David Laid – Natty Or Not?

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1. The purpose of this post is to analyze whether performance-enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids, growth hormone and highly potent body fat cutting agents unavailable in the supplements or “health” stores have been an integral part in constructing the present physique of David Laid – a top-tier muscle constructor.

How Big Is David Laid?

2. Currently, David Laid has the following stats:

2.1 Height: 6’2”/188cm

2.2 Weight: 190lbs–210lbs/86kg-95kg [his weight is fluctuating; according to a recent Instagram post /January 2nd/ Laid is “closing in at 210lbs”]

/screenshot 1  click to zoom or got to the link above/

2.3 Body fat: single digit body fat (David Laid presents exceptional leanness – the veins covering his legs and lower abs are visible; he has super-detailed abdominal muscles)

2.4 FFMI

The Fat Free Mass Index (FFMI) of David Laid is 22 at 190lbs | 8% body fat | 6’2”.

The FFMI of David Laid is 23.83 at 210lbs | 10% body fat | 6’2”

3. The stats of David Laid do not suggest that he isn’t natural right away. He is not nearly as big as a modern bodybuilder or even one from the 70s. Arnold Schwarzenegger had the same height (6’2”) and weighed around 210lbs/95.45kg in 1980 – his lowest competition weight.

4. The fact that someone has the physical properties of a professional bodybuilder may be a strong indication that he or she is not natural, but the fact that someone is smaller neither suggests nor proves a natty status. People with experience in the weight room know that there are many lifters who carry muscles incapable of breaking Instagram’s servers and yet import steroids into their bodies fairly regularly.

(For instance, a man like Jason Blaha, who’s been on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for years, could easily claim that he is natural because he isn’t exceptionally lean or as massive as a pro.)

How Young Is Too Young

5. At 19 years of age, Laid was already bigger and more aesthetic than individuals who have been training almost as long as he’s been alive. Laid’s fans would probably argue that he’s been lifting for half a decade or so, but the early “kid” years are not as important as many think because we are talking about bodybuilding – an activity largely dependent on physiological factors such as bone growth, hormone production and cell recuperation.

6. Imagine the following scenario. Two male twins are 25 years old. One of them has started lifting at 12, the other at 22. Who’s bigger? Logic may say that the man with more experience should possess a better development, but that would be a naive conclusion. Lifting is not dependent on super complex skills unlike gymnastics for example and is hard limited by one’s genetic makeup. Therefore, the twin that’s been lifting longer does not hold an exceptional advantage over the guy with the shorter lifting career. Simply put, the extra years invested at a young age, do not equal extra growth, although they may indicate dominance in terms of knowledge and lifting technique. However, the differences are eliminated because the second individual, the one starting later, had been given the necessary time to learn.

7. This makes the accomplishment of David Laid even more exceptional because his effective years of lifting (the ones during which he’s been fully grown) are fewer. Training during the early and mid-adolescence is incapable of explaining the exceptional development of many popular teen bodybuilders.

8. As opposed to activities like skating, gymnastics, music and acrobatics, bodybuilding/lifting does not allow you to shine truly before reaching full physical and hormonal maturity. The body has to stop growing first in order for the lifter to start pushing his or hers true max weights.

9. Ultimately, the age when you start has a very small impact on your natural potential. Whether you begin lifting at 30 or you start doing curls in your mom’s belly, your genetic limit remains unhindered and still requires you to reach full maturity. (The only exception would be men who start lifting at a very old age.) Joining the crew fighting gravity early does not bestow upon you the ability to push your natty limits any further than where they were meant to be.

10. For those reasons, people don’t reach the top limit at 19 or 20. After all, there are individuals whose bones are still growing at that age. Most men peak during their early to mid-20s provided that they have been lifting consistently for a few years already. The grown-up years are the years that count – your frame is developed; your hormones are peaking; your recovery is solid. Those factors allow you to cause more growth compared to your teen version.

11. Therefore, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that David Laid’s early progress could have been boosted artificially. This idea is reinforced even further by the expectation of Laid to make more gains in the future – nobody peaks at 19.

Can you add a massive amount of muscle while remaining lean all the time?

12. It’s almost unavoidable to gain some fat and water when you are bulking even if the caloric surplus is really low. Yet David Laid is extremely lean, shredded even, the whole time. You would be hard-pressed to even imagine him without a set of visible six-pack abs. Why? Because it’s his job and desire to remain “aesthetic” and sweet. Acquiring a fatso status is not a priority of his because extra lard destroys your cuts and hides the sharpness of your muscles.

13. Unfortunately, naturals rarely gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Beginners and individuals who’ve acquired a citizenship in the land of master obesity can do it, but the fun stops quickly. Is David Laid a beginner or extremely fat? No. Thus, the fact that he remains lean while seemingly adding only muscle could be seen as another manifestation of synthetic boosting.

14. However, one could argue that David Laid uploads only lean pictures while hiding the “fat” ones to satisfy the will of the Aesthetic Gods. We can’t know that. Maybe sometimes he gets up to 12% or so, but even if he does, it’s for a super short period of time because the density of his Instagram posts is rather high.

It’s all lighting and angles, bro. Don’t worry.

15. Some experts claim that David Laid is neither as lean nor as big as the digital data suggests. They say that it’s all Instagram filters, angles and lighting. Obviously, those factors can enhance a picture, but they can’t hide flaws from the trained eye. If you think that it’s all lighting and angles, try to look like David Laid in photos. Most men who attempt to emulate him will have to take an exceptional amount of pictures and become experts in gut sucking and Adobe enhancement. Moreover, the fact that Laid looks pretty impressive in videos (not all), negates the statement that his physical magnificence is solely the result of photo manipulation.

16. Don’t forget that the modern man is a victim of social media and YouTube conditioning as a result of too much media consumption. A long time ago, I spent an exclusive amount of time watching videos of professional bodybuilders competing in Mr. Olympia. When I switched to men’s physique, the guys appeared tiny and yet many were obviously enhanced. Truth be told, David Laid’s physique would capture people’s attention in almost every gym on Earth.

17. If we were talking about a man who is 150lbs/68kg at 6’2”/188cm, we could explain an impressive picture with angles, lighting and filters, but this isn’t the case. David Laid has constructed a serious amount of quality muscle mass.

Who ordered the cannonball delts of peace?

18. David Laid showcases deltoid muscles produced in a forgery located at an address unknown to the vast majority of muscle apprentices. Even a guy like Don Howorth, the King of Delts, would be impressed when he witnesses the shoulders of Laid. (Was Don Howorth natural? Of course not.)

19. Why are the shoulder muscles relevant? Because they are known to blow up in a “nasty” way once steroids such as trenbolone are imported into the system. The cause behind the effect is the large concentration of androgen receptors in the shoulder girdle. This phenomenon becomes incredibly clear if you observe female fitness models like Dana Linn Bailey. Many of them have very well developed 3D delts as a result of extra male hormones. Nature never intended for women to own shoulder muscularity of that magnitude. This is the power of drugs.

20. Explaining a shoulder development like Laid’s to the kids with orthodox methods such as overhead presses and lateral dumbbell raises is undoubtedly pushing the envelope of the believable. Nevertheless, this isn’t enough to defend with certainty the thesis that Laid is injecting.

Bench Press Strength Explosion

21. On January 3rd, 2018, David Laid or whoever is maintaining his Instagram account uploaded a video of Laid showcasing a new personal record (PR) on the bench press – 390lbs/177kg for 1 repetition followed by 315lbs/143kg for 5.

/screenshot 2  click on the photo to zoom or got to the link above/

22. Interestingly enough, on December 29, 2017, a clip of Laid’s previous bench PR – 365lbs/165.9kg emerged in the online realm. Conclusion – in a few days, David Laid added 25lbs to his bench press which was already very advanced for his bodyweight (roughly 210lbs).

/screenshot 3  click on the photo to zoom or got to the link above/

23. On October 10, 2017, another video showcasing a 340lbs/154.4kg bench press PR joined the hosting platform of Instagram.

/screenshot 4 click on the photo to zoom or got to the link above/

24. In September 2017, Laid bench pressed 335lbs/152kg. The attempt was obviously a 1RM as revealed by the struggle.

/screenshot 5 click on the photo to zoom or got to the link above/

25. About a year ago (December 27, 2016), Laid bench pressed 325lbs/147.7kg. Conclusion – in a year, David Laid has added roughly 65lbs/29.5kg to his bench press without a massive bodyweight increase (his bodyweight was between 190lbs and 210lbs according to info on social media) That’s a 20% jump.

/screenshot 6 click on the photo to zoom or got to the link above/

26. 65lbs/29.5kg in 12 months may not sound like a lot, but they are when you on that level. Unless you are a total beginner, 65 pounds in a year are a very sweet deal.

27. Somewhat ironically, most of the progress (50lbs/22.72kg), took place between October 10th 2017 and January 3rd, 2018. 390lbs at 210lbs equal a 1.85BW bench press. Most naturals will never bench press 1.85 times their bodyweight unless the structure of the lifter in question is designed for the task. What’s even more certain is that the last gains will take longer than 3 months. It also goes without saying that this miracle is super unlikely to happen when you are 19 years old.

28. David Laid does not have the typical structure of a bench press monster (short arms, wide shoulders (not to be confused with 3D shoulders) and thick bones). Yet the bench is one of his best lifts. Ironically, his other good movement is the deadlift – most deadlift maestros are not good benchers. David Laid is an exception, apparently.

29. Is a 390lbs bench press impressive? Yes. It’s exceptional for that bodyweight and age. I have never seen a natural bench press that much weight in person despite having spent a lot of time in different gyms. I have 2 years in a powerlifting facility under my belt too. There I witnessed many heavy bench presses, but none of the lifters were lean and natty. Truth be told, a 390lbs bench press is a rarity in most commercial gyms – natty or unatty.

30. There are many popular lifters who have never benched 390lbs despite training for many years. One of them would be the “youtuber” Alan Thrall. He is significantly older than Laid and has more experience in the weight room. Yet his heaviest bench press at a powerlifting meet in 2017 (NorCal USAPL Meet May 27th, 2017) was 319lbs/145kg. During the same meet, Thrall pulled a 540lbs/245kg deadlift and squatted 518lbs/235kg. All of Thrall’s lifts were done at a bodyweight well over 210lbs. The comments underneath the video suggest that he was around 240lbs/109kg. In other words, an older man who’s trained longer and is considered a programming wizard is still far away from the lifts of Laid. The only exception is the squat. However, Thrall is heavier and squats low bar whereas Laid is lighter, leaner and squats high bar. (Most people can squat more low bar.)

A Deadlift Monster

31. In January 2018, Laid deadlifted 675lbs/306.8kg while weighing around 210lbs/95.45kg. Since this deadlift is over 3 times his bodyweight, it’s considered elite. A deadlift of this magnitude is incredibly impressive for any age…let alone 19 or 20.

/screenshot 7 click on the photo to zoom or got to the link above/

A Man Is Known By The Company He Keeps

32. If you see a man do ninja moves while hanging out with other ninjas, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume that he himself is a ninja, would it? As the old saying goes – “A man is known by the company he keeps.” David Laid is often seen in the company of individuals with an incredibly questionable natural status. He often matches or even surpasses the physical qualities of his buddies. Laid holds his ground next to men like Chris Lavado, Matt Ogus, Steve Cook, Leg Griffin…etc. Guess, what? Laid is significantly younger than all of those guys.

via bodybuilding.com

33. Another man to whom Laid compares with success, would be Jon Skywalker. Jon Skywalker is a popular fitness celebrity and a social media superhero living as a muscle deity in California. He transformed from a tall skinny boy into a hypertrophied tower symbolizing aesthetics.

34. At 6’4”/193cm @ 194lbs/88kg, Skywalker is not exactly a thick mountain, but the quality of his muscle mass still stands out. Unlike many others, Jon Skywalker is open about his ”cycling”/drug use. According to his page on ask.fm, the journey began in Uzbekistan where an ampule of testosterone was cheaper than a movie ticket. Somewhat ironically, if Jon Skywalker claimed natty, many would believe him, for the crowd is convinced that anyone under 200lbs/90kg and over 6’1”/185cm has to be natty. Not really the case. At the end of the day, it comes down to muscle thickness, ”glow”, ”dryness” and overall appeal. Guess, what? Laid is heavier and shorter…and younger.

Perfect diet? Perfect sleep?

35. As I already told you, the system always blames you for the lack of results. If you are not growing, it’s because you are not eating, training and recovering “properly”. According to some of his vlogs, Laid does not have a textbook bodybuilding lifestyle either. His has low appetite and travels a lot. This results in imperfect recuperation. Yet the extraterrestrial gains keep coming month after month while he stays lean and strong.

The Photoshop Look

36. Does David Laid have the Photoshop look common for injectors? Yes. You can argue that Instagram is “all filters”, but Laid remains big in clips too. Sure, he does not appear as impressive with clothes on but undoubtedly looks way better than the wannabes on the Internet who are “breaking the natty limits”. He also compares favorably to other individuals displaying the Photoshop look in the same situational conditions.

Maybe he just has an exceptional frame?

37. Have you ever seen those big old dudes who look thick and robust despite being walking statues? They owe it to their frames. My grandfather was the same way. He had a very thick skeleton and looked bigger than me even in his 60s and 70s despite never lifting weights. My father got his big frame from him. For better or worse, I didn’t inherit it.

36. Your frame is of utmost importance when it comes to natty muscle mass. Thicker bones equal bigger muscles by default. A guy with 8-inch wrists has meatier forearms than a man with 6-inch wrists without even training. Therefore, men with hefty bone structures could carry more mass 100% naturally.

37. I don’t know what the wrist measurement of Laid is. I couldn’t find this information in the public domain. However, one can’t conclude that Laid has a big frame solely based on his current physique because the extra muscle mass creates the illusion of a wider and thicker skeleton.

38. Most of Laid’s before photos are almost irrelevant since he was 14-15 years old in them. At that age, people are still growing, and we can’t say with certainty that he wasn’t destined to have a large frame. Nonetheless, he does display some classic ectomorphic tendencies in the before photos and does not appear very wide. If anything, he seems to be another lanky kid. I think that most ectomorphs reading this would agree that they knew their fate even at 14. I am one of those guys. I am 6’1”/185cm tall and have 6.25-inch/15.87cm wrists. This means that my frame is thin for my height. Consequently, I weigh less than expected. Looking back, my future was already evident even at 14. Yes, I grew in height after that age, but I remained an ecto. Thus, I am inclined to believe that Laid is just another ecto kid with a thin bone structure, although I would need his true wrist measurement to know this for sure. But if I had a gun to my head, I would say that his bones are on the thin side.

David Laid Resembles Zyzz and Jeff Seid

39. David Laid’s transformation resembles the muscle ascensions of Zyzz and Jeff Seid. Zyzz was a classic ectomorph with a narrow frame who gained a lot of muscle with the help of steroids and mutated into an aesthetic deity. He was very lean and around 200lbs at 6’2” – stats exceptionally similar to those of David Laid.

40. Laid’s transformation is reminiscent of Jeff Seid’s mutation too. At 17, Jeff Seid was already a monster (6’@195lbs and lean). Many do not want to believe that Seid is natural and do classic natty or not reviews in his honor to this day.

What are the factors suggesting that Laid is 100% full natty ?

41. Laid’s training, nutrition protocols and recovery are obviously not that different from anything we know. As mentioned in paragraph 35, there are vlogs revealing that Laid struggles to follow the proper bodybuilding lifestyle and yet he still makes sick gains. But even if his regime was perfect, it still wouldn’t fully explain the ascension because there are many individuals who follow a similar plan and never get close. Therefore, the key has to be elsewhere.

42. Extraterrestrial genes would be the next argument of the natty believers. Fanboys love to explain everything with genetics since you can’t really measure them. Strangely enough, Laid’s genetics for large muscles were undercover in his mid-teens. He was a skinny kid.

43. Nevertheless, one could argue that his genes started showing once stimulation for growth (training) appeared. Technically, there is no way of measuring how much growth one’s body could produce as a result of fighting gravity, but we do know the upper limits (they are presented to us by bodybuilders considered to have good genetics.)

44. The fact that Laid is rather young for his muscle and strength gains means that experience is not a good argument either. You would have a hard time finding a 19-year-old with those stats and strength in a commercial gym.

45. If experience, training and nutrition fail to explain completely the physical qualities of David Laid, the only natty thing left are his genetics.

So, is David Laid natty? I wouldn’t hold my breath at all.

P.S. Potential: How Big Can You Get Naturally is out.

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  1. swabbie

    Frankly, I never heard about this guy until now
    Just look shoulders, traps, and pecs on some pictures – as natty as oil rafinery

    1. Glove

      Same with me.
      I guess clean he would bench 220-230lbs

  2. Matt Tan

    I’m not shocked. I am not shocked that David Laid is not natural. I’m pretty sure that anyone who’s job is to post themselves flexing shirtless on social media is probably on something.

    1. Ish

      your dumb asf… learn what hard work is combined with consistency, dieting, and great genetics are and then maybe youll be able to relate. but from my estimation it looks like ur a butthurt keyboard warrior who’s physique probably looks like SHITT

      1. Natty Police

        You’re a moron.

        yEaH hEs NaTtY bRo, He JuSt WoRkS hArD

  3. twp

    Decided to see who is this guy Jon Skywalker and I came across a video of Frank Yang and Jon posing. Just wow… FY claims 67-8 kgs on his insta and seeing him next to this this guy Jon makes me believe that he is lying about his weight. I am at his height, even a few centimeters shorter and 72 kg. And I look smaller then him, despite being low bf…

  4. Don

    But do you believe Alan Thrall is natural?

    1. Matt

      I think Alan probably represents the upper limit of natural potential. He’s not abnormally lean, he seems to do everything as perfectly as possible, and his lifts are super impressive, but for his body weight should be reachable if you do everything perfectly. While muscular, he doesn’t have the hard, dry look, or lots of veins or striations or anything crazy physique wise. He’s been training for a long time and is near his peak years for lifting. I don’t follow him super closely but his lifts don’t seem to be increasing by leaps and bounds.

      If he’s not natty, he’s a damn good actor and probably using less than the typical YouTuber.

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t know yet.

    3. Fatman

      There is no reason to believe Thrall is not natural, or that you even have to “do everything perfectly” to attain his type of physique. He is very strong in the squat and deadlift but the bench is a lagging lift for him. This is why it makes no sense to compare Laid’s bench to Thrall’s bench in an attempt to determine “natty” status.

  5. Riki Pianola

    Bro, Its obvious that he’s on dat der tren but I don’t think he’s an ecto. His writs appear to be 7-7.5 inch.
    Also, I believe that you can’t categorize ppl as a complete ecto meso etc. I think many ppl are either ecto-meso or meso-endo, with an inclination towards one. For example, I consider my self as an ecto with 6.3 inch wrists at 5.9, and poverty arms. But I also respond well to bench press and have decent shoulders, which give me a good ‘V’ taper. So I consider my self to be ecto-meso, inclining more towards ecto.

    Also, lately I’ve been pondering over behavioural traits that ppl with a certain body type display. I know that this theory is discredited, but I think that it may be partly true. I’m beginning to think that ectos are cursed forever with low T, and consequently, display low T traits such as being less assertive, low confidence (nervousness?), getting easily depressed, low motivation etc. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

    Oh! and nice detailed article by the way (You have way too much time to kill :))

    1. Fatman

      “I consider my self as an ecto with 6.3 inch wrists at 5.9, and poverty arms.”

      The ecto/meso/endo bodytype theory was laid to rest by the late 1980s, I think. Time to let it go.

    2. Rich Rea

      I agree with your assessment of ecto traits, and low T. I am one of those people

  6. Steve Crook

    By a complete coincidence, evolutionary.org have just posted an *entirely theoretical* Laid steroid cycle.

    Wasn’t aware of the guy prior to reading about him here (I just get on with my training) but he doesn’t exactly look natural. At any age. I don’t actually think he looks that good either, disproportionate to my mind, like someone drawn into a Marvel comic or prototype for some GI Joe, Action Man toy.

  7. J W

    I have to take a moment to mention at least one of your argument’s subjectivity.

    Dana Linn Bailey is currently entirely natty, and still has her boulder shoulders. She literally HAS to be natty (for a minimum of 3 years), as she’s competing in USAPL.

    Yes, Laid has some ridiculous shoulders… but he’s had them since well before his suspicious increases in maxes this year.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am not sure if you are serious because your statement does not contain the logic you think it does.

    2. Steve Crook

      > She literally HAS to be natty (for a minimum of 3 years), as she’s competing in USAPL.

      Look at the trouble the IOC and WADA *still* have with athletes (particularly chuckers and lifters) failing drug tests. They have sufficient money to fund extensive out of season & out of competition testing regimes.

      What USAPL have on offer is at the very least as vulnerable to cheating as the IOC WADA regimes, and probably more lax and therefore worse.

      You cannot make the natty assumption about Bailey or anyone else in the power lifting community.

      If you want evidence of the effects of testing, look at the general change in shape of male gymnasts and decathletes now, compared to 2 or 3 decades ago.

      There’s even been the suggestion that pre 2005 records be abandoned because they’re mostly contaminated by drug use.

  8. Fatman

    Steroids don’t provide strength gains without a corresponding increase in muscle mass. They help you lift more weight by letting you pack more muscle per pound of bodyweight.

    Laid’s bench press and deadlift prowess are not evidence of steroid use. I don’t believe this guy is “natural” for a second, but you are picking the wrong approach to the argument.

    1. Trennor Murphy

      It’s not the fact that his bench is very strong for his bw. It’s the fact that he increased his bench by 60 pounds in a matter of 2 months as an advanced lifter while maintaining around the same bodyweight. No advanced tier lifter makes progress that fast naturally.

      1. Fatman

        True, but it doesn’t look like his muscle mass increased appreciably in that period, so chalking the bench increase to steroids makes no sense. It would be different if he gained a ton of muscle, or dramatically changed his body composition at the same BW. But assuming that “steroids lift weight” is magical thinking.

        1. realitybites

          Of course it is when you put it that way 🙂

          However steroids do increase your strength without a corresponding increase in muscle mass by stimulating your central nervous system.

          Most people who respond to steroids well see rapid strength gains in the first few weeks of a cycle, when no significant increase in muscle mass could be expected.

          1. Fatman

            “However steroids do increase your strength without a corresponding increase in muscle mass by stimulating your central nervous system.”

            There are PEDs that increase strength without adding much size, e.g. Trenbolone. However, the effect is not particularly pronounced in the short term, and the strength boost (unless accompanied by a mass boost) is around 10%. I.e. definitely not 335 to 395 in 3 months.

    2. DrunkenMonkey

      There are PEDs/roids that increase strength without the corresponding increase in muscle mass. Plus, if a person is naturally inclined to put on strength before building more muscle, the PEDs will only amplify that genetic tendency.

      Furthermore, I thought this Laid fellow had been putting on weight recently. Didn’t he go from 190-210lbs recently?

      1. ajay

        I would say one thing HALOTESTIN

    3. Truth Seeker Post author

      1. Steroids can increase your strength without adding muscle mass. (evidence – weightlifters in lower weight classes).
      2. Steroids also increase your recovery and make it easier to overclock your CNS.
      3. When was the last time you saw a natural bench 390lbs…or 300lbs for that matter while having visible lower abs? (YouTube does not count. I am talking about real life experience.)

      1. Fatman

        “When was the last time you saw a natural bench 390lbs…or 300lbs for that matter while having visible lower abs?”

        When was the last time I saw anyone with visible lower abs (natural or not)? Maybe one guy in the past 10 years, and he was very open about juicing. So not really a useful comparison.

          1. Fatman

            Well if you start out with a population comprised 100% of enhanced lifters, asking “how many of them are natty and bench press 300 lbs” isn’t a real question, IMO.

      2. Eirik

        check out UFpwrLifter on youtube.
        think he bench 400 lbs at 152lbs bodyweight.

    1. DrunkenMonkey

      Agreed. I had never heard of him, so I googled his images and right off the bat it was obvious this dude isn’t natty.

  9. SeeminglyIdiotic

    Sorry, this is totally off topic, but I just couldn’t find an answer to this question, while searching through the site.

    You often talk about neck training being neglected. I cannot help but wonder: Shouldn’t rows in any form be sufficient to maximize neck muscles?

    I love your blog by the way, it saved me a ton of trouble.

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Rows work the traps which are part of the neck, but rows and pull-ups won’t give you a strong neck. (look at the pencil neck bar stars masters). Deadlifts work better because the neck contracts isometrically and fills with ton of blood. However, direct works seems better than everything. If you want a truly strong neck, direct work is the only way.

  10. Ivo123123

    Maybe he’s natty now but he definitely took something in the past you can see in his transformation. He was really skinny like a skeleton and then he blow up in 2 years like a monster.

  11. DTY

    I am begging you…! Please do a nattyornot review on another controversial youtube celebrity named Zach Zeiler.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your article on David Laid!

    1. Cam

      Is that the guy that did the cancer recovery vid and looks like Eminem?

  12. JOHN

    I benched 355 weighing in at 180 when I was about 23 years old. I didn’t deadlifts, but my squat was a rather pathetic 365. I am 6 foot even so it’s possible. Never have or will do drugs.

  13. John

    You guys are silly, 2x bw bench is good, but not out of reach for someone with decent genetics, and he’s been hitting 500lb+ on deadlifts since early high school years

  14. Philip

    I got first hand experience roids make you insanely strong with hardly any weight or muscle gain. I got a buddy who stays on a constant level of test. Our typical Monday squat workouts would be Emom 10×3 at bout 325. He gets on some good stuff. Think tren. Two weeks later he’s doing 405 for the same workout and isn’t any bigger. Stays on for however long. Gets back off and is back on planet earth. It’s crazy working out with him because his strength bounces around so much when he’s on a cycle. His weight always stays around 185-190.

  15. Drew2

    May i suggest you do a natty or not of Christian Thibaudeau? I have nothing against him but he persistently claims to be a natty (which is ridiculous at his age) and i find that very disingenuous of him. My position is that if you get asked about it you can say what you want i don’t care it’s your business. But I cant stand individuals who champion themselves as natties (big difference) when it s obvious they re on gear. Thank you man keep the good work coming.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Does he really claim to be natty?

      1. Drew2

        I’ve read most of his articles on tnation because he is knowledgable after all. there’s no doubt about that, and he said that he has experimented with roids in the past but stopped taking them cause ”it wasn’t for him”. I’m telling you: he claims 100% natty, check it out if you don’t believe me.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          His stats are far from natural.

          1. Fatman

            CT does not claim natty status. He is open about his steroid use in the past.

  16. Philip

    I don’t think he claims to be natural

  17. Drew2

    His sayings: “I won’t lie, I did use steroids in the past […] I used them for a brief period when I was a 19 years old football player and also when I did bodybuilding competitions in 2005.” i.e: He claims to be natty the for the past 13 years or so and attributes his physique to (drumroll no.1): hard work, perfect nutrition and….. (drumroll no.2) supplemention lol. I’ll keep reading him cause he knows his stuff but he can’t fool me on his obvious steroid use. Also another (huge) red flag is that I can’t find how old he is, no birthdate no age mentioned anywhere, but I’m pretty sure he’s well in his 40’s. PS: Nevermind just saw that you’ve covered his case in a previous post thank you man.

  18. Philip

    That is hilarious. Well he stands to make a lot of money off the supplement industry, so it does not surprise me.

  19. urserious

    Alan thrall natural BWahahahahah

    1. realitybites

      What leads you to believe otherwise? Curious.

  20. mobius

    How could he be expected to gain much muscle even while using steroids if he never eats?
    I could see him gaining strength from the steroid use while staying lean simply because he never seems to follow a muscle building diet. He may take protein drinks and creatine, but as anyone who truly understands muscle building requires real protein rich food. Milk, eggs, chicken, beef etc.. Protein powder, amino,s and creatine are supplements. Not meant to replace real tried and proven muscle building food.

  21. Morphine

    Nasty cheater who inject and then claim natural.

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