How To Know If a Muscle Transformation Happened Naturally Or Steroids Were Used

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Life is a walk through the valley of traps. Everywhere you go, there are pitfalls ready to swallow you.

The motto of this world is fairly simple – buy, consume, stay in debt, reproduce and teach your children to do the same thing. Of course, this does not mean that living in a wood cabin is the way to go. This would be as counter-productive as trying to eat healthy all the time. At some point, the mental stress will start reversing the benefits. However, having a basic idea what to expect will serve you well. This is the main goal of this guideline – to show you what to look for when analyzing the endless amount of muscle transformations pushed in our faces.

1.How fast?

One of the first questions that you have to ask when analyzing a muscle transformation is “How fast?

There are some things in life that just can’t happen in 3-4 months regardless of who you are, how much money you have and how hard you are willing to work.

Even if you have the best genetics in the world, you cannot gain 50 pounds / 23 kilos of muscle in three months. Truth be told, a natural may never gain this much in a lifetime, let alone in condensed 12 weeks. Yet a lot of popular physical transformations happen in exactly 3 months.

We have been convinced to believe that in 90 days you can become a completely different person. Yes, you can lose a lot of fat in that period which is what happens during those beach body programs, but you are not going to build five trucks of muscle tissue, at least not naturally. Good luck gaining even 5 pounds of real muscle in that time as a natty.

2.Muscle Quality – Not All Muscle Is Created Equal

Sometimes people come at me with examples of bodybuilders or fitness models who match the data presented in the guide for naturals. There’s a lot more to the story, boys.

On paper, your muscle heroes can be completely natural. That’s cool but not all muscle is created equal. Steroid users have granite like muscle fibers. This is a look that simply cannot be achieved naturally regardless of genetics, training, nutrition or voodoo. You won’t acquire the otherworldly 3D appearance regardless of the herbs that your mom puts in the tea.

There are steroid abusers who are extremely light and yet they make heavier naturals look like a bag of sliced tires. It’s like comparing a fake Swiss army knife to the real thing. Yesterday, I saw a fake one worth about 2 dollars. An original is at least 20 dollars. They may appear to be the same thing, but the difference in quality is sky high.

One thing is certain – whenever you see somebody who has a physique with a glow foreign to this planet, the guy is not natural.

3. Who’s promoting the transformation?

The mainstream media is crooked, bought and an unreliable source of information unless you have an extremely critical eye and know how to avoid the traps. Otherwise, you are headed for the pitfall.

You have to examine the source of the information very carefully. Companies present things in a convenient fashion in order to generate profit. Everybody has something to gain from altering your thought process. Obviously, mainstream magazines, websites, and books want you to believe that the body of Phil Heath can become a reality naturally if you lift and take your powders at the right time.

The real villain usually hides between the lines. A popular example would be the orchestrated wars. You have two sides convinced that the other one is bad. Yet there is often a third side sponsoring the entire event and getting all the benefits at the expense of the other two. That’s the real source of the problem.

4.What’s the reward?


What will the guy transforming himself gain from the job?

Obviously, if the reward is a role in a major movie offering fame and a large paycheck, people will be willing to play as dirty as it gets. This is why some employers use prizes as stimulation to get the most out of their workers.

5. Why are they bothering you?


Мany gurus selling plans designed to make you rich are not doing so well themselves. If those geniuses are rich why are they wasting their time talking to broke people? Why are they bothering you instead of pinching the ass of their 25-year-old girlfriend on a small island? The answer is simple – because many of them are simply con men.

Whenever somebody is selling you something ask yourself this – is the seller actually using the product?

6.Are the before and after photos manipulated?

Most before and after photos are basically worthless. In order to come up with a set of before and after shots worth looking at, the angles, lighting, cameras, distance, and poses have to be identical. Sometimes even a haircut can make a person leaner, younger and happier.

This condition is rarely met, though. Most before and after pictures are altered through manipulation of the aforementioned variables and enhancement of the images in a photo editing software.

By the way, the fact that you see identical heads in all photos does not mean that the body is the same too. Yeah, sometimes heads are transferred from one body to another. You can play the game “spot 100 differences” if you want. That’s the highest value of similar photos.

7.Is a mystical muscle building method used as the backbone of the transformation?

There are no magical routines. If somebody is selling the idea that you will get big by doing 8 reps instead of 6, you are being played. There are many different lifting programs, but the core of all working ones is the same – do reps and add weight. Pull-ups vs. Lat pulldowns? That’s semantics.

8.What’s the history of the guy who is transforming himself?

Obviously, it’s much easier to transform a former NFL player into a muscle monster than to do the same with a drug addict. Very often the guys promoting a muscle building method have a long sports history and decent genetics, to begin with. That’s why they are chosen as poster boys.

If the guy undergoing the transformation in question is not the most gifted individual and yet he transforms into a muscle prodigy, there’s more to the story than just creatine.

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