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The Real Life Of Female Physique Competitors #silicone breast implants, #butt implants, #big clits, #anavar, #hard as a man

| by Truth Seeker |

Female physique competitors are no strangers to artificial enhancement. The contests are supposed to present the beauty of the female body, at least according to the manual, and yet it seems that the contestants are actually trying their best to recreate an imaginary, unnatural appearance. The Less I Look Like Myself, The Better The mainĀ goal […]

Guide: How To Spot a Woman On Steroids

| by Truth Seeker |

Spotting a fake natural female bodybuilder, or simply a girl on steroids is not hard because the indications are everywhere. The guide below will show you how to detect gazelles on roids. 1. If a woman looks like a man, she is not natural. This is the most obvious clue. If a woman looks like […]