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Do Dips Work the Upper Chest?

| by Truth Seeker |

Short answer:  Dips are a very effective overall chest exercise, but they do not emphasize the upper chest because the pressing happens at a downward angle facilitating the recruitment of the lower pectoral fibers rather than the uppers. The clavicular head [upper chest] participates in the exercise, but not nearly as much as it does […]

Are Dips Bad for Shoulders?

| by Truth Seeker |

Short answer: If your shoulders are healthy and flexible enough to assume the bottom position of the dip, the exercise is safe. Nonetheless, it would be naive to think that dips cannot cause issues – mechanically, they’re not the most shoulder-friendly exercise. People with a history of shoulder problems should be cautious. Issues may also […]

How To Use Dips As a Primary Chest & Triceps Exercise

| by Truth Seeker |

Most fitness and powerlifting media promote dips solely as an assistance exercise for the bench press, but the truth is that the dip can be a primary lift too if you give it an opportunity to shine. Have you ever wondered why the bench press is always treated as the Queen of all pushing exercises? […]