The Biggest Collection Of Bodybuilding Myths

| by Truth Seeker |

1.Overeating will make you more muscular and is the only way to gain muscle.

2.Testosterone boosters are as effective as steroids.

3.If you don’t squat, you are not training.

4.Taking creatine is important.

5.It is important to take post-workout supplements.

6.It is important to drink whey.

7.The articles in the magazines are written by athletes. (ghost-writers do the writing)

8.Low reps = mass. High reps = cuts.

9.Weight gainers are important.

10.Pro bodybuilders use the supplements that they promote.

11.Every bodybuilder has superior genetics.

12.You can gain an inch on you arms in 1 month.

13.You can gain an inch on your arms in a day.

14.If you miss your anabolic window, you will evaporate into the nothingness.

15.You can be big naturally.

16.The plates in magazine photos are real.

17.You need to eat six times a day.

18.Bodybuilders make a lot of money.

19.Everybody has a friend who is two or three times bigger than you and is all natural.

20.A calorie is a calorie.

21.You can be as big as a pro bodybuilder without steroids, it just takes more time.

22.More steroids equal a better body.

23.Bodybuilders don’t do G4P.

24.You need 1kg of protein a day to get massive.

25.There are supplements that actually do wonders.

26.You can acquire the physique of a Hollywood actor just by doing a few push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups in the morning.

27.Six-pack shortcuts work.

28.Only a few bodybuilders use Synthol.

29.There are magical bodybuilding routines that will turn you into Arnold.

30.Drug-tested equals natural.

31.Calves and forearms are not genetic, and you just have to bombard them with crazy workouts.

32.If you see your first two abs, you are lean.

33.High-carb diets are fine for natural bodybuilders.

34.The biggest guys know everything and give the best advice.

35.Professional bodybuilders eat clean all the time.

36.Today, natural bodybuilders are bigger thanks to the advancements in the field of nutrition and training.

37.Natural bodybuilders are natural.

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