much certain, that there are no legitimate Youtube nattys left anymore. Vegan Gains? Dude is obviously on something. Omar Isuf? Ain’t sure, but all of his friends like Silent Mike and Bart Kwan are roiding hard, so he also can be a shadow pinner. Matthews is also a suspect, albeit a clear proof of this has yet to emerge.

  5. gangster warrior

    I highly doubt Mike is on gear his physique is pretty much the same from past 5 years once he looks bigger his body fat is around 12% which means once he cut to 7-8% he will be around 185+ which isn’t bigger by roids standards. keep in mind Mike always site scientific research for you to review so you draw conclusions on your own. his hundreds success stories are by far you could ask for. Keep in mind Mike is 6’2 which makes it possible to reach his stats with good genes

  6. Ursus

    I see you have added an update on his “cheat and recover” program, which, IMHO, is nothing more than his thinly veiled attempt to hide steroid usage. It is weird how you went out of your way to prove whether or not Nick Wright or Omar Isuf were on roids and yet a popular “natural” fitness Youtuber who magically gains pounds of muscles on his 18th year of lifting does not get the same level of scrutiny, even though it is obvious to anyone with more than three brain cells that he uses steroids. No natural in existence can have second or third year gains (see McDonald chart) after almost two decades of solid lifting. It’s just not possible without roids.

    It is sad that he still parades his natty card and has 1.5 million subscribers, who sheepishly believe everything this guy throws at them. The same goes for Cavaliere and Matthews, who are obvious steroid users. Basically, there is no such thing as natural bodybuilding, not since 1940s at least.

    1. Vitoto

      You can’t really have a valid points to prove Mike is steroid user I am still waiting for a review from which I don’t think will have anything useful to suggest Mike is on drugs…same applies to you

      1. Ursus


        LOL, are you seriously that deluded or are you on Matthew’s payroll? Do you really need Natty or Not review in order to realize what kind of fake natty Mike is? Dude is 100% scam. He says, that after lifting for six(!) long years with no results, he (of course!) applied his own “secret program” and suddenly out of nowhere began having six pack abs and bulging biceps. What a load of garbage to fool the gullible!

    2. Steve

      There is natural bodybuilding. Scott hermans 170lbs at 5 10″ and 9% bodyfat is very achievable naturally. How do I know??? Because im 5 8″ and 165lbs at about 9% bodyfat. And the inly thing I eat not natural is the occasional vegan protein bar.

      You wannabees are pathetic. If hw were 185 ripped to threads or like a Simeon Panda. Mike o tren. You know they are fakes.

      I repeat 170 at 5 10″ 9% bodyfat. Is very achieveable.

  7. Vitoto

    Mike never labeled his programme a secret routine or anything of that nature. Read his about page then we will talk.He Mike says much of what he teaches is been there way back he is just the messenger of good info that has been buried under BS of most info we find today. If you spent your entire lifting journey using Bros splits of isolation exercises with drop sets,giant sets etc with emphasis of higher reps you ain’t getting far as natural lifter. The guy has list of hundreds of success stories to back up his programme which he never promised anyone to rival the likes of Jeff Seid and his crew naturally. on top of that Mikes programme has get your money back warrantee if you not satisfied with the results…something you rarely see with most gurus. Cheers

  8. Ed

    Scott German is a joke. I asked a few pro-bodybuilding and he is considered a clown in the fitness business.

    I’ve heard also that lots of clients have been ripped off by him. Believe me, spend your money with any other fitness guru but him.

  9. Martin Gamer

    Scott Herman is on the “upper end” of what naturals can achieve? Not true. Herman himself has stated that everyone in his family is paper thin and that he has skinny genetics. The owner of this site really likes to lowball expectations of max musculature.

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