Example Female Physiques Achievable Naturally (without steroids)

| by Truth Seeker |

Roids are more common among men since a heavy musculature is a male attribute, but this does not mean that there aren’t geisha out there popping Anavar to get horny likes from brainwashed teen girls and men who are into women that look like crossdressers.

What is the common denominator between many if not all needle geisha?

They all have a surprisingly low body fat percentage. Their abs are popping out and the veins on the quads are suggesting underground supplementation.

Women are not designed to be that lean. It’s really that simple. If you are one of those feminists who get offended by that, click the “X” to close the tab and never return. Thanks.

The other two signs would be the upper chest and shoulders. Good luck finding a natural woman with 3D delts and a filled out upper chest. You are more likely to cross paths with Yeti. Yes, that’s right. And if you are one of those wannabes who think “it’s all CrossFit”, follow your strong sister and get the fuck out of here.

Enough. Make space for the natty women.

1. Women in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Who in his right mind would want to be able to do that?

I don’t like rhythmic gymnastics. If it was up to me, I would ban this sport. It looks too painful to even watch. And every time a girl drops a ball or a club, I know that her nasty coach will beat her with a baseball bat for a few days and put her in the fridge. Those girls don’t look happy to me. They appear tortured. But I guess it’s their choice…

Are they natty? They may not be natty in the puritan sense of the word, but they sure as hell aren’t relying on Dbol to build those bodies. There is no need for extra muscle mass or strength. It’s all flexibility and skills.

How do you get a body like that. Starve and do low-intensity cardio every day.

2. Luisita Leers /old-school circus artists/

via: pinterest.com

Luisita Leers was a popular trapeze artist from Germany. She enjoyed great popularity during the 1920s and 1930s. Unlike other female aerialists, Leers did not hide her muscles with concealing costumes. She performed in clothes displaying her muscularity. {more}

Luisita Leers was a muscular woman. Her arms were huge for a female.

Was she natural? Yes. Testosterone was first synthesized in 1935 and became the foundation of the steroid revolution. Based on that alone, it becomes clear that it was impossible for women to take roids at the time. You also have to consider the fact that steroids were first adopted by men. Women started their needle renaissance with a small delay.

While Leers was muscular, she did not have the otherworldly appearance of the modern ladies competing in CrossFit, bodybuilding and physique shows.

There are many other female circus artists from the era who share the same traits – muscle mass above the average level without total destruction of the natural feminine body common for today’s roiding geisha.

3. Madeleine Leander (@MaddeLisk) /Starcraft 2 player/

via: youtube.com

Her workout instagram: https://www.instagram.com/maddelisk_workout/

MaddleLisk is female Starcraft 2 player. Unlike Scarlett, another SC2 pro, she is actually a woman and not a  transgender.

I remember her from the days when I was obsessed with this game.  Zerg was imbalanced at the time, especially against Terran. Anyone remembers the broodlord, infestor, corruptor days?

MaddleLisk is a workout junkie. She does mostly bodyweight stuff that would make the gymnast elitists proud. She has won Sweden’s Street Workout Championship three times.

At first sight, there are no indications of roiding. Unlike Dbol Bailey, MaddeLisk does not have 3D delts and is pretty “fat” and watery. Great arms.

4. Ivy Russell /retro female weightlifters/

via: facebook.com

Ivy Russell began her weight training career in 1921 at 14.  In the early 1930s, Russell won the first women’s weightlifting competition sanctioned by the British Amateur Weight Lifting Association.  Russell’s recorded lifts peaked at 87.5Kg/192.5lbs clean and jerk and 186Kg/409.2lbs deadlift.

5. Your average woman in every gym.

In general, women do not inject since the incentive to do so is too low for them. What do they gain from roiding? They start looking like gorillas and lose value on the dating market.

Only a specific group of deranged men find women that look like men attractive.

Having said that, I have observed women take various weight cutting agents over the years. I had the “pleasure” of lifting next to a tattooed slut who was abusing ephedrine to “get cut”. On top of it, she was taking a fat burner too. Moronic.

She was shaking in a weird way in-between the sets. May have been the cocktail. Ironically, I saw her a few months ago on Tinder too. I was surprised that she is alive to be perfectly honest. She looked like she’d aged 10 years in 2. There were strong indications that she’d been snorting cocaine this whole time.

Another case was the girlfriend of a bodybuilder who trained in a powerlifting gym where I spent 2 years. There were zero signs that she was taking anything other than massive amounts of cakes as PEDs and yet she told to a guy to find her more clenbuterol right in front of me. She was really lazy and by low IQ.

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  1. twp

    Maddelisk is great. Met her few times on ladder while leveling a new account back in 2013 a think. Last few years played bunch of times with Scarlett too, even won a game against her/he with some kind of dt rush into zealot/archon allin.

    IIRC 2012 were the bl/infestors era and 2013-2014 was the swarmhost era.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      That was so imba. You had to spread your marines like a pro to reach platinium.

  2. Klubb

    What do you think about Deepika Choudhury? India’s first IFBB Pro? Is she a natural?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      >IFBB Pro

      Pick one

      1. MB

        I searched Deepika Choudhury. For a natural her abs are much too big for being so lean (actually all her muscles).
        And the title IFFB pro already tells everything.
        Maybe Lisa-Marie Zbozen can be natural, but not sure. She has a sixpack much better than many men in my gym, but she is thin and does a lot of cardio-interval training.

    2. Deepak

      Nope in India no one is natural…

    3. Marked Wolf

      Are you kidding me truth seeker? I’ve been a fan even of your last blod before nattyornot. You were a permabulker before. I assume you were way bigger than Luisita. You can deadlift 500 lbs

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        I have never deadlifted 500lbs. I was around 450lbs. As a permabulker, I was big. Had a nice gut too.

        1. Marked Wolf

          Ok thanks for clarifying. I miss your old blog or site. The one you made befor nattyornot. Is it still up? I can’t remember its name but I know you made it because due to your same writing style.

  3. Marked Wolf

    Luisita.leers is bigger than me and Ive been working out for 6 years. Any advice truth seeker?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      None. She is bigger than me too.

  4. Rick

    I love your articles! It’s great having a place where I can read articles having to do with weight lifting and body building from a guy who is red pill and straight up honest as it gets! Thanks!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, man!

  5. Glove

    Luisita Leers and Ivy Russell:
    these developements are only possible for the very very gifted ones.
    the biceps of Leers and deadlift of Russell is a class of it´s own

    1. Steve

      I know this article is about chicks but could you take a look at the calisthenics guy Austin dunham? Claims to be natty and that he’s only been training for about 2 years. Looks huge but only weighs 72kg

    2. Jasmine

      Good article. Thanks for sharing and the honesty. I get so upset when I see numerous Instagrams of women who are ripped beyond their natural genetic potential…and are glorified for it. People actually believe this to be true and it is quite disheartening. (I’m a 30 year old female and mother of 2). It’s mind-blowing how many women don’t understand that the bodies one sees in fitness media are almost always someone on PED’s. I hope there will be more people like you who are frank and post the truth to the what a natural fit female body looks like. Please continue to post more on this subject. Women should have the freedom to be women and not feel “less than thou” for being feminine.

  6. MB

    I found one: What about gymkim.1969 on instagram?
    If you look at the photographs and forget the weird drawings she posts, then you see that she isn’t as big as the pro’s or many fitness athletes.
    She also isn’t as lean as the others, but just train hard in the gym and has a good frame for building muscles.

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