The Benefits Of Drug Free Bodybuilding Over Steroids

| by Truth Seeker |

Natural bodybuilders may be smaller, and yet true natural bodybuilding still has many benefits over the drugged version.

1. It’s cheaper.

Professional bodybuilders have to spend an unreal amount of money on anabolic steroids, growth hormone, gynecomastia removal surgeries, frequent blood checks, food, viagra…etc. It’s not uncommon for a pro to invest USD 15, 000 in a preparation for a medium show. On top of everything, roided bodybuilders have to pay for coaching (drug usage consultations) and that isn’t cheap either.

Meanwhile, their fragile little friends, the natty bodybuilders, only have to pay for their food and gym membership.

If you wonder why bodybuilders constantly complain about money, now you know. Professional muscle construction is a very demanding activity that often offers very little in return. That’s why to be a successful bodybuilder, you need a stable source of constant income. Bodybuilding is an expensive beauty contest, and you gotta pay to play with the big boys.

2.It’s legal.

Many bodybuilders have been arrested for possession and distribution of drugs. Moreover, pro bodybuilders are often in contact with shady dealers who also sell hardcore drugs like cocaine and heroine. Meanwhile, naturals have nothing to worry about.

3.You don’t lose your gains in a day.

Quickly comes, quickly goes. Once a pro bodybuilder has cut all the drugs, he transforms into a regular dude in a short period of time. The detransformation takes the person back to their natural base. I am sorry, but you can’t keep your gains once you go off cycle for a long time.

Natural bodybuilders don’t have that problem. The gains made without drugs last longer.

4.You don’t have to be a liar.

Most bodybuilders are pathological liars. They always try to hide their addiction from the public and often from their families too. It’s not uncommon for a bodybuilding wife to be unaware that her muscular husband is pinning his glutes on a regular basis.

Bodybuilders have to hide their drug usage in order to keep their sponsorship and clean name in the industry.

On the other hand, when you are natural, you don’t have to lie about anything. You are you, and whoever doesn’t like it can go to hell. Oh wait, we are all already there.

5.You get to keep your balls.

Steroids shut down your natural testosterone, and your balls shrink beyond belief. It’s not uncommon for a professional bodybuilder to have balls the size of raisins. When you are natural, you get to keep your balls. Problem solved.

6.You are as strong as you look.

Since more and more bodybuilders rely solely on drugs, we get to see mass monsters struggle with weights that a female Chinese weightlifter can do for reps with ease. Of course, the girl is also on steroids, but she is training for strength.

When you are a natural bodybuilder, you are as strong as you look if not stronger. Natural bodybuilding is not just a show.

7.It’s harder to die.

Steroids are not as dangerous as many people think, but they can definitely cause serious health issues when used in larger quantities for extended periods of time. When you add other drugs like insulin, pro bodybuilding becomes even less healthy.

At the same time, there is nothing unhealthy about natural bodybuilding when done right.

8.It’s easier to get a girlfriend.

Natural bodybuilders seem to attract more girls than the 300lbs freaks who haven’t seen their ding dong in years. Not to mention that modern bodybuilding wives are often turned into slaves who have to be constantly in the kitchen making meals for their beloved behemoth. There are actually masochists who enjoy that but they are a minority.

9.Easier to travel

Bodybuilders have a seriously hard time fitting in smaller vehicles and airplanes. It’s actually a serious problem, and the trips are often uncomfortable for both sides – the bodybuilder and the poor passenger next to him. Nobody wants a big fat bodybuilder on the next seat.

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  1. Bob Livingston

    I am a natural body builder in the beginning stages, 4 years and 65 yrs young. I’m addicted to the gym, but nothing else. I take protein, preworkout and amino acids, that’s it. Look pretty good, not huge but all these points are on spot. Never drugs….. never. Thanks for posting this. I’m going to start a natural bb organization. I’m also a retired decorated USAF vet. Thanks,

  2. gilbert

    true but their chance of becoming pro is…

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