Do you think that Tavi Castro is a Natural Bodybuilder?

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Tavi Castro is one of the most aesthetic bodybuilders on the planet. He carries a physique that most men would kill for. He has a tight waist, razor sharp abs, wide shoulders, humongous arms, 3D delts, separated legs, big calves…etc. Of course, all of this leads to one question – Is Tavi Castro a natural bodybuilder?

How big is Tavi Castro? 

Tavi Castro’s interview on says that as of now he has the following body stats:

Height: 5’10″/178cm
Weight: 202lbs/92 kg

The body fat of Tavi Castro is obviously no more than 8%. He has visible veins on his lower abs, and his entire abdominal region is deeply separated. The same goes for his lower body. You can see striations on his quads.

The stats above reveal the following:


Tavi Castro – 15lbs bigger than Zane and only 1 inch taller.

1. Tavi Castro is 17lbs heavier thank Frank Zane while being only an inch taller.

Note: Frank Zane Competed at 185lbs @ 5’9″. He stood next to Arnold and friends in many competitions.

Serge Nubret’s insane physique

2.Tavi Castro weighs about as much as Nubret did in his prime despite being shorter

Note: Serge Nubret competed at 200 lbs was 6′ tall. He is considered one of the best bodybuilders on the planet and stood next to known steroid users such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva.


Ed Corney was 5’7″ and 195lbs. He stood next to Arnold and friends.

3. Tavi Castro is 3 inches taller than Ed Corney and 7lbs heavier.

Tavi Castro is only inches taller than Shawn Ray and at point weighted as much as him.

Tavi Castro is only 2 inches taller than Shawn Ray and at one point weighed as much as him.

4.Tavi Castro is 2 inches taller and 10lbs lighter than the IFBB legend Shawn Ray

Note: Shawn Ray is listed as 5’7.7″ tall and his in-season weight was 205-215lbs. {source} He stood next to people like Dorian Yates. Obviously, he wasn’t natural.

Tavi Castro - as big as Zyzz and 3 inches shorter

Tavi Castro – as big as Zyzz and 3 inches shorter

5. Tavi Castro is about as big as Aziz Shavershian a.k.a. Zyzz despite being 3 inches shorter.

Note: Zyzz was about 205-210lbs at 6’1″ and didn’t hide his steroid use.

Conclusion: Tavi Castro is as good as the bodybuilders from the 70s who used anabolic steroids.

Tavi Castro looks out of this world: image source:

image source:

The Out Of This World Look

Tavi Castro possesses an out of this world look despite being only 24 years old. His shoulders rival those of known steroid users and the same goes for his traps. Those are the two places that blow up first when you are on anabolic steroids.

In conclusion

Tavi Castro is as natural as the professional bodybuilders from the 70s.

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  1. leecollins

    actually tavi use steroids…

  2. Svetoslav

    That is so funny. I just read this post. What prompted me to look for here was a comment I made on Tavi Castro instagram picture yesterday where again he was promoting some “out of this world” optimized intermittent fasting dist discovered by himself and widely publicized on his website. I mentioned that all this research that he did is absolutely great for him but the results will vary greatly from person to person and for a natural athlete non of that will translate at all. Naturally I have never questioned his non-natural status. To my big surprise he got very mad and arrogant and accused me of doing “wrong assumptions”….. What’s wrong with these guys on steroids. They are all fucked in the head and completely delusional. I seriously think that this is a side effect of the steroid abuse. The arrogance the stupid statements the belief that nobody can see the signs…. They are all fucked.

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