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8 Reasons Why Beginner Barbell Strength Routines Are the Worst for Aesthetics (and what to do instead)

| by Truth Seeker |

Contrary to popular belief, many of the popular barbell strength routines marketed towards beginners do not produce aesthetic (lean & mean) physiques. Those training methods have severe technical deficiencies turning them into factories for skinny-fat men with poor upper body development and viciously drained central nervous systems from heavy squatting and deadlifting. Here are the […]

The Aesthetic Lifestyle – What It Actually Is

| by Truth Seeker |

What’s the aesthetic lifestyle? Mainstream┬ádefinition: A life dedicated to the development of an aesthetic appearance resulting in the pure expression of the human body. A person who lives the aesthetic lifestyle is constantly fighting to reach his/hers full physical potential through intense training and an implementation of a clean diet. The individuals who live that […]