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11 Important Facts About TRT That Everyone Should Know

| by Truth Seeker |

1. TRT Propaganda Dates Back To the 1940s Over the last few years, the mainstream media has been heavily promoting the idea that modern men are losing their manliness due to a persistent fall of the average testosterone levels. It’s hardly a coincidence that a rise of TRT clinics accompanies those claims. Luckily, they have […]

Natural Bodybuilding: Are Pistol Squats Enough for Legs?

| by Truth Seeker |

I learned about pistol squats over ten years ago. I read about them in the blog of a dude following the training principles of Pavel Tsatsouline. To this day, I remember a quote from that blogger: “I do 5×5 pistol squats and have no complaints about how my legs look.” Was he right, though? Are […]