4 Scientific Studies About Anabolic Steroids That Will Wreck Your Mind

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1. Steroids + No Training > Natty Lifting

A study from 1996 examined 4 groups of men to determine the effects of supraphysiological testosterone on people. The table and the graph below show the characteristics of every group and its subsequent gains. [source]

Dreamers questioning the effectiveness of anabolic steroids may find the discoveries a little disturbing.

Group Description Duration Dose Lean Gains Squat Increase
Enhanced men + Training 10 weeks 600mg 13lbs/6kg 83.6lbs/38kg
Enhanced men + No lifting 10 weeks 600mg 7lbs/3.2kg 26.4lbs/12kg
Natural Men + Training 10 weeks 4.4lbs/2kg 55lbs/25kg
Natural Men + No lifting 10 weeks 1.76lbs/0.8kg 6.6lbs/3kg


  • The men who did nothing but inject steroids gained 2.6lbs/1.181kg more lean mass than the natty lifters.
  • The natties who followed a high-protein diet without lifting gained 2.64lbs/1.2kg less lean mass than the natty lifters who trained.
  • The men who did nothing but inject added 26.4lbs/12kg to their squat.

2. 17 Pounds of Muscle in 20 Weeks with No Training

In 2001, some of the same scientists who’d conducted the first research did a following study examining the effect of steroid dosing on muscle mass.

Males between 18 and 35 years of age were split into five groups and given different doses of testosterone. The participants were explicitly instructed to abstain from strength training and “moderate-to-heavy endurance exercise” during the study.

In other words, a light form of cardio (e.g., walking) was the only permissible training stimulus. The instructions were reinforced every month.

The table below and the graph summarize the results of the study. [source]

Group Testosterone Dose Duration Lean Gains
1 25mg 20 weeks
2 50mg 20 weeks
3 125mg 20 weeks 4.18lbs /1.9kg
4 300mg 20 weeks 12.1lbs/5.5kg
5 600mg 20 weeks 17.38lbs/7.9kg


  • 20 weeks of steroids produced 17.38lbs/7.9kg of lean gains (mostly muscle) without lifting.

With training, the gains would have been close to double judging by the results of the steroid users who lifted during the first study. Yet some muscle scholars promise “steroid-like” results if you “do your squats and drink your milk.”

Additional “red pills” from the study:

  • Water gains were minimal.

Quote: The ratios of total body water to fat-free mass by underwater weighing did not significantly change with treatment in any treatment group indicating that the apparent increase in fat-free mass measured by underwater weighing did not represent water retention in excess of that associated with protein accretion. [source]

  • The men receiving the lower doses (25 and 50mg) gained fat whereas the others didn’t.
  • Sexual desire did not change at any dose.

3. 36.4% Of American Males on Dating Apps Take Anabolic Steroids

A study published in 2019 concluded that men who do online dating are significantly more likely to showcase “unhealthy weight control behaviors (UWCBs)” than men who don’t search for romance on the Internet. [source]

The final data revealed the following discrepancies between online and non-online daters.

  Online Dating Non-online Dating
  Men Women Men Women
Diet Pill Use 40.2% 26.8% 5% 10.3%
Anabolic steroids 36.4% 15.8% 3.8% 1.4%
Supplements 49.8% 20.2% 18.1% 5.5%
Vomiting for Weight Control 36.4% 22.4% 5.3% 5.9%
Fasting for Weight Control 54.1% 44.8% 27% 27.1%
Laxative use 41.1% 24% 7.6% 9.3%


  • A large percentage of men on dating apps are injecting steroids and indulging in bulimic behavior to gain a competitive edge by building a muscular and shredded physique.
  • Close to 50% of men on dating apps are consuming bodybuilding supplements.
  • 15.8% of women on dating apps are taking anabolic drugs

FAQ: Why is this happening?

The competition on dating apps is barbaric due to the low barrier to entry and the shallow code of conduct driving the actions of modern people.

Almost anyone can make an online account. As a result, the pool of people competing increases to no end and puts the vast majority of men at a disadvantage. To become a hotter “product”, men do everything in their power to boost their attractiveness. The manosphere leaders who’ve been promoting TRT [testosterone replacement therapy] for years, encourage steroid use too.

Females on dating apps are also experiencing a devaluation because they tend to go for the top 10-20% of males. The high preferences reduce women’s options significantly and short the system as there aren’t enough top-end men to satisfy the demand. To become more competitive, some women try to increase their sex appeal too.

Ultimately, online dating is a source of suffering for both sexes.

4. Age Doesn’t Impact Men’s Testosterone Levels Nearly as Much as People Think

A cross-sectional study that continued a little longer than 4 years (January 2012 to March 2016) concluded that age does not trigger an abrupt decline of testosterone. Instead, poor fitness and dissatisfactory BMI stats were labeled as some of the major factors directly affecting one’s testosterone levels with the advancement of age. [source]

The total testosterone of 2994 healthy men between 50 and 79 years of age was monitored. The men were separated into three groups [50–59, 60–69, and 70–79]. The average testosterone levels of each group remained in the normal range. The percentage of men with low testosterone was similar in every group and didn’t exceed 13%.

Another study from 2011 expresses the same idea. Two centers in Australia tested the testosterone levels of 325 men over 40. Men on medication affecting testosterone were removed from the experiment.

The conclusion was that testosterone decline associated with age is not the cause of bad health but the result of it.

“The modest decline in blood testosterone among older men, usually coupled with nonspecific symptoms, such as easy fatigue and low sexual desire, may be due to symptomatic disorders that accumulate during aging, including obesity and heart disease,” said the principal investigator David Handelsman, MD. [source]

A third study from 2014 concluded that men’s testosterone levels peak around 19 years of age and fall by 40 but remain fairly stable afterward. [source]

Say what?

Similar findings prove that the low testosterone epidemic is the result of global emasculation and lifestyle engineering detrimental to the mind and body. Therefore, testosterone supplementation cannot fix the drop because the needle is attacking the symptoms while reinforcing the root problem.

If all men go on TRT to become “the men they’re supposed to be”, we wouldn’t be curing manhood at all. We would be pushing it back by muting the screams of the dying male soul with injections.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that testosterone supplementation is not a highly potent and useful tool. It’s great, but it cannot be a permanent or even a long-term solution to the problems that modern men face.

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  1. Konan

    Study is useless they didn’t included how hard physically their job is.

    1. Iron Berserk

      You make a great point that it did not include other possible cofound variables such as type of jobs and physical intensity/duration. However, it provides a baseline for future research and offers some insight.

      1. Mike

        I think the job would be mostly irrelevant unless the subject had just started it at the beginning or during the period of study.

  2. CJ

    I find it hard to believe that that many dudes are bulimic but who knows lol. Great read again, especially the end there really insightful. You always seem to get the bigger picture

  3. mattsk1

    This is reality. Ripped steroids body builder/fitness models are not everywhere. Women in this video seem to like tall (or at least taller then they are) confident people with facial expressions that make them more approachable. It does not matter if they have low muscles or higher body fat. If your short and ripped to shreds, it won’t make a difference and might just get a gay dude to hit on you. Working on your confidence in yourself and how you interact with others is enough to meet women. Yea a few guys in this video do look like they are on steroids, but not many.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      What does this video prove? They are just hanging on the beach. Half the guys are probably single.

    2. John

      Really,wtf? Just people hanging out on beach

      1. mattsk1

        If you watch the whole video you will see men and women talking to each other. If you pay attention to those men you will notice they are not fitness models or bodybuilders like online dating profiles. They are average joe’s and just have enough confidence in themselves to talk to women in public.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          “Confidence” is overrated. Looks and money are not.

          1. mattsk1

            Yes, money and looks can help. Women like to feel secure and cared for so when they find out a guy is responsible, fun to hang around and feel safe, they are more likely to want to spend more time with this person. I do think communication profoundly effects if one is a safe person to talk to. Lack of confidence effects ones communication to operate in exaggerated fear and paranoia, dwelling on past hurts and frustrations of rejection. This present a tense and anxious person which screams, I am not a safe person to hang out with and you will not have a good time with this person. When one is confident they allow themselves to set the hurt aside and the become more interested in the well being of others. Another way to say this, is when someone becomes compassionate to themselves it is easier to be compassionate to others. This allows one to be comfortable with themselves and around others no matter what happens. Rejection or not.

        2. twp

          Watched few other videos and these beaches are sausage parties like any other beach or night club. 70% guys and 30% women. And some nights I have seen worse like 90% guys bumping into each other and this is in straight night club, it’s ridiculous 😀

          The reason is women don’t need to go out anymore to find out that top 20% guys, because they can find them online without moving their finger. Also the best looking top 20% guys don’t need to go out as often, because of the same reason.

          About confidence IRL. If you are bad or average looking and you approach a girl at the beach and she gives you the bitchy look this will ruin your momentum and your present confidence. And if this happens 10 times today it will discourage you a lot. Vise versa, if you are good looking the girl will give you a positive feedback when you approach her and there will be positive chain reaction and in the end you will get laid, unless you are autistic or mentally deficient.

          Getting laid and having girls attracted to you is not the side effect of confidence, but confidence is the side of effect of getting laid. Girls interpret everything trough their feelings, if you are introverted but good looking their will thing you are mysterious, if you are introverted and bad looking they will put in the creeps category.

  4. Matt Hawkins

    Heavy use of laxatives implies use of anabolics causes constipation.

  5. Daniel Przyojski

    Very interesting article, but but lazy @ss men with brain-washed thinking will opt for the fast-easy medicine!

  6. Vinicius

    I prefer to see the half-glass as a full glass. If the girls are aiming to 10-20% Top guys, it means that there is 80-90% of girls available, because those girls are still willing to go out when one of this top guys reject her. In my personal experience, and of my close friends we got very blessed due to tinder, we are not handsome, and far from rich.

  7. Steve

    Interesting article: I actually remember the 1996 article when it was first published and if I recall correctly, it was simply to prove that steroids worked because no one had ever conducted a proper trial before. It concluded they did – who knew?
    What it was not designed to demonstrate was the inadequacies of training naturally. Training naturally requires a certain type of lifting, the right nutrients and the correct timing of those nutrients. The very latest research suggests consuming at least 2g of protein per lb of bodyweight and a chunk of this to be consumed within a 3-hour post workout anabolic window.
    In the 1996 study, the protein levels were set at 1.5g per KG of body weight (0.68g per lb) which is not a “high protein intake” as the OP suggests and so it was never going to do much for unassisted lifters. Equally, the vitamin and mineral intake was based on RDA’s which were set as minimum levels calculated in the 1950’s where lifestyles were easier, less stressful and where vegetables were more nutritious. Since then, there have been radical advances in the understanding of these things and there is a gulf between “minimal requirements” and “optimum levels”
    Furthermore, the study did not explore the well-established fact that once steroid use is discontinued, the gains made are lost meaning this is only a temporary phenomenon whilst a lifter is using performance enhancers.
    Quoting this study in this context would have been useful, but then the article went on off on some weird tangent, which skewed an otherwise reasonable point that could have been made.
    As a closing point, there was a interesting study a couple of years ago, where they discovered that consuming creatine monohydrate increased the lifts of both people who trained and those who didn’t with the strength increases in the 10-15% range.

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