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Does Height Affect Muscle Growth?

| by Truth Seeker |

Does height affect muscle growth? Height neither decreases nor increases one’s muscle-building faculties. The perception that shorter men build muscle faster and more efficiently than taller people is the result of muscle mass distribution in relation to the surface area. Shorter people have to fill out a smaller space to look like they lift. Hence, […]

Is Starting Strength a Bad Routine For Muscle Growth? It's fine. Don't bother overthinking. You are natural anyway.

| by Truth Seeker |

The online muscle consciousness needed a long time to realize that the popular training program Starting Strength does not promote as much muscle growth as it was originally believed. You are certainly not gaining 60lbs of red meat during your first year of training even if you drink your milk and do squats with plenty of hip drive. I am […]

Why I Will Most Likely Never Use Kettlebells

| by Truth Seeker |

My first rendezvous with a kettlebell took place a decade ago in a dirty store for sporting goods. The place was a metal shack one blow away from total destruction. I bought a dumbbell handle and two 1.25kg plates that I use to this very day. The total was something like 5 kilograms. “Heavy.” I […]