Vegan Bodybuilders – Do They Take Steroids?

| by Truth Seeker |


The army of vegan bodybuilders has been increasing quickly. More and more fighters against atrophy are switching to plant-based fuel. One of the main traits characterizing the herb squad is the extra purity associated with the vegan label. The mainstream machine has convinced everyone that vegans are extremely compassionate individuals. If someone’s a vegan, he is a good person by default.

In the world of muscle, this mind conditioning has the following effect – the natty martyrs look up to the vegan bodybuilders as a source of pristine training info and inspiration. Vegans are seen as pure, ethical bros following special routines. They are righteous individuals in a world where apathy, idleness and confusion have hijacked the moral compasses of most humans. More importantly, there’s a higher chance that they are 100% full-blown natty brahs. After all, the vegan soul cares so much about the cows that it can’t be possibly lying to the kids…

I can see why the unaware population raised by memes would fall for this notion, but it isn’t true. To know the true nature of someone, you need to study his actions and results rather than his posts on social media.

Abstract talking and theory-crafting do not reveal much about one’s character. It doesn’t really matter what a person says when his actions and behavior point in a direction that does not coincide with his verbal indications. This concept is simple to understand but incredibly hard to implement because we want to be lied to and often con ourselves into accepting principles and rules structured around manipulated feelings.

If the results are present, so are the actions.

The fact that someone’s a vegan does not make him or her more likely to be natural. If a lifter displays muscular development and leanness uncharacteristic of a steroid-free bodybuilder, that person is not natty regardless of his social status or nutritional habits.

Specific results require specific actions. When you see a musician playing really well, you immediately know that he has spent a lot of time training. Regardless of talent, people can’t perform complicated pieces without a high number of practice hours.

Muscle construction is no different.

If a monk displays pro musculature, he isn’t natural regardless of what his prayers are filled with.

If a homeless man displays pro musculature, he is injecting no matter how incomprehensible that may seem from the outside.

If you see a squirrel with IFBB musculature, it’s not natural.

If a pure vegan bro displays pro musculature, he is injecting regardless of the memes he spams the world with.

Every title comes with a rite of passage that no man can avoid. Nobody is that special.

Does veganism possess extreme anabolic properties?

The confused right brain hemispheres in this world are inclined to believe that veganism has an in-built voodoo hack catalyzing insane muscular growth. People attribute so much power to plant-based eating that it becomes rather seductive to conclude that heavy banana injections stimulate alienesque hypertrophy too. Not the case.

Vegan diets make it hard to supply the body with protein and fats essential for hormone production. Obviously, it can be done if you have the knowledge and dedication, but the mission demands extra calibration. Meanwhile, the evil animal eaters can simply consume eggs to cover their basis.

Another issue with vegan diets is the high carb content and the difficulty to find protein that isn’t in the company of calorie bombs. Many vegans rely on supplements to partially overcome this issue.

The Myth of The Magic Herb

We’ve all seen it – the hero in the movie gets hurt, and the shamans fix him up with off-the-grid herbs. Similar imagery makes it easy for the spectators to embrace the existence of magic grass capable of basically everything including steroid-like hypertrophy.

There are plants that can boost one’s testosterone levels and induce more frequent and harder erections, but this isn’t enough to produce the musculature common for steroid users. You don’t need ever so slightly higher test to experience otherworldly growth. You need supraphysiological testosterone stats to get insanely big muscles. This requires a significant alteration of one’s hormonal balance.

In other words, even if there’s an herb that can boost your testosterone levels to the necessary levels, it will naturally come with the side effects common for steroids because no one’s testosterone production centers are genetically predisposed to generating such quantities.

Hormones exercise the role of regulators and without manipulating them, one is stuck within the natty limits. You can’t trigger growth without this step. There isn’t a training rep range or steroid-free nutrition that can trigger the same hypertrophy regardless of the illogical beliefs and conclusions residing in the dreamers’ craniums.

The organism is naturally designed only for so much hypertrophy. To reach past this threshold, a significant alteration akin to genetic manipulation is in order. Steroids provide it; veganism doesn’t.

Vegans, Social Media, The Bubble

Cities represent an artificial environment that we have created in the hope to reach new peaks and live easier lives. Some of the major elements that have contributed to the formation of the urban box are the never-ending technological progress, the need for control over the population through economic dependence and the strong investment in the search of material leisure at all costs.

One of the consequences of city life is alienation. When you spend most of your time in front of screens, in cars, in buses, in metros and malls, you forget how it all started.

Isn’t it weird that many people do their best to abandon civilization during their so-called free time, but very few are willing to move in the forest forever? We want the comfort of the city, but we can’t mute the adventurer within us – nature’s sounds speak louder than a car horn.

Our cities are bubbles that appear comfortable and “required”. Social media and veganism have created a bubble too – a place where everything is nice and shiny. But that place is not real. The world is sweet but also cruel and full of pain.

Nonetheless, escapism has good sides too. Obsessing constantly over the darkness will not create more light in this world. Yet the pretentious and fake positive thinking shifts the focus towards irrelevant material far from people’s true core. Humans are more obsessed with games than actual living. We support a simulation that we con ourselves into seeing as essential.

A simple example would be sports a.k.a. made up human spectacles. Sports have value, but in the end, they are just a game. The whole entertainment world is designed to satisfy and monetize one’s adrenaline needs while keeping the environment sterile enough to preserve the main mechanism.

The Righteousness Halo

The halo effect stimulates decision making founded on irrelevant arguments. We attribute qualities to people on the basis of feelings and perception without concrete evidence and structural logic. A single positive trait serves as a judging point for a whole palette of qualities.

The principle holds true in the case of vegan bodybuilders. Vegans are seen as tenderhearted humans because they want to create a world with less suffering. Consequently, people assume that the vegan crowd acts with the same nobleness in all other aspects of life including muscle construction. That conclusion is false. Vegans simply don’t eat animal products. Nothing more. One can be a vegan and a serial killer injecting Trenbolone on a daily basis at the same time.

#Vegan = Extra likes

Marketers rely on trendy concepts to appear progressive and up to date. Veganism is not new, but the consistent social media posts refresh the page constantly. Many join the vegan camp simply to gain credit points and popularity.

Why would bodybuilders behave differently? They don’t. Anything that can boost their exposure is welcome. If #vegan helps, some will take advantage of it.

Industrialization and the Economic Warfare

Killing animals and eating them is natural. Predators do it all the time. Nobody criticizes lions for their behavior towards zebras. Humans can exercise the role of predators too because we have the brain plasticity to create strategies for domination over creatures physically stronger than us.

The defenders of veganism will say that we have evolved since then and should, therefore, benefit from our technological and economic infrastructure by becoming plant-based eaters. True or not, this doesn’t change the fact that a human can exercise the role of a predator in nature. We are built for it.

The actual reason for the ugly imagery in the animal farms is not necessarily the desire or need to eat meat. After all, humans have been meat eaters for the better part of their existence. In the past, we were simply predators no different than a lion or a tiger. You can try to virtue signal all you want, but it’s not humans’ fault that nature requires the death of animals to perpetuate its cycle.

The current problem comes from industrialization and the economic war demanding never-ending production of material products.

Think of the modern way meat is produced – animals are raised in a farm, pumped with growth hormone and fed with whatever to grow as quickly as possible; then they are slaughtered by the thousands; the workers who do it become desensitized eventually. Everything is reduced to its economic value.

In the past, the process was different. People were raising their meat themselves or hunting for it. Today, you just go to the supermarket and buy food without thinking much about its origin. Total alienation.

Contrary to popular belief, you can be a meat eater and respect animals even more than vegans. For instance, the native Americans worshiped the buffalo and lived in perfect harmony with nature. They adapted to their environment instead of bending it to their will. Yes, they were primitive compared to the modern society, but the value and depth of one’s life are not decided by the toys present in a particular era.

Nowadays people are essentially children in comparison to their ancestors. We have grown men obsessing over text messages; women whose primary occupation is selfie selection; we live in cages that we don’t own (even if you have fully paid for your apartment or house, you are still subject to taxes on it which means that it’s not really yours).

We are fully submerged in the economic game. It controls every aspect of our lives. On an individual level, you can escape, but you will be alone as your family members will not follow you. Nobody will.

Even if we all become vegans, the causes of the problem that vegans are seemingly fixing will not disappear.

In conclusion

Vegans do take steroids, brother.

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  1. Jai

    As usual, another masterpiece 🙂

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Jai.

  2. swabbie

    Veganism is hipster bullshit designed to dry money from stupid, gullible and mentally challenged people
    Just google for “Freelee The Banana girl and Durian rider lawsuits and post pimping” to get the picture – they are making thousands of dollars, and have millions of subscribers who blindly follow and believe in all their bs

  3. Brett

    Great article. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Old science says that cholesterol causes heart attacks. New research however suggests otherwise. Professor Tim Noakes (a diabetic who used to preach a high carb diet) from South Africa has been preaching a high fat diet for some time (he is not the only one).

    New research suggests this: Sugar causes bruising in the arteries. Cholesterol (a fatty substance naturally produced by the body) then is sent to go and patch up and heal the bruised artery wall.

    So eating high carbs and sugar will make you insulin resistant (give you diabetes) and increase your risk of having a heart attack (built up cholesterol breaks off and blocks artery)

    Eating a high fat diet DOES NOT cause heart attacks. In fact I have six eggs a day, yet my cholesterol levels are apparently too low according to my insurance company.

    One last point Vegan Gains (one of the embassadors of veganism) is a bitter resentful human being who still preaches old science and is to arrogant to actually research what he is saying. Soya does raise estrogen levels and eating red meat, eggs etc will not cause you to have a heart attack. He also claims he has 19 inch arms (guess we already know what type of person would say such a thing with a straight face).

    They way animals are treated before they are slaughtered, I agree is immoral. However this doesn’t make veganism a ‘healthier’ choice.

    Overall a balanced diet is always the best option.

    1. Bosko the aristocrat

      Do you listen to your unhealthy logic and lies. Soy food is healthy in moderation. Your claiming is like salt is poison. In reality Salt is natriumchloride, doesn’t mean chlore in it will kill you dumbo.because is differently chemichaly binded and is a whole different level . Same with phytochemichals in soy dumbass

      1. Brett

        Everything in moderation, hence the last line of my argument (a balanced diet).

        However, with veganism, mostly the only natural source of protein these people eat is either from soy, nuts, seeds or perhaps soy powder protein shakes. Hence why I don’t think it would be in ‘moderation’ if a balanced diet would require you to eat some protein every day.

        Besides I never said it was ‘unhealthy’ to eat soy. To some people raising their estrogen levels could be considered a good thing (think of transgender women). However there have also been studies that link eating soy foods to cancer in women (real women). Simply because the soya eaten today is not the same as the original soya that was eaten in Asia.

        Secondly, what part of what I said makes me a dumbass. Besides the soya part you haven’t explained where you disagree or how my argument or professor Tim Noakes is wrong (amongst other medical professionals). Clearly you have done more research than a professor and I’m sure you would love to share your findings with us.

        Science is science. Science is always looking for the truth. If gravity is disproved today then it will no longer be taught as ‘law’ hypothetically speaking. So why is food nutrition any different? The old food pyramid is old science and outdated. It says eating meat and fats should be eaten in moderation and that your diet should be mostly carbohydrates. It has now been proven that sugar (glucose) causes diabetes (insulin resistant from constant spike in blood sugar from eating carbohydrates) and that sugar causes the increase in choleserol hence the risk of having a heart attack.

        Thirdly, sir your comparison is one that is ‘stupid’. The human body does indeed need some sodium to function. HOWEVER the human body does not at all need soy to function. You are comparing a mineral to a food. The protein in soy can be found elsewhere and not at the cost of your testosterone levels.

        New millenials aren’t called ‘soy boys’ for nothing.

        1. swabbie

          Glucose spikes and sugar consumption don’t cause diabetes
          Every carb and protein source in nature cause spikes in blood glucose so it’s completly ilogical
          Being overweight, inactive and living unhealthy can cause diabetes (fat people tends to eat more sugary products than others , nd that is incorrectly associated with diabetes)
          Also genetics plays a huge role

          1. Brett

            Swabbie. First of all, yes the human body will release insulin no matter what you eat (protein, carbs or fats).

            Insulin is released to command the body to start burning the newly ingested food as energy and to stop burning calories for energy.

            The problem lies with the fact that CARBOHYDRATES only serves one function in the body. It has to used as energy or it is stored as fat whatever is not burnt. The difference between carbohydrates and fats are that fats are simply a a food that is higher in calories per grams. Thus keeping you feeling ‘full’ for longer.

            So if I ate one bowl of full cream yoghurt, it would contain more calories than eating one packet of potatoe chips. However both actions would cause my body to release insulin. However, after eating the yoghurt I would only feel hungry again maybe three hours later (hypothetically speaking) whilst after eating the packet of potatoes chips (or any chips for that matter) I would feel hungry almost immediately (maybe just ten minutes later), thus making me eat again, and again my body will release insulin.

            This cause a problem. As human being were never meant to eat so frequently. Our bodies then become what is know as insulin resistant and the person becomes a diabetic. This is proven through research and is now widely medically accepted.

            Some people can inherit diabetes from there parents (born a diabetic), but nobody is born more predisposed to becoming a diabetic if they come from two healthy parents.

            Please can you show me the studies which have not been funded by coca cola etc, that show that excessive sugar and high carb intake will not increase your chances of becoming a diabetic (please note, I am not referring to brocolli, carrots, green beans etc. I am referring to white rice, pasta, white bread, potatoes etc)

            As far as I know refined sugar, enters the bloodstream, causes a spike in blood sugar levels, which causes a insulin spike in the body, which then leaves the individual feeling ‘tired’ fifteen minutes later wanting more sugar to have energy again. HENCE THE PHRASE ‘SUGAR HIGH’.

            Your argument is kind of weird. How do you think fat people become fat? Do you think they are eating avocado, feta cheese, full cream yoghurt and boiled eggs? Or do you think they are eating donuts, fast food, pizza, ice cream and plenty or refined carbs while washing it all down with a 2L bottle of coca cola? Yes fat people also eat red meat, but they are not fat from the meat, they are fat from the sugary sources they constantly dip their pork chops in sugary sources and all the other saturated fats they eat.

            You can live unhealthily (take drugs and smoke and never do any exercise) but if you never eat junk food and refined carbs your chances of getting diabetes will be less than an athlete that constantly drinks energade and redbull every half hour.

            I have seen both sides of the coin. My mother is a dietician. She has always preached the classic food pyramid. That was what she was taught. However even she always tells her patients to cut out processed carbs immediately it they hope to drastically loose weight (obese patients).

            My aunt became a diabetic a few years ago from years of unhealthy high carb and sugar eating. She changed to a high fat diet after this and lost so much weight that I barely recognised her when I saw her again. Sadly she has already damaged her body (pancreas) and it will never release insulin again.

            I have no agenda. I am not a pharmaceutical company trying to get you on chronic medication for the rest of your life, nor am I a energy drink company only concerned with turnover. If you want to debate otherwise. Ask yourself this. WHO STANDS TO BENEFIT FROM YOU BECOMING A DIABETIC, AND WHO HAS THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS AT STAKE?

          2. CJ

            Another “genetics plays a huge role” guy. You, and soo many, have been so immensely decieved. I will waste my time in telling you that while genetics are indeed a factor, they play much more of a minor role than you have been falsely led to believe. Tseeker touches on this on almost every one of his posts, including this one, about how HUMAN genetics ultimately can get you only so far (and it is not very far.) A term and subject that has completely been blown out of proportion and is so absolutely misunderstood and misused that is becoming painful to see and hear the very fucking word.

        2. Fatman

          The scientific evidence for soy elevating estrogen levels is pretty shaky. As with most nutritional research, there are arguments for an against. Many vegans/vegetarians actually avoid it because they believe the soy used in supplements is an industrial byproduct and unfit for human consumption. I think this makes some sense, and I don’t like soy anyway.

          The term “soy boy” was coined by men with visible symptoms of high estrogen as an insult to people they disagree with – what you would call an example of Freudian projection. I wouldn’t read too much into it.

        3. Bosko the aristocrat

          Listen Bratt , there r multiple studies who show soy doesn’t affect t levels. However there is something opposite of estrogen that destroys male tesicles and internal organes and lives, it is called androgen hormones and stuff.

          1. Brett

            Thanks for the enlightment Bosko the aristocrat.

            Your truth bombs are a blessing to us all.

  4. MB

    Do competitive powerlifters who are not at top level take steroids or can they be natural too?

    1. Fatman

      Well “competitive” is a pretty all-encompassing term, especially in powerlifting.

      Firstly, anyone can compete in powerlifting at some level. So yes, you can be natural and a competitive PLer.

      Secondly, everyone and their uncle has their own powerlifting “federation”. Then within the “federation”, you sometimes have age classes, etc. All these “federations” organize “competitions” in which “world records” are set. Many of these federations are drug tested, which doesn’t mean much, but the incentive to take steroids to win obscure “titles” just isn’t there. Based on their meet results and “world records”, it’s quite possible to compete in these “federations” as a natural.

      Thirdly, unlike in bodybuilding, one can get pretty decent at powerlifting without steroids. Not strong enough to contend for the top spots in internationally recognized events, but very strong.

      I don’t know if this answers your question.

      1. MB

        Thank you for your respond.
        Once I saw a women contest in the 63 kg / 139 pounds class category squating 280 pounds, bench pressing 200 pounds and deadlifting over 350 pounds. When I see these numbers I always start to doubt.

        1. Fatman

          That’s sort of what I was getting at. While excellent, those numbers would not be exactly “competitive” in a national or international-level event. You can never know for sure who is on steroids and who isn’t, but it is possible to achieve those lifts as a natural IMO.

        2. Bosko the aristocrat

          Listen friend , some rezpond beter on big weights some on medium some on small on different set and rep range. ExperimEnt and find yours. You must find youself.

  5. Victor

    Another good one.

    There is any fitness/BB resource (site or yt channel) that you consider useful?
    I mean about the training or nutrition info being solid, not necessarly addressing the drug issue honestly (or adressing this issue at all).

  6. E

    “The mainstream machine has convinced everyone that vegans are extremely compassionate individuals. If someone’s a vegan, he is a good person by default.”

    What? Almost everyone I know who announces their intention to become a vegan or who is a vegan instantly becomes the object of scorn and is looked upon with contempt. They are a bizarre freak. Everyone knows real men eat the rotting carcasses of dead animals. To not do other wise makes one a pussy.

    The mainstream machine has convinced everyone that carnivores are extremely manly individuals. If someone is a carnivore they are a well adjusted normal human by default.

    Dude, your rants lately virtually mirror mainstream thinking.

    1. Tristan Kent

      Veganism ain’t mainstream. Carnivorous dieting is because factory farming is where the $$$ is at, consuming cows that consume crops…capitalistic kinda stuff. Defending the unnecessary waste that is factory farming is strange to me. Me? I am not vegan at all. I buy right into the crap because of my job.

      The main trend is orthorexic nutritional obsession, I tell ya. This diet, that diet, “ya need nutrients breh!!” “Moar nutrients!”

  7. N.T. arun

    Lol,I thought as you as a great philosopher and I have never read someones writing with so much interest as you and I usually agree with everything you say except are not right on this subject.bodybuilders take steroids,they lie,there are non vegans and vegans too that lie but you are extending it to hate on vegans.I accept its hard to get protein in veganism as i am struggling with it now as after a long layoff I am back to concentration on fitness and reduce my speak as if vegans r doing it for publicity and being trendy but that’s only a few bitches .I myself really cry for animals and most of them are naturally more empathic. In fact veganism is opposite to authority and sort of love for nature.after two wonderful posts,I was saddened to see this one.

  8. Dr. Arthur DiAntonio

    I purchased all of your books and was not able to download them and I am very disappointed. Can anything be done to remedy this situation? Dr. Art

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I sent you an e-mail with a reactivated link. You will probably receive one from the system too. You should be able to download them from there.

      Thank you for the support.

  9. Jackhammer

    “The mainstream machine has convinced everyone that vegans are extremely compassionate individuals. If someone’s a vegan, he is a good person by default.”

    So true. Every time this point is made, just pause to remember that Hitler was a vegetarian and was sensitive to animals.

    “….several eyewitness sources maintain Hitler was a vegetarian because of his concern for animal suffering, noting that he was often distressed by images of animal cruelty and suffering, and was an antivivisectionist.”

    Vegans are superior, evolved humans and are good by default? Pucker up your soy stained lips and kiss my carnivorous, digested meat expelling ass.

  10. Andykaufmantony

    Truth Seeker, thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

  11. sLaYeR

    So you compare all vegans with Hitler? Well boy what you said proves that you are an uneducated fool. Is like saying that “all predator meat eaters are an inferior human being, more like an animal”. So, to answer your question, yes, we are more evolved than you, superior depends on what? And maybe we are not good by default, but we make a choice thats not easy at all, we walk the other path. You seem to be one more of the cattle

    1. swabbie

      Haha, you just confirmed my experience with all vegans that I know – most of them are arogant and prepotent assholes or they have some kind of mental issues like low self esteem, depression or similar

    2. Rob

      You, the self righteous vegan cult, really are a tiring obnoxious bunch, no wonder people can’t stand you.

  12. Jackhammer

    Did I compare all vegans to Hitler? No.

    The logic proceeds from the major premise: “Vegans are superior by default,” which the author (correctly) stated is a mainstream propaganda message.

    I attacked that premise by using the near universal example of human evil, Hitler, who was NOT superior by virtue of his vegetarian theory and practice.

    You clumsily changed my premise to “All vegans are Hitler”. Logic fail.

    Then you conclude that hey, you are actually superior after all because you walk some lonely, painful bullshit vegan warrior path. You only reinforced my contempt for you phuqqers. May you swerve your Prius to avoid a squirrel in the road and drive off a cliff to into the ocean, to be eaten by highly evolved meat eating orcas.

    1. sLaYeR

      Hahaha, you just confirmed that all you biased, intolerant and ignorant stupid motherfuckers are just the same, a dime a dozen. Maybe the “assholes ” you know fit in the description you made, but assuming that every one are the same, damn.

      1. swabbie

        It’s suffice to stay that if you want to stay healthy as vegan you have to take supplements – that is a fact of life that every sane doctor and nutritionist will tell you
        Diet that requires pills or B12 vitamin shots is nor balanced nor natural – so much about your superiorty haha

    2. Tristan Kent

      I agree with Hitler and vegans.

      Both ‘White Nationalists’ and ‘vegans’ today use steroids(The Golden One is a good example) and are flaming open perverts, degenerates. Some, however, like Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting, are decent fellas that I wish I could help out amidst the swamp of Alt-Right disinformation.

  13. sLaYeR

    So, according to your logic, every time you meet a vegan you need to make a “pause” and remember Hitler? and that is no comparison? You said “The logic proceeds from the major premise: “Vegans are superior by default,” well, let me tell you that your logic and your vision are not working very well. The premise was “If someone’s a vegan, he is a good person by default”. Good is not the same as superior, i guess it is in your mind.
    Lonely, painful, warrior path? Guess what? is not lonely, is not painful and warrior path? LOL you have brain damage.
    Is evident why you use Hitler as an example of human evil, you only reinforced my contempt against you “phuqqer”

    1. Tristan Kent

      “Never forget,” right Slayer?

  14. 3U665

    “If you see a squirrel with IFBB musculature, it’s not natural.”
    Well, that is not an accurate analogy when it comes to hypertrophy in animals, think of Belgian blue cows, they are jacked due to genetics and not by the introduction of artificial testosterone and growth hormones. Still, great post as always.

    1. Jackhammer

      I will argue your point that your example of Belgian Blues are somehow different from steroid use to get “jacked”. BB Bulls are the result of human manipulation of a particular mutation that results in double muscling. It is a freakish and unnatural creature that experiences a difficult life from the womb.

      You have actually reinforced author’s point in my opinion because if you know the facts about Belgian Blues and steroid use, you would recognize the fact that they are about as natural as a “IFBB jacked squirrel”

  15. Truth teller

    Corrrect indeed.
    Frank Madrano comes to mind with his freaky ass strength and shredded god like body.

  16. Your mama

    Fuck you Truth Seeker and your illogical, biased and dumbass article. Fact is vegans are better than non-vegans. It’s straight up logical. Viruses like you are destroying this planet. You exploit the land sea and air like a motherfucker. You are simply jealous that vegans are now able to build muscle just like your lying ass meat eating loser ass bodybuilders. Fuck you and your article.

  17. Chicharro vengador

    Animal abusers have no limit about bullshitting…. Just another pathetic attempt to justify pleasure based violence…
    I can imagine an article written by you saying that people who refuses to rape are not better than the ones who do… Nice try pathetic abuser

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