70’s Bodybuilders Looked and Were Healthier

| by Truth Seeker |

The bodybuilders from the 70s looked much healthier compared to the modern competitors. Undoubtedly, the reason for the current unhealthy appearance hides in the abuse of drugs.

The muscle constructors from the Golden Era took drugs too, but the doses were smaller, and the anabolic steroids were of higher quality. Nowadays, most of the stuff is bought online from dangerous sources. As a result, the gear is often made in cheap labs and is super under-dosed. Also, it’s not uncommon to pay for one thing only to receive something completely different.

In the photo below you, see Justin Compton who represents the younger generation of bodybuilders. How old do you think he is in the photo below? Well. Hold your breath! He is 25 years old. Does he look 25 to you?

Justin-ComptonMost people would put him between 30 and 38. Of course, the premature aging is caused by the drugs required to be a modern bodybuilder.

Ironically, nobody truly likes the guys of today. There may be some mentally ill people among the bodybuilding crowd who actually admire the size cult, but most people would rather look like a bodybuilder from the 70s than the modern mass monsters. And yet the carnival continues.

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