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Starving Gets You More Girls Than Lifting Weights

| by Truth Seeker |

We’ve already determined that a man’s primary motivation to lift weights is the acquisition of extra attractiveness burdened with the task to trigger a very specific hormonal response within the female body. That applies to married [taken] men too regardless of what they say. A long time ago, when my sets were hard enough to […]

What It Really Takes To Build A Beach Body

| by Truth Seeker |

For decades the term “beach body” has been penetrating the ears of many people aspiring to build the mainstream version of a dream physique. This is not that bad since some programs are very demanding and definitely better than spending your evenings stalking co-workers on Facebook while adding fat cells to your frame through hardcore […]

How Do True Natural Bodybuilders Look At 5% Bodyfat

| by Truth Seeker |

How do natural bodybuilders look in contest condition (5% body fat)? It’s going to hurt! Get ready! They look like insects that can be taken by the wind. That’s a fact that many are not willing to accept due to the brainwashing and false hope floating in the politically correct world around us. We are […]