Is Kiyoshi Moody Really a Natural Bodybuilder?

| May 8, 2014 by Truth Seeker |

Kiyoshi Moody is one of the so-called natural bodybuilding sensations. He is enormous, lean and dry. The quality of his physique is jaw dropping.

Can you be as big as him naturally? Can you have those arms without steroids? Let’s see.

1.Kiyoshi Moody is as big as they make them

In contest condition, Kiyoshi Moody weighs between 205lbs and 220lbs at 5’9.5″. This represents a phenomenal physical development, especially at such a low bodyfat. In comparison, Mike Mentzer, competed at 225 lbs @ 5’8″.

What’s the secret of Kiyoshi Moody?

How did he match the stats of the competitors from the Golden Era naturally?

2.Kiyoshi Moody has obvious gynecomastia

Kiyoshi Moody has/had an obvious case of gynecomastia under his left nipple. Of course, gynecomastia may occur naturally, but when you are a bodybuilder who is that big, the chances that it’s from steroids are high.

3.Kiyoshi Moody looks strong next to well-known steroid users

As you can see in the photo below, Kiyoshi Moody compares somewhat favorably next to Phil Heath. The difference in size is not as large as one may think. Keep in mind that Phil Heath is the current Mr Olympia, and just like any other modern professional, he is using steroids, growth hormone, insulin…etc.


Truth be told, most real naturals will look like children next to Phil Heat or any other IFBB professional.

Conclusion: Kiyoshi Moody is about as natural as Phil Heath.

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