Zach Zeiler – Is He Natural Or On Steroids?

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Hello, fellas

Today, the classic natty or not review focuses on Zach Zeiler. Is he a pristine natural or is he a needle samurai?

Let’s look at his stats:

Height: 6′ (183cm) {source}
Weight: around 205lbs as of 2019
Bodyfat:  unknown but appear fairly low

On March 9, a photo of Zach Zeiler showcasing his “filling out” phase appeared on his Instagram account. In the comments, he says that his weight is around 205lbs/93kg currently.


What is the FFMI of Zach Zeiler?

We can’t know his body fat since it’s not specified. But judging by the picture from March 9 and the subsequent uploads, it becomes apparent that the man is very lean – full six pack of abs – feathers from top to bottom. This is very impressive for this weight and height. His bodyfat is certainly not above 10%.

When we put 205lbs, 6′ and 10% BF in the FFMI calculator, we get: 25

As you know, 25 is the line beyond juicing is supposed to happen. However, I can assure you that there are many men who are injecting heavily and have an FFMI below 25.

Does Zach Zeiler have the Photoshop look?


Yeah, he does. In many of his photos, he has ridiculous lines and 3D deltoids.

How strong is Zach Zeiler?

Plenty. He can deadlift over 600lbs/272kg and benched 385lbs/175kg for a paused single in January,



I know that we live in an era when everyone is supposedly reaching similar stats by following IceCreamFitness 5×5 for a year, but those are some pretty impressive numbers nevertheless.

Let me put things into perspective for you. Mark Rippetoe, the legendary coach for hungry natties, has similar accomplishments and was not natural.

Rippetoe’s best numbers are:

  • SQ: 622lbs/282.72kg (equipped)
  • BP: 396lbs/180kg
  • DL: 633lbs/287.72kg

Rippetoe was trained by Bill Starr and had the opportunity to communicate with many strength athletes. It’s doubtful that he didn’t deadlift 700lbs due to programming issues. This goes to show you that a deadlift over 600lbs is a serious lift that most naturals will not acquire unless their body structure heavily facilitates the execution of the movement.

That Trap Acne Doesn’t Lie…

In a video entitled “Aesthetic CHEST Workout”, Zeiler’s traps are covered in typical roid alluding acne. The video is from 2016. Zeiler has improved since then.


Average Frame

Zeiler’s frame is not bad but not amazing either. He seems to have the bone structure of an ectomorph. This set-up makes it harder to be an impressive natural bodybuilder. Yet he looks amazing.

The Muscle Quality Says It All

Stats are an important part of the equation, but there comes a time when quality outweighs quantity.

Steroids such as trenbolone have the capacity to create a very thick and unreal look while keeping you fairly light. The muscles become harder, denser, leaner and acquire more sharpness.

Naturals can never ever have the same look simply because training and organic berries cannot produce it. The magic comes from the “androgens”.

In conclusion

Zeiler seems as natural as a shark in a bottle.

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  1. Artifically Natural

    Havin back acne or acne on the traps doesn’t mean they are on roids… I still get it and have never used roids. Now with that said, I’m also nowhere near 25 FFMI even after 5 years of lifting. Based on the youtube guys, i’m just clowing around at the gym. If I just focused for 16 weeks, adding 5 pounds to the bar each session, I can be a beast!!!!!!

    1. Brett

      You won’t have a FFMI of 25 even if you train for another 25 years. Prepare yourself for dissapointment now.

  2. CJ

    just fyi, I believe he “came out” about his gear use not too long ago. The catch is, he lied and said he started his first cycle in 2018 (if I’m not mistaken,) which is comical cause this dude has been on the sauce for a loong time. Early to mid teens, like many yt heroes.

  3. Philip

    Ahhh just another dude living in the dream world of needles and roids. What a shit feeling it must be to know if you ever lose your little black box of goodies you will shrink into a mere mortal and lose all your precious strength and followers. Nothing like being a slave to the needle and social media till the end of eternity. LOL

    1. jim

      even worse he’s fucked his nat T levels up for ever….he’ll end up like Shaggy from Scooby doo

  4. Matt

    Honestly this whole discussion, while necessary for the newbs, seems silly. Just looking at the first picture it is obvious beyond a shadow of a doubt that the guy is taking serious amounts of drugs. We don’t need to look at any stats or perform an analysis to determine if somebody that looks like Ronnie Coleman is on steroids. While this guy isn’t that crazy, people need to realize what the absolute pinnacle of lifting and diet looks like and realize nobody gets within a mile of looking like this guy with significant amounts of drugs.

    1. jim

      100% agreed. Why even debate this one?

      1. Glove

        Right. What are we talking about?
        For the newbys it would be more informative to show the steps from a true natty to a roid user. 13-15kg muscle mass plus compared to a normal natty of this height.

  5. Lee

    Of course he’s juiced to the gills. Two things always give these guys away.

    1) 3D delts

    2) muscle fullness when dieted down to 10% or less bodyfat. Any natty who gets that lean loses all muscle fullness and looks like a concentration camp prisoner.

  6. Austin

    I knew he was on gear as soon as I saw the first picture.

    Articles examining less obvious individuals would be more interesting IMO. Thanks for the content.

  7. jim

    I’ll bet you still get some naive, jumped in priks telling us he’s natural. “Got a great work ethic and superior gense”

    1. Jezz

      Looks natural as a shark in the bottle :)))))

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