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Layne Norton’s Metabolic Damage? I don’t believe in it. There is zero logic behind the metabolic damage theory.

| by Truth Seeker |

What is “metabolic damage” according to Dr. Layne Norton? According to the video log of Dr. Layne Norton, he believes that low-calorie diets can slow down your metabolism to the point where you are actually gaining weight onĀ dietsĀ under 1000 calories. Cool, but in what universe? Nature says it’s not possible. There are natural laws which […]

The Unjustified Fear of Losing Muscle During Dieting

| by Truth Seeker |

Fear of losing muscle is common for bodybuilders, fitness models, and recreational lifters. Many muscle constructors believe that a few hours without protein in the system can initiate catabolic processes a.k.a. muscle loss. Similar thoughts often result in incredible anxiety. Consequently, some lifters start walking around with funny plastic protein bottles and pre-cooked meals carefully […]