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Ring Pull-ups vs. Straight Bar Pull-ups

| by Truth Seeker |

The pull-up is a fundamental pulling exercise that strengthens the back region with a higher emphasis on the latissimus dorsi¬†muscle. The movement is most commonly performed on a horizontal pull-up bar or gymnastic rings. Horizontal bars vs. Rings Pull-ups on a bar are the most popular version of the exercise. The advantages of the horizontal […]

Reach Your Muscular Potential With Bodyweight Exercises?

| by Truth Seeker |

Hypertrophy can be achieved through bodyweight exercises. Resistance is resistance after all. The body does not know the difference between push-ups and bench presses. It only knows that both hurt. The maximum muscular potential of many upper body parts can be reached solely through bodyweight exercises. There are many reasons why people dismiss bodyweight training. […]

Building Wide Lats As a Natural Bodybuilder

| by Truth Seeker |

The latissimus dorsi is the biggest muscle in the upper body.¬† Its primary function is to pull the humerus (upper arm) down and close to the body. The lats also participate in spinal extension. The workout below is designed for natural bodybuilders and recreational lifters. It may seem strange to some, but it consists of […]