11 Important Facts About TRT That Everyone Should Know

| by Truth Seeker |

1. TRT Propaganda Dates Back To the 1940s

Over the last few years, the mainstream media has been heavily promoting the idea that modern men are losing their manliness due to a persistent fall of the average testosterone levels. It’s hardly a coincidence that a rise of TRT clinics accompanies those claims.

Luckily, they have a solution for you, brahs! Inject and resurrect!

Some may be shocked, but similar male shaming campaigns were a thing even in the 40s.

Here’s a quote from Dr. John Milton Hoberman’s book Testosterone Dreams: Rejuvenation, Aphrodisia, Doping:

“The first public advocate of testosterone therapy for aging men was the popular science journalist Paul de Kruif, whose manifesto The Male Hormone was published with some fanfare in 1945. Excerpted in Reader’s Digest and promoted by a full-page review in Newsweek (“Hormones for He-Men”), The Male Hormone was in some respects a prophetic book.

The potential market for a rejuvenating male hormone seemed to be enormous: “How many millions of American males, not the men they used to be, would flock to the physicians and the druggist, a bit shame-faced and surreptitious, maybe, but hopeful, murmuring: ‘Doc, how about some of this new male hormone?’”

In the text above, Dr. John Milton Hoberman refers to the book The Male Hormone by Paul de Kruif which focuses on rebuilding “broken men” suffering from hypogonadism [inadequate functioning of the testes].

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The slogan on the cover of the book states:

“The male hormone discloses magic far beyond the merely sexual. It boosts muscle power. It banishes mental fatigue. It eases heart pain. It even restores the sanity of men in middle life who suffer from physical deficiencies.”

Sounds familiar? Those sentences could easily be utilized in a modern TRT ad.

Note: A primitive version of TRT could be traced back to 1889 when Dr. Charles-Édouard Brown-Séquard reported in front of the Société de Biologie in Paris that he’d successfully extracted a liquid from the testicles of dogs and guinea pigs.

Brown-Séquard felt 10 years younger after injecting himself with the elixir. The statement generated a serious wave of interest and led to a deficit of animals due to the high number of people who wanted to experiment with Testosterone 1.0.

2. Most Men Who Claim to Be on TRT Are Actually on MBT [Muscle Building “Therapy”]

TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy, but most lifters are using it as a way to introduce mild steroid cycles to their lives and build unnatural muscle mass.

The average man produces roughly 50mg of testosterone a week which amounts to about 7mg per day. Yet some dudes inject 300mg every seven days and still claim that they are on TRT.

If you are importing six times more testosterone in your body than what’s considered normal, you are cycling, not replacing.

Why do people do it? Primarily for muscle gains. A low dose (e.g., 70mg a week) would give back a lot of the vitality that men lose when their test levels drop, but similar dosages cannot trigger spectacular growth as hormone-induced hypertrophy requires a supraphysiological testosterone boost.

Shadow Pinners. Doses ranging between 150-500mg are behind the large group of men that I call shadow pinners. Those are individuals who carry 10lbs/4.5kg  to 30lbs/14kg of extra muscle mass on top of their natural potential. To some, those numbers may appear unimpressive, but more often than not, they are enough to stimulate external admiration.

5kg of real contractile muscle tissue is a lot more than people think, especially when it’s added to body parts in the foreground. E.g., biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders…etc.

Yet the shadow pinners easily pass as naturals because most lifting enthusiasts have been conditioned to think that only big dudes who appear composed in Photoshop take steroids.

3. TRT Tackles Symptoms. It’s Not a Cure.

Many people present TRT as the ultimate way to revive manhood and overcome male depression, but test injections do not eliminate the underlying mechanisms that have led to global emasculation.

Injecting test synthesized in a lab to feel like a man is no different than taking anti-depressants to reignite your love for the rotten world.

Similar medicaments do not fix the large number of societal, cultural and environmental factors destroying testosterone and male prosperity in general. Drugs can make you feel better or even great, but they wouldn’t be as popular if the world wasn’t so detrimental to testosterone in the first place.

Giving men injections and then throwing them back in the same hostile environment that calls masculinity toxic is not a good long-term plan.

4. TRT Works

Unlike the dubious supplements promoted by hypertrophy wizards, TRT backs its promises. Even if you want to hate the protocol, you cannot ignore the overwhelming reports of males who are injecting and feeling “better than ever”.

Here’s what the typical TRT endorser says:

“It cured my depression. My muscles feel tighter…filled with blood. Strength is through the roof. I’m getting constant attention from women. They can smell my pheromones. Yesterday, I looked at a slut. Fucked her hard one hour later. No joke, brahs. I got more results from this in 3 months than lifting like a loser a.k.a. a natural for a decade. I’m sold.”

Of course, some of the testimonials regarding TRT are diluted by placebo, but even with that in mind, it’s hard to overlook the undeniable, tangible benefits such as extra energy, positive attitude, courage, assertiveness and of course an increase of muscle mass and strength.

5. TRT Is the Secret of Big Old Guys in The Gym

I’ve met a group of aging muscle professors who look significantly more muscular than the younger crowd at almost every gym I’ve ever been to. At first, I thought that those men had training wisdom that the noobs were yet to acquire, but as the years went by, I got exposed to multiple conversations suggesting otherwise.

After a while, a member of the group usually confesses to injecting, albeit while downplaying the role of steroids:

“I take them, but I don’t feel like they’re doing much,” says the 44-year-old lawyer who has 16.5-inch arms and a set of six-pack abs.

Some of those guys are on more than just testosterone. Those with sufficient resources take growth hormone for example. Yet the same men have no problem criticizing your lifting template and filling your head with doctrines backed by chemical enhancement rather than groundbreaking “engineering”.

6. TRT Hits Your Fertility

Steroids have a proven negative impact on men’s ability to father children. The same applies to TRT even when the doses are low. Some guys are incredibly fertile, but after six months of TRT, their sperm count drops to zero.

To regain your ability to impregnate women after constant TRT cycles, you would have to become an expert in fertility-boosting substances yourself or pay a professional to fix you and pray for the best.

Nonetheless, it would be incorrect to state that TRT makes you infertile forever. It doesn’t. Fertility is shut down after prolonged used, but it could be regained back.

7. TRT Gains Are Not Eternal

Muscle acquired from TRT cannot be kept without regular injections. The extra mass does not evaporate quickly, but it will definitely disappear if steroids are discontinued.

If it was possible to retain steroidal muscular development, many men would do a few cycles and then quit forever. But life doesn’t work this way. Once you remove the primary growth factor, the body stops receiving commands to synthesize extra protein, and the musculature shrinks.

Some bodybuilders say: “I kept a lot of my size even off drugs.” More often than not, those individuals haven’t been off cycle long enough to fully detransform to their natural shape.

8. TRT Is Fairly Safe

TRT comes with side effects, especially when people double or triple their doses and turn the regime into full-blown steroid cycling, but with enough info and medical supervision, TRT can be done for life.

Bayer AG, Berlin supported an 11-year study including 823 hypogonadal men many of whom were on the fat side.

428 of the participants were put on testosterone therapy whereas the rest did not take anything. The group on TRT did significantly better. Its mortality rate was 5.4% in comparison to 19.5% among non-enhanced men. Moreover, the men on testosterone supplementation got leaner and benefited from improved insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure and more muscle mass. [source]

9. You Never Know If TRT Will Cause Hair Loss or Not

People say that steroids speed up hair loss only if you’re already prone to it. Meanwhile, some individuals experience fairly quick hair loss without previous symptoms upon starting injections.

In most cases, hair loss is detrimental to your overall appearance. Sure, some women like bald men and often use dudes like Jason Statham and Vin Diesel as an example, but that’s cherry-picking at its finest.

Hair thinning is one more reason why TRT is a better fit for older family men. If you already have children, and your head is balding anyway, the side effects of TRT have nothing on you. In the meantime, young dudes who are still climbing the love ladder could potentially lose crucial attractiveness points.

Women today are omega picky, especially in the beginning. And if the extra muscle mass and “masculinity” that you gain from TRT cannot compensate for the accelerated or newly stimulated hair loss, you would receive a penalty for it regardless of how much women allegedly like bald men.

This is the price that we pay for living in an incredibly visual world.

10. The Longer You Are On TRT, The Harder It Is to Recover

What do you think happens when you stay on TRT for years? The body forgets how to produce testosterone and needs an extended course to refresh its memory.

In theory, you can quit TRT whenever you want, but the damage to your testosterone factory will require a restoration process with an unknown deadline. How long will it take to reacquire your balls? 3 months? 6 months? 8 months? Forever? Whatever the answer is, the process is unpleasant. The longer you’re on, the harder it is to bounce back.

Recovery is still possible, though. When people stop injecting and go off, they usually pass through a long period of feeling lethargic and castrated. The extra muscle disappears faster than your girl does when you lose your job; the strength goes away; the Spartan power faints quickly too.

An important question, in this scenario, would be – what are you recovering to anyway? At best, you will reach your previous testosterone metrics, although some argue that you will never go back to the levels before the TRT journey.

Many people who quit TRT and “recover” feel worse than when they started TRT. This is hardly a surprise since TRT is not a cure – it’s a donation. Once the substance goes away, you go back to the same or even lower levels. You can think of it as a form of welfare – it doesn’t fix the lack of money on a basic level; it’s simply a patching mechanism.

11. Men on TRT Are Not Natural

Many individuals delude themselves into thinking that as long as they’re on TRT, they’re natural:

“I’m just increasing my levels to what they should be.”

Here’s the deal, brah – if you need medicaments to have optimal “natural” levels, how natural can you possibly be? It’s like saying I’m taking sleeping pills but fall asleep naturally.

Somewhat ironically, this statement is usually made by people whose TRT dosing is a steroid cycle rather than “replacement”.

Why do they do it? It’s a rationalization. Some people want to lie about their natural status to everyone – including themselves.

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  1. mattsk1

    Mental Health. Scary, Real, and Treatable.

  2. Brett

    How long do you think it will take an average guy on a average steroid cycle of 500mg of test a week to lose his extra gains after stopping the steroids? Does it matter how long the guy has been cycling steroids?

    Will this process take longer or be shortened by someone who cycles different compounds (for example tren and test)?

    And for guys who take growth hormone will they no be altered forever considering gh effects bones too?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t think it’s possible to know for sure, but after six month off steroids, there should be serious detransformation. But since most people on TRT aren’t that big, I’d say three months or less may do it. Strength will drop even faster.

      Growth hormone probably causes some bone abnormality. Some pros’ skulls have changed. And they have massive fingers too. But they abuse it.

  3. Steven Crook

    Thanks for that.

    I’d been wondering about TRT. I’m 64 and, frankly, beginning to feel the years. So not so much for any muscle building benefits, but just to feel better about myself, ease the mental pain of getting older and generally push back against the gravity of old age and the sarcopenia that accompanies it.

    1. mattsk1


      I am older too and can relate to your frustrations of getting older. If you don’t want to build muscle and just feel better I would suggest getting aquainted to glute bridges, walking, and loaded carries. Keep in mind what ever works the pelvis is going to increase blood supply to thes testes (the T producer). Also keep the testes as cool as possible. Try taking cooler showers and sleeping naked if you don’t already do. Avoid keeping a labtop on your lap.

      1. Sam

        That seems to me to be much more sensible than to depend on TRT for the rest of your life.

        1. Steven Crook

          Read the bit where I said I was 64.

          There are age related changes that *are* caused by decline in testosterone production that occurs when men age. I’d like to offset some of them, and, frankly, if the only way to do it is through TRT then I’m happy to go that route. I don’t view it as dependence but it’s a way of extending the period of my life where I can be fit, active and healthy.

          I’m not some 40 something muscle warrior…

          1. Sam

            I read that you are 64, but then you have about 30 years to go. Do you want to be dependent on medication for another 30 years? Have you ever done blood tests? Have you tried the natural ‘remedies’ yet? Or would you rather take the easiest way and have a shot in your body every week?

            And I want to note that aging is something very natural and human. You may need to adapt lifestyle and sports to your age. (Btw, I know what I’m talking about because I’m also middle-aged ?)

      2. Steven Crook

        Yeah, do most of that already particularly the walking. My body fat is low < 15% and generally closer to 10 and I exercise a lot. It's just recovery from injuries and a general lack of feelings of wellbeing.

        If I was a woman of my age and wanted HRT it would be given to me without a big fuss after the risks had been explained. I don't see TRT as being any different, at least for guys over 60.

        1. Sam

          Maybe you should put on your reading glasses and read Truth Seeker’s 11 points regarding TRT…?

        2. mattsk1


          TRT is not a magic pill. I would suggets getting support in a community of those who feel as you do and possibly seeing a therapist to work through some difficult feelings you are dealing with. I would encourage you to try to have compasion on yourself. Easier said then done, but helpful. Feelings are important.

  4. CJ

    Very good article. One of your best. Your analogy with trt and other pharmaceuticals is a dark reminder of the masquerading properties of hormone therapy that are often overlooked. Like most if not ALL drugs, it doesn’t fix the underlying problems, only as long as you sell your soul to the stuff and prolong the facade. And the notion that men are less masculine is probably true, but may not be so true, and could very well be (and certainly is) just to push this kind of shit. I think you’re on the right track Mr. Truth. But this is the future. If it’s not an antidepressant its trt meanwhile we’re all fucked up

  5. MattW

    #11 requires accepting that life is not fair. It’s not supposed to be fair, there is no god of fairness to make everything even out. Some men are simply less than others. It’s an ugly thing to say.

    The upside is that every man can be better tomorrow than he is today.

  6. Matt Hawkins

    Taking Viagra makes more sense. Cheaper, you can take it orally, it gives boners which TRT does not do, there is no hair loss, no decrease in sperm count, no depression if stopped, increased blood flow should help build muscle during weight training. TRT is easy income for lazy doctors.

    1. Ion Barbu

      You have no idea what TRT is, my friend. Viagra is not recommended. Testosterone has other functions in the body than just boners. Boners come from your mind. A healthy mind and body belong to an organism that nature allows reproducing. Viagra does not help is your sex drive is lower than the ground level.
      Low Testosterone symptoms include brain fog, depression, lack of energy and motivation. Bringing back the body to a healthy level of test is the first step.
      Also, Viagra is known to cause strokes and hart attacks. TRT has shown to help avoid heart issues.
      Please do more research.

      1. Matt Hawkins

        Ion, I tried TRT for two months when I was 55, now I am 68. After an initial rush, the impact of TRT tapers off. Cialis is also a good choice. TRT has drawbacks. Your body will process part of the testosterone into excess estrogen. Happy boners gives a healthy mind.

        Now if someone has zero, or very low, testosterone, such as bodybuilders who have abused anabolic steroids, they definitely need TRT. In the US, doctors push TRT even when men are in the low normal range, which is what happened to me.

  7. twp

    How about the fitness gurus claiming that it doesn’t matter how much testosterone you have as long as you are in the natty range(which is 250-1000 ng/dl for <30 men). And you experience extra anabolic benefits only if are above the natty limits. It like saying that with 1100 ng/dl you wil experience insane gains, but on 900 ng/dl you won't benefit from your high natty test, because it is in the natty range and it really doesn't matter if you have 400 ng/dl or 900ng/dl.

    1. Matt Hawkins

      Studies have shown you need to go far above the natural testosterone limit to get muscle growth benefit, not slightly above. The fitness gurus you refer to are correct.

      1. Jeremy

        You’re so full of shit Matt Hawkins lol.

        1. Matt Hawkins

          No, Jeremy, you are so full of shit. lol.

          “More interesting still, the amount of testosterone you have at rest—in healthy young men, at least—doesn’t appear to have much to do with muscle growth either. In fact, the latest science shows that guys who built the most muscle after 12 weeks of weight training weren’t the ones with the highest testosterone levels, but the ones with more androgen receptors.”

          “In other words, the injections took testosterone levels well outside of their normal physiological range, which is why they had such a big impact on muscle growth. Even if you could raise your testosterone levels by 10, 20, or 30 percent, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what you’re getting from drugs.”

          – other related studies are referenced in this study.

          The usual (modest) TRT injections build muscle in men only if they are below physiological (normal range) levels. Doctors shoot for mid- range, so if someone is low normal and they get boosted to midrange, this does not build muscle. If someone persuades their doctor to give large injections then they are on a mild cycle:


  8. Redbeard

    500mg test cruise crew checking in

  9. TRT

    I am 40 years old. I have been on TRT since 32. It’s probably one of the best choices I made in my life. My dose is 125mg per week. I gained about 7 pounds of lean gains and lost about same amount of fat. It may not sound like a lot but I look drastically different. My blood pressure and cholesterol improved on TRT. My libido is a bit better, although as natty it wasn’t too bad either. The only draw back is a bit of oily skin. Not a biggie. According to blood work (every 6 months) I am healthier on TRT. I also feel better.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Feel free to ask me anything.

  10. NonaYerbiz

    Just turned 49 and was pretty sure I was low on testosterone since about the start of Covid but wasn’t able to get any testing done until earlier this year. Got two morning tests a month or so apart and was below the limit on both of them. I don’t care about gaining muscle or any of that nonsense, I just wanted a boner again. Taking 200mg every two weeks, I didn’t notice anything until I think the 3rd or 4th week when all of a sudden I started getting morning erections again and was able to bang my wife again. It hasn’t fixed everything, but it seems like on the right path now. I couldn’t care less if I had to take it daily, like my father apparently has to.

    I think it’s funny when people state that drugs don’t work, because I’d be dead with out antibiotics.

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