Should Lance Armstrong Lose His Medals Because Of Steroids?

| by Truth Seeker |

Lance Armstrong told the world that he has used performance-enhancing drugs (PED), and people started calling him a cheater. Nice, except that the crowd is not aware of the whole picture.

Everybody involved in professional sports knows that all competitors are taking PED because otherwise, it is impossible to be competitive.

We all know very well that there is a huge difference between bodybuilders on steroids and naturals. Regardless of talent, hard work and genetics, you can’t compete with the big boys if you are natural.

To a certain degree, the same holds true for many other sports where different kinds of PED help the end results.

Therefore, if everybody is using steroids, isn’t it logical to assume that Lance Armstrong deserves to keep his medals? As they say, is it cheating if everybody is doing it? The way I see it, you either let it go or punish all competitors. However, this idea isn’t politically correct because it would make all drug committees look incompetent.

То many people, this may seem like a big surprise, but if you connect two and two together, this is kindergarten stuff. Do you really think that professional sports aren’t full of corruption and lies like the rest of the human world?

The small countries are usually those who suffer the most because they don’t have a strong political influence to protect their representatives in big events. As always, some are more equal than others.

At the end of the day, I don’t think that Lance Armstrong should lose his medals. If that happens, the medals of the other athletes who competed next to him should be taken too.

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