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How To Fix Skinny Fat (brutal truths but effective)

| by Truth Seeker |

Most people are SKINNY-FAT. I know because I’ve been there. In this post, I will reveal a method that will eliminate this issue. First, let’s present some hard-to-hear truths: 1. Most people are skinny-fat Skinny-fat is exactly what it sounds like – skinny (low muscle mass and tone) + undeniable fat deposits around the waist […]

Can Ectomorphs Get Fat?

| by Truth Seeker |

The mainstream blue pill doctrine states as follows: Ectomorphs have the metabolism of ruby-throated hummingbirds and have to consume 150, 000 calories every day to sustain themselves and build muscle. Those who don’t satisfy this rule are destined to remain tiny and don’t have the right to complain that the demon of atrophy persistently refuses […]